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"Stalemate" is the 6th chapter in the Polybender Saga.


A month after the Miracle of Republic City, Philip and his War Council develop a strategy to end the long and costly stalemate through an amphibious invasion, a daring attack on Ba Sing Se. At stake - the outcome of the war. But as Hellas comes under attack, troops are needed from other parts of the world for the offensive - escalating into a World War.


Nikkolas stands on his grand battleship, his brown hair is lightly swaying in the breeze. There are many different types of ships around; two-bowed battleships of the United Forces, heavily armoured and armed battleships, and lightly armed destroyers of the Royal Hellenic Navy. The carcasses of sunken ships litter the mouth of Chameleon Bay. A sudden whistling sound alerts Nikkolas. Three consecutive explosions damage nearby ships, tearing through the deck. A ship to Nikkolas' right explodes into flames. Nikkolas, looking up, shoots fireballs at the oncoming shells, destroying them in mid-flight. "Fire at the fortresses!" he shouts. The massive guns on his ships all turn and raise an acute angle. In unison, they fire, simultaneously exploding on the mighty fortresses, cracking chunks from the structure. More shells wizz past, tearing sheets of metal off a nearby destroyer.

In a dimly lit room, a short arm brings a miniature battleships over the Southern Islands of the Earth Empire. He then moves the ships towards Chameleon Bay. "As you know," Philip paces back and forth, "Admiral Nikkolas planed a naval attack on Ba Sing Se to end the war. The Fire Nation and Southern Water Tribe have lent assistance. The fleet captured the Southern Islands and has all but destroyed the Earth Empire's fleet. Unfortunately, the fleet is bottled up at Chameleon Bay and cannot overcome to fortifications. I'm afraid we might have to abort the operation."

"There is still a chance." Kuvira points to the map. "If we land at the northern beach, we can destroy the fortifications and clear a path for the navy to take Ba Sing Se. At the very least, it will draw troops away from Katara River."

Philip Hellene waves his hand, authorising the proposal. He then turns to Iroh. "How are things in Zaofu?"

"Sir," Iroh salutes, "we have managed to gain a few kilometres of land. It's still largely a stalemate; if we keep going at this rate, we'll reach Omashu in 3 months."

Philip nods. "I need someone to organise a strike at Katara River. Captain Mako, could you do that for me?"

"Sir," he salutes.

Mako stands in the muddy trenches of the Katara River, dressed in a red blazer. He inspects the troops. Their bright tunics of purple, red, orange and so forth have become dull and brown from days of living in mud.

"Company, one pace forward," he yells.

The group of soldiers takes a pace forward, fear and regret ever so apparent on their faces.

"Stand ready," he yells once more.

The men stand straight and stiff.

"Company will advance!"

The men clamber up the rotten ladder, followed by Captain Mako. Though their advance is lightning fast, it seems to anyone participating as if time has stopped altogether. They stagger as they run, trying to avoid the exploding shells. Mako moves his arms in a circular motion and extends it, a stream of lighting racing away from him. Men in orange propel themselves with airbending and unleash quick attacks at the trenches from afar. Still, they charge on, some using fox holes as makeshift trenches. Three men in purple dive into a fox hole, mounting a large weapon. The man with a plume in his helmet mans the gun, spraying numerous bolts of purple energy at the trench. His comrades, lying flat, fire hand-held version of the gun. One of the unlucky men is killed by a shard of metal.

As Mako charges, he holds his sword high and firebends through it. He runs as fast as possible, untangling his leg from a coil of barbed wire. A highly decorated United Forces man holds a flag high, a white body with a brown, irregular hendecagon with circles in the middle. Earth Empire men utilise specialised, bending-powered weapons, spraying compressed rock pellets at the attackers, acting like a machine gun. All the regular soldiers are equipped with a hand-held variety, propelled by an explosive powder. The United Forces flag bearer suffers a direct hit to the chest and he falls. Mako deviates from his path, rushing to the fallen man. Grabbing the flag, he hoists it proudly in the air, screaming a war cry that one could scarcely imagine from him. Once more, things seem to slow down to the point where a snail could outrun them. Another series of explosions blinds the scene, flooding it with bright light.

The lush field is left scarred, mangled corpses littering the ground. Philip walks until he sees the body of the last flag bearer. He kneels down, dirtying his trousers. "Mako," he whispers. Running his hand over Mako's face, he closes his eyes and salutes. Philip pries the flag from Mako's iron grip. Philip holds the flag high and shakes off the mud.

Men in scarlet blazers and in cuirasses charge into the open field, many brandishing swords, into a wall of pikes and firebenders. Philip keeps running, airbending at the wall in a desperate attempt to scatter it. He parries numerous blasts of fire and returns with air punches. The man in front of Philip, carrying a red flag with a black flame, falls. Philip picks up the flag and continues the charge.

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