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Contrary to the prior spiritual beliefs in the Avatar world, those in Daughter of Blood and Steel have spiritual beliefs closer to that of a monotheistic religion.

God and Spirits

Those in the society in Daughter of Blood and Steel believe in one god who rules over and ultimately determines each human's fate. They call this god "the One True Spirit", and will pray to him in any variety of circumstances. Contrary to the other spirits of their religion, the One True Spirit was never a human, and has always lived as a divine overseer.

Though largely monotheistic, the religion of Daughter of Blood and Steel also contains spirits. Spirits are thought to be individuals who either committed great acts of righteousness in their lifetime or acts of wickedness, and thus were either gifted or cursed with servitude. Gifted, righteous spirits include the spirits of the sun and the moon, the spirit of the home, and the spirit of the field. Cursed, wicked spirits include the spirit of judgement and punishment, the spirit of adultery, and the spirit of corruption.

Realm in the Clouds, Hell, and the Plain of Spirits

Alongside the religion, it is believed that there are three realms which people go to upon their mortal bodies dying and their souls moving on. The first is the Realm in the Clouds, where the One True Spirit resides. Only the greatest, truest live alongside him, and thus this is something few humans aspire to. Hell, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. It is where the cursed live, and are doomed to an eternity of torture and permanent work. Finally, the Plain of the Spirits is where most go, and is directly parallel to the living world. When people think they see an apparition, they are seeing a spirit from the Plain of the Spirits. This is where most spirits go when they die.

It should be noted that, while separate, the realms are not exclusive. Spirits can travel from realm to realm, however the realm they are sent to is their home, and how other spirits see them is reflected by where their home is. Blessed spirits, such as the spirit of the sun and the moon, reside in the Realm in the Clouds, and travel to the Plain of Spirits to complete their duty. Likewise, cursed spirits travel up from Hell and are forced to complete their job in the Plain of the Spirits. Most of the time, one cannot travel from one extreme world to the other without getting into mischief or stuck somehow--such an occurrence is the premise of many children's stories.

Ascension and Damnation

The spirituality of Daughter of Blood and Steel is largely driven by the ideas of ascension and damnation. Those of the universe believe that if one commits even one great act of sin, his/her soul will be eternally damned. On the other hand, it is believed that unless one commits at least one great, selfless act, s/he will ascend to become a blessed spirit. All others will be sent to the Plain of Spirits.

It should be noted that common belief now holds that those who have a Distortion Implant are regarded as being doomed to never ascend nor become damned. Most spiritual thinkers, though not all, believe that when taking an Implant, you kill your soul and go about living in only an empty mortal shell, which dies when you do. For this reason, many frown upon testing Implants on unwilling subjects.


For the most part, the idea of reincarnation has largely been abandoned. There are still a majority of people who believe that the highest, most righteous folks can, if they so choose upon death, reincarnate themselves into another body to continue doing righteous acts on the earth. However, the beliefs of reincarnation are mostly limited to highly religious people.

Religious Speakers

Among the living, there are those designated to spread religion, though there are no real formal churches. Those to whom the One True Spirit is thought to speak often travel around, like storytellers, to local marketplaces and other public areas to spread religious teachings. Many acknowledge these individuals as irritating, despite the religious status they claim to hold. Thus, for the most part, religion is limited to what is commonly taught in the household.

Dissidents and Atheists

There are a descent amount of dissident cells within the religious society of Daughter of Blood and Steel. Beliefs vary greatly from group to group, with a few who still hold the traditional beliefs of the spirits, even. It would require a great deal of time to go into extreme detail regarding all the different religious beliefs. The most prominent of these varying religions is the belief that spirits do not exist, and there is only the One True Spirit commanding the world. However, due to the overwhelming evidence of spirits throughout the years (which, it should be noted, after the Rebuild are only stories as the majority of spirits have gone into hiding), most disregard these beliefs.

Atheists are rather uncommon in the world of Daughter of Blood and Steel, however when present they are usually men and women of science, especially those experimenting with D.I.s. Because of this prominent group of atheists, most are lumped together and treated with disdain among the religious environment.

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