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The spirit skirmish at Bianji was a confrontation between the spirits and the residents of the proto-Earth Kingdom settlement of Bianji on the winter solstice of 9,750 BG. Its long-winded, but ultimately successful mediation by Avatar Singi resulted in the spirits leaving the settlement relatively peacefully, but with the Avatar warning the residents that they should be more tolerable of the spirits, as [the spirits'] actions were relatively innocent until the multiple hassles became too much for the residents to contend with.



With the closure of the spirit portals by Avatar Wan in 9,829 BG, the spirits gained the ability to transcend into the physical world during and the days prior to the solstices. The Air Nomads and proto-Water Tribe viewed the spirits with admiration and great respect, the proto-Earth Kingdom and regular citizens of the Fire Islands remained relatively tolerant of their presence, and the warlords of the Fire Islands were intolerant of the entities' presence.

In 9,750 BG, after a shortened session of waterbending training just one day before the winter solstice, Singi traveled southeast and settled down in a clearing just east of a young, dormant volcano. She walked due east, coming along a path leading into a forest. As she made her way down the path, she encountered a man trying to carry a bushel of harvested fruit being hassled by a spirit. Singi approached the duo, and after inquiring, takes a single fruit from the man's harvest (much to his slight annoyance) and gives it to the spirit, who leaves peacefully. Despite losing a fruit, the man (who introduces himself as Gua) thanked Singi for ridding him of the spirit, to which he added "It won't be the last time these spirits cause a ruckus for me and the other residents in my settlement". When Singi asked for clarification, Gua told her that at the time of the solstices, the spirits appear in his settlement (known as "Bianji") occasionally, and end up causing a bit of mayhem—fooling around with peoples' possessions, eating objects (some edible, some inedible), and generally getting in the way of the residents' lives. Singi stated that there must be some good that comes with the spirits visits, to which Gua responded that while it is nice to see the spirits, and they are generally lenient towards them, they can only tolerate so much before tensions simmer.


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  • This event was Singi's first major skirmish as the Avatar.
  • This event was one of several human-spirit confrontations that has occurred since the onset of the era of the Avatar.
    • It was also a much tamer look into similar confrontations between the spirits and the warlords of the Fire Islands, who not only had to contend with the spirits (around the time of the solstices exclusively), but other warlords competing for land in the Islands.
      • Those combined factors were ultimately what drove Maku and Gaza to travel east to claim territory in the proto-Earth Kingdom, and eventually begin the War of Spirituality.
  • Bianji (pronounced: Bee-en-JEE) is a modified spelling of Biānjiè (边界), which is Chinese for "boundary" or "border", which signifies the settlement's stance on their wavering tolerance of the spirits.

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