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April 20, 2013

Six months had passed since the revelation and Amon's defeat. In the meantime Republic City was locating any of Amon's helpers or victims. It was time for them to be helped see what they were thinking and to give the people their bending back.

A normal day began by Korra going to a park named Restoration Peak to talk to the non-benders to give them their bending back and then she would go to the pro-bending arena to practise for the new season.

Korra had been busy between mastering her airbending, learning her Avatar State and helping the city recover from Amon.

Bolin had become the new captain for the Fire Ferrets because Mako was now a police officer for Tarrlok's old task force. We rarely saw him but he was not the only busy person.

Asami had taken over Future Industries because she would hate to see the company just go down and as for the Lieutenant and Hiroshi Sato they were both stuck in a maximum security prison.

Tenzin was electing a new candidate for the now empty position as chairman and Northern Water Tribe representative. Lin Beifong was now helping out the city in a different way. She had made a new position- head of security with a group of fire, earth, and waterbenders (including Mako) and had taken them to be posted security all over the city and they very effective in doing there jobs.

"Hey Korra" Bolin said as she walked into the restored pro-bending arena. "What's up Bolin is Mako too important now to show up for class now?" she asked.

"I guess believe it or not I haven't seen him in three days he is so busy. I don't even know why he wants to be a cop!" "Hey it's a big honor and a lot of pay."

"Your telling me, when I do see him we go to eat and buy the best stuff and we are finally going to go get a better apartment or maybe even a condo. But we can't keep practising with a team mate which we never see." Bolin said.

So instead of practice Korra and Bolin talked while they packed up boxes from the attic where Mako and Bolin lived. "So what are you doing this weekend?" Bolin asked.

"Well I'm going to the Northern Tribe for a bit. My uncle Chief Unalaq is throwing a massive party but he won't tell why." "So I guess your going with your family." Bolin said.

"Yeah but it will take along time my cousin's swampbenders are picking us up!"

"Swampbenders amazing you should be so proud!" Bolin exclaimed.

"Yeah they smell like old garbage mixed with rotten eggs and fish. Not to mention they only wear boards of wood and pieces of seaweed!"

They were upstairs for hours when then a picture fell from Bolin's wallet. "No wait I'll get it!" But it was too late and Korra grabbed it and gasped.

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