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"I don't like anyone, but I'd rather take the green then the red."
— Spree on her views of the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation.
Kori Morishita
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Yu Dao



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Kento, Team Avatar, Earth Kingdom (reluctantly)


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The Wasteland

Spree is a young female Earthbender and character in The Saga of Kento. She is the companion and love interest of the title character.


Born in the city of Yu Dao, Spree inherited her mother's Earthbending. She, along with the rest of the Fire Nation Colonies grew bitter against their former rulers in 100 AG when Fire Lord Ozai's master plan rendered much of the Western Earth Kingdom useless. Many towns were reduced to embers and thousands were killed, including Spree's parents.

After the Cease Fire took effect in early 102 AG, Spree began to aimlessly wander the former Fire Nation Colonies, watching as they reshaped themselves into The Independents, a land free from the rule of any of the four nations.

In 104 AG, Spree met a young waterbender named Kento. At first she was distrusting of the young man, mainly due to the Earth Kingdom uniform he wore at the time. She quickly learned that while Kento had fought in the war, he didn't hold any sort of loyalty to the Earth Kingdom.

Rather than continue to wander the Independent territories, Spree began to travel with Kento, helping him in guiding people across the wastes.


Spree is a very skilled Earthbender, rivaled only by Toph Beifong. Alongside her Earthbending skills, she uses a blacksmith hammer in combat as well and is shown to be very effective with it.  Her survival skills are also very well honed, thanks to her years of living outside of civilization.


Kento: In the years since meeting the young waterbender, Spree has developed from a sort of crush to full feelings of love for him. While Kento also shares these feelings with her, neither have been willing to admit it.

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