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Spirits / Dreams is an episode of Avatar: The Legend of Korra from Book 2 : Spirits. It is a single episode the duration of two, the middle section being whole and uncut, rather than being broken into separate pieces of the same whole.

Episode : Spirits / Dreams

Spirits / Dreams is a two part episode wherein Avatar Korra discovers her sense of spirituality amidst a tribe helping to guide those whom wish to awaken from daydream.


The episode begins with Korra worrying that she is not in touch with her spiritual side, though it is hinted throughout the series that she is, in fact, spiritual. Extremely upset and confused, she confesses to Tenzin that she doesn't think she can truly be the Avatar, as she clings to her own spirit quietly afraid that to be spiritual will mean the end to her own spirit, afraid because she does not want to change who she is.

Tenzin calms her down as best he can. Her still sniffling, he tells her he knows of a people in the rain forest who can help her on her soul search. She asks if she has to go alone. Tenzin replies that he'll walk with her every step of the way up until she must walk her path alone. She leaves behind all her worldly possessions and begins her journey with Tenzin.

They walk the entire way there, with travelling music playing and silent shots of them getting to know each other and talking. It ironically shows Tenzin's humorous/caring side and instills a sense of peace in being outdoors, the journey being far more valuable than the destination, and a sense of kinship between Korra and Tenzin.

As they approach the jungle Korra becomes anxious, wanting nothing more than to stay with Tenzin. She asks about the people, and he smiles, saying calmly that "You needn't say a word once you enter the jungle, remember that." He then reassures her she will be alright and instructs her to sit until she is ready. Tenzin smiles and turns away, leaving her sitting alone in an open field facing the jungle.

Korra is sitting alone and in denial that she isn't ready to enter the jungle, talking to herself in a pompous manner hiding her blind fear of the weight of responsibility she is carrying. Having enough, she stands up and sternly walks into the jungle. Realizing she never asked as to how to find the people, she turns around to see the meadow outside with Tenzin nowhere in sight. Determined and afraid she turns toward the heart of the jungle and begins walking. She begins to worriedly talk to herself, only worsening her worriedness. As she begins to move further and further into the jungle, she begins to feel more at ease and comfortable with her surroundings.

After walking for what seems like hours she pushes a large plant away revealing a village filled with people. Korra stands there, awestruck that it is real after all in wonder that she can't believe her eyes.

Just as she is about to take her first step towards the village, a wise old man stands before her, him absolutely beaming at the sight of her. She smiles awkwardly bashful. Getting her courage back she motions to say something when he puts his two fingers over her lips and smiles a loving smile. Her worries melt away as she is at ease and he motions to follow him, still beaming and with a look in his eyes of dreaming love at her.

He brings her to the middle of the village, them all smiling with care as they gather around her lovingly. They are a loving people, and gather to see Korra, showing their affections.

She sleeps under a large tree that night, watching the stars through the canopy and calmly falls asleep.

The next morning she awakens to see the whole village across from her quiet yet already lively with their everyday traditional ways. While she watches, a wise old man walks up to her with a smile and takes her hand, pulling her upright. He motions to her to follow him.

It is humid and tropical in the jungle, with a light misty rain, water is dripping from the canopy.

The tribe is strange. There is no housing, all sleep under the large jungle trees. They are all vegetarians, and make their baggy clothes out of plant fibre. Most eat either gathered wild fruit and vegetables, a warm vegetable stew, or a cold fruit soup. They can be see making and having breakfast as Korra and the wise old man pass by. They only take what they need, and use everything they can of something rather than throw away scraps. It pains them to damage the rain forest, and none of them even think of killing an animal, however small or large, it doesn't even cross their mind.

