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Spirit of the North
Hama may have named it, but she wasn't the first to bloodbend...
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July 4, 2014




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In an ancient time where the world looked very different, where the northern coasts were lined with sheets of ice and glaciers, there stood a small Water Tribe settlement in the north known as Manirak. And in this village lived a 14-year-old girl named Miki, who after a tragic accident, discovered that she had the ability to control a person's body without touching it. Unknown to almost everyone at the time, Miki was actually a powerful bender. A bloodbender, to be precise. But many in her village feared her powers, and blamed the spirits for possessing her. But despite this, Miki would rise as a hero, destined to lead her tribe to battle and settle an ancient war between the Northern and Southern Earth Kingdoms. This is her story...


  • Miki - A 14-year-old girl, who after a tragic accident discovered she could move another's body under the presence of the full moon. She was once a bubbly and energetic young girl, but since the discovery of her powers she has become quiet and shy, and is avoided by many in her tribe. She has a fierce loyalty which drives her to fight, and a lot of courage for someone so young. She also hates early mornings.
  • Saskha - Miki's 18-year-old sister. Saskha wears her emotions on her sleeve; whether she's happy and content or furious at someone everyone is likely to know. Since their parents had no sons to teach waterbending to, their father convinced the chief to allow Saskha to learn combat waterbending as well as healing. Saskha had excelled at it, and she is also a gifted hunter and skilled with various Water Tribe weaponry. She often plays the pacifist role in her family, however she's perfectly capable of starting her own fights, especially with her close friend Kesuk.
  • Onartok - A 38-year-old waterbender and council member of Manirak. Originally born in the Northern Water Tribe, Onartok is strict, and has a deep respect and belief in traditions. He has a notoriously toxic relationship with Keiro, Miki and Saskha's father, especially since Keiro managed to convince the chief to let his daughter learn how to waterbend. Despite his strict and 'no-nonsense' exterior, Onartok has a generous and kind heart.
  • Ulva - Miki's pet wolf. Although they haven't known each other for too long, he is Miki's closet friend. He is loyal and friendly to Miki, but is often distrusting of others he doesn't know well. He loves to be patted just behind his ears.


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