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The Spirit War Trilogy is the story woven together by my three major fanons, a shorter story, and several one-shots. It deals with the interactions between the human and Spirit Worlds after the Hundred Year War and showcases the gradual descent of both worlds into chaos. From Aang to Argho, these three stories cