By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe III continuity.

A Star Lily is a 20-inch round flower relevant to the rainforests of Kyouga. The plant is able to grow in the tree canopy as well as the ground below. The Star Lily is like the opposite to the Umbrella Tree. As the tree closes its top for the nighttime hours, the Star Lily remains closed during the day. It opens up at night while the moon is out, and it blossoms the most during the full moon. Its cyan blue color it illuminates during the full moon is to attract pollinators.

The flower gains its rays from the moon rather than the sun, making it more of a fungi then a real plant, which fungi don't require sunlight to grow. They grow in large fields of flowers in the same place, covering a good 50 feet of space per each area where it grows. The illumination the flowers make can be seen from a birds' eye view, looking like glowing spots in the thick jungle.

The Star Lily doesn't have much protection from hungry herbivores. during the day, its outer buds blend in to the bark it grows on, disguising itself like bark.


  • The Star Lily is the only illuminating plant in Kyouga.

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