He brings her to the wise old man she had met the day before sitting in the middle of a group of people. They all have thick dreadlocks with woven braids, most of them with all sorts of beads and ornaments of greyish blue and soft yellow hues. Tattooed black symbols covered most of their arms, tribal in nature, with no coherent patterns, pictures, letters, or words of any kind. It is odd to Korra to see them as the rest of the tribe tend to have free flowing long hair. He is sitting in the middle of a group of these people, all of whom have a look in their eyes of clear loving wonder. At the sight of Korra, the old man gets up slowly and walks over to her. Korra smiles, the rest of the people behind the man beaming. He looks into her eyes and smiles motioning to the rest of the village. She looks at him and bows with a warm grin on her face. He smiles at her and then turns away returning to the group, them quietly talking amongst each other in a circle.

As she leaves she sees an older woman with dreadlocks and tattoos talking to some rambunctious kids, them all laughing, and the kids dancing around her happily. She tussles the hair of one of the children a warm, grandmother grin on her face. The mother of the boy walks up to her son, him grabbing his mothers shirt and looking up at the grandmother. The woman gives the grandmother a look, gazing at her child and then at the grandmother. The grandmother, beaming, pulls the woman into a heartwarming hug, the woman tearing up and nearly crying. They look at each other for a moment, the mother with joyous tears in her eyes. The grandmother just smiles, and kneels down to say something to the child. He smiles and the grandmother gives the child a kiss on the forehead. As she stands up, the woman looks at the grandmother, smiles, and they both bow to each other. Smiling again, the child runs off to play while the mother turns and walks away, turning her cheek to see the grandmother waving goodbye.

She walks through the village with the wise old man, and notices that throughout all of the village all of them have almost no worldly possessions, and barely speak to one another. This confuses her at first, but then she notices how the villagers love each other unconditionally and realizes that you don't need worldly possessions to be happy. Korra begins to understand that life in the jungle doesn't require worldly possessions, and she begins to acclimate to the simple living of the village. She smiles, the first time free.

The next few days she is seen walking throughout the village, being with the people without the need to talk, and calmly wandering the jungle alone.

She wakes up one morning days later perfectly calm and collected, with the a wise looking man standing above her. She smiles at him, him with a warm expression on his face, and he motions to follow him.

He brings her to the place where the elders and other dread locked people were talking days before, and all of them seeming happily excited. He motions to two large tree stumps covered with shamanic symbols carved into deep pots with a fire going in a hold dug underneath the roots. A singing bowl note is played as a shot of the two pots is shown, one with soft yellow liquid, the other a smoky blue liquid, each pot containing a stew of plant matter. He motions for her to sit and takes one of two large uniquely carved wooden pestles, crushing and stirring the brew. It becomes clear that the people around the fire are all either elder shamans, or shamanae. Their shamanic ritual and outward spirituality to the rest of their tribe making them the dreamwalkers.

They all begin to meditate around the circle as the wise old man, the elder shaman, and a wise old woman, the shamaness, stirs the brews singing together in discorded harmony in their thick, tribal sounding tongue. The chanting melody grows and grows until finally the two stop.

One at a time each person in the circle picks up a wooden bowl placed in front of them, and walks up to the elder shaman and shamaness whom take a large engraved wooden ladle and fill the bowls with a pure translucent blue liquid. Then each walk back to their seats and sit in the circle. Korra is last to receive a bowlful, and sits down. Then one by one, they raise and lower their bowls one by one all around the circle until it reaches Korra, whom raises and lowers her bowl in silence. Then all of the other people raise their bowls at once, Korra keeping hers down. As they lower their bowls they wait for something, and Korra intuitively realizes that she must alone hold her bowl up. She does. They all bow, and she lowers hers, bowing in return.

They all sit silently for a moment, and then all at once sip the entire bowlful of liquid clean. They all place their bowls in front of them and wait.

A calm rush overcame Korra, and she began to fall into a lucid state of waking dream with the rest of the tribe. Mists begin to appear softly evaporating from the world itself as a dream breeze softly caresses her skin blowing the smoky mist toward her. The jungle appears covered in spirits constantly painting and repainting the surface of the landscape with their astral form enveloping in velvet otherworldly beings painted upon the canvas out of the mist birthed a giant lion fish swimming amidst the smoky mist now evaporating from the air itself past Korra it swam into a warm white light softly blinding her gaze looking away and down below the ground she could see within and there were turquoise and cherry flying fish spirits mingling together with silk curtains waving in the spirit wind wafting weather ocean breezes blowing away the whole Spirit World lay before her, painted on the surroundings, within them, dream smoke conjuring colorful and wild spirit beings from thin airs dream mist to beware from to be respected and not trifled with though they were beautiful uncaptive beautiful and the wonder of it all was enough to understand the Spirit World always there within the very curtains of reality.

