By Bridgetterocks Part of the Avatar: The Legend of James continuity.
Otter penguin
Biographical information

Water Tribe



Physical description


Hair color

Black and white

Skin type


Personal information

James Roger, Bloom Roger, Kannia

Chronological and political information
First appearance

The New Avatar

Voiced by

Dee Bradley Baker

Squizzer is an otter penguin that be James's animal guide. He later accompanied James in their journey for searching James's earthbending teacher.


In one of James Roger's birthdays, his adoptive mother gave him Squizzer, and it became his animal guide. Squizzer later accompanied James when the Avatar went to Republic City to find an earthbending master.


Squizzer is a very friendly otter penguin. He likes almost everyone except Bloom, because she thinks he is weak. Squizzer loves James and really likes Kannia, as she saved him.


Squizzer is a typical otter penguin and has no special ability.


James Roger

Squizzer is James' animal guide and his pet. They have a very good relationship and James considers it his best friend.

Bloom Roger

Bloom and Squizzer don't interact much, mostly because Bloom thinks Squizzer is weak. Squizzer dislikes Bloom.


Kannia found Squizzer alone in the icebergs and gave it to James as his birthday present. Squizzer likes Kannia because she was the one who rescued him.

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