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The spotted hippo wolf is a large, apex predator of the Earth Kingdom standing as tall as a horse, making it one of the more larger predators of the kingdom. Once restricted to the Earth Kingdom, they were shipped oversea for fur trade to the Fire Nation, where they managed to escape and thrive in the new, warmer climate.


The spotted hippo wolf is a stocky, large, and brutal predator, considered as the top predator of its territory. Although most of its appearance resembles that of a large canid, its feet resemble those belonging to a hippopotamus. The animal has a coloration pattern resembling that of a cheetah, or a jaguar, which helps it camouflage in the shaded forests where it lives. Although rare, it is possible to be able to train one, and even mount one, if given enough time.

Earth Kingdom variant

Hippo wolves found in the Earth Kingdom tend to behave more shyly among humans than their Fire Nation counterpart, being hunted down more frequently. Attacks on humans are rare as well from this variant, as they tend to try to avoid human activity as much as possible. They have a duller color in their fur, to help camouflage themselves within the shady forests.

Fire Nation variant

Fire Nation hippo wolves are a bit more aggressive and more prone to attack than their variants of the Earth Kingdom, being brought to the Fire Nation mostly for their fur, and are often hunted down as such for attacks on livestock, and humans alike. The variant has a much lighter, more brighter yellow color to its body, making it more valuable.


In Ikki Alone, an Earth Kingdom hippo wolf appeared, scaring off a pack of wild deerhounds, as it was searching for a place to rest, which happened to be under the same tree Ikki herself was in. When Ikki fell on it, it immediately knocked her off, and gave chase after her. All it did catch of her was Ikki's shoe, before she managed to get away.

In Plain Boar, a family of hippo wolves appeared nearby Gronihag; one of the pups accidentally woke it up and they were nearly killed until Team Avatar showed up. During the fight, the mother blinded Gronihag's left eye.

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