It was nighttime when as she was coming down. And they all in a sleepy daze went one by one to fill each of their bowls with translucent yellow liquid. They all took their bowls in silence and sitting down in silence and then sipped them at together. Then they all departed separately to go sleep. Korra, feeling drowsy, and returned to the tree and laid down.

She fell into a lucid state of dream, warm and yellow in demeanor, her imagination mingling with spirits passing in and out of her dream state, her walking along her dream shores content and with a sort of dreamy love with her. The ocean breezes blew and she smiled as the spray touched her skin vividly, happy like she had never been before, her bare feet in the warm sand, the sun was setting over the water in dark orange red hues getting darker and darker until finally she fell asleep.

Her eyes opened softly with a dreamy aura about her, and she smiled.

She playfully decided to go back to sleep, the warm love bringing her to slumber.

She awoke hours later feeling refreshed and awake, and made her way to the circle where the elder shamans and shamonae sat. They all looked happy to see her, and the elder shaman walked up to her. She smiled and so did she, he motioned to them and they gathered round. They all excitedly pointed to the jungle and smiled. Korra became very anxious, knowing what that meant. The elder shaman smiled and gave her a hug. They all got up and gave her big hugs, with proud and excited expressions on their faces.

Hesitant at first, Korra began walking toward the heart of the jungle, looking back only to see the rest of the tribesmen waving goodbye with smiles on their faces, and then with a bit of courage, walked into the jungle.

The jungle was a relaxing place, and as she walked more and more she began to feel more and more at home. She walked for what seemed like hours, well into the late of the day. It would be nightfall soon, and just before she stopped to rest she came upon an open clearing. In front of her was a rock cliff, with a waterfall spilling its mist into the air hundreds a feet high. Korra calmly sat down, knowing this was the place. She sat down and peered over the cliff at the waterfall and smiled at its natural beauty. Then she got up and sat down before the cliff ledge to stare up at the sky. The celestial masterpiece laid out before her left her awestruck at its beauty, all of the stars bright and twinkling together above her made her feel small for the first time in her life and looking up she knew her place in the universe. She became quietly calm and absolutely tranquil, and as she gazed upwards her eyes lit up with a white glow.

A moment passed that seemed like forever. The white glow subsided, and she smiled to herself in perfect clarity and tranquility, and turned to leave.

As she returned to the village all of the elder shamans and shamanae along with a few villagers gathered to welcome her back to the village. They were overjoyed to see her find herself, and brought her over to an elder shaman with a pot of black ink and a needle. Korra smiled warmly, and rejected the offer to be tattooed. They looked at her strangely, but then she smiled, and they knew why.

That night was a great feast in her honor. Their food Korra particularly liked during her stay. There was dancing, singing, music, thought Korra tended to stay on the sidelines of the circle and talk with the shamonae. The entire tribe enjoying themselves in a circle by the fire in her honor was more than a memorable sight.

The festivities went on well into the night, and Korra had to excuse herself to go to sleep, with the sound lulling her into dream.

One of the elder shamans found Korra wandering contentedly about the jungle the next day and brought her to have her last breakfast with them. She was still full from the past night, though they happily insisted she eat well before her journey home. She kindly accepted and ate her fill.

They all gathered to say goodbye to her, and she smiled, embarrassed, and waved goodbye. As she was leaving, the elder shaman stopped her, and with a sad look on his face turned to the rest of the tribe. Korra smiled and shook her head, she motioned toward her home and smiled. The elder shaman hugged her with a tears in his eyes and smiled, waving goodbye. Korra smiled and turned away. As Korra exited the jungle, she stepped foot on the field, took a breath, and began walking.

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