Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Star Wars: Avatar Front in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

STAR WARS: Avatar Front
Water, Earth, Fire, Air; The Force unites them, it does.
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Sci-Fi Crossover


BlackGuardian (under the penname of King Elessar XII)


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"Water, Earth, Fire, Air; The Force unites them, it does."

-Star Wars: Avatar Front tagline

Star Wars: Avatar Front is a crossover story between Avatar: The Last Airbender and the highly successful Star Wars Franchise written by user BlackGuardian under the pen name of King Elessar XII and posted on the site Fanfiction.Net. The story takes place 2 years after the main series and follows Team Avatar as they work together with the survivors of a crashed New Republic starship to defeat The New Sith Imperium.


Star Wars: Avatar Front was thought up as part of an overarching series of Star Wars Crossover stories by BlackGuardian during the summer of 2009. Wanting to create an epic story with multiple story arcs without overloading it with characters (One of the main complaints he received when making another Star Wars crossover fanfiction), he came up with the basic plot of a ship from the Star Wars universe crashing into the Planet Avatar is set in and trying to get back home while helping Team Avatar defeat a Sith plot. The "crash survivors" device prevented BlackGuardian from putting in too many characters from Star Wars and made for an interesting set-up. In order to meld the two universes together, BlackGuardian brainstormed multiple plot devices to explain, among other things, why benders existed, the location of Zuko's mom, and the origin of Sozin's Comet.

The first chapter was posted on on August 12, 2009. The Fanfiction is currently under the radar, with only 1 review. At the moment, BlackGuardian is writing the second chapter.



Immediately after The proclamation that the War is over, newly-appointed Fire Lord Zuko visits his father, the former Fire Lord Ozai, in his cell. Hoping to learn about the location of his mother, Ursa, Zuko instead learns that not everything is what it seems, as Ozai answers his questions with sarcastic amusement, spouting that Zuko's mom is "a thousand light years away", among other things.

Angry at Ozai's cryptic answers, Zuko grows impatient and demands to know the real answer. But Ozai instead tells Zuko that he doesn't know anything. He then reveals the truth about why The Fire Nation came so close to winning The War: During Fire Lord Sozin's reign, a mysterious ship from the stars visited The Fire Nation. Sozin then personally met the people who occupied the ship; a group of mysterious individuals who call themselves The Sith. In exchange for unknown information, The Sith used their powers to bring Sozin's Comet to the Planet, allowing the destruction of The Air Nomads and the start of The War. Since then, The Sith had supplied The Fire Nation with weapons and the technology to win the war, which goes a long way to explaining the technological advanceness of the Fire Nation.

Ozai then rants had it not been for the awakening of The Avatar and the contributions of "The Jedi", The Fire Nation would've won the war far sooner than expected, continuing on that The Sith would come again, and that he would resume his rightful place as not only the ruler of the planet, but of the entire galaxy. Just then, Ozai is mentally attacked by an unseen force, who then proceeds to kill him for "disobedience". Just as things seem to return to normal, Zuko is then warned by a mysterious voice that the Sith would come again in two years time and would conquer the world. Along with that knowledge, Zuko is treated with the fact that his mother is somewhere within the vastness of space, but is left with a chilling remark,

"And as for your mother, she is safe and sound somewhere in the cosmos, but know this.... I Will find her." -Mysterious Voice

Arrival of the Horizons

Two years later, The 700-metre long New Republic Cruiser Horizons emerges from Hyperspace. The ship, part of the New Republic 3rd Coalition Battlefleet, was forced to undertake a blind hyperspace jump after the fall of the Planet Atzerri. However, to the surprise of everyone on board, the ship jumped to The Deep Core, a mostly-uncharted and hazardous region of the galaxy; specifically, a previously-unmapped Star system close to the Jedi Monastery on Tython. Captain Rideau Christophe soon finds that ship exited hyperspace in orbit around a mysterious planet.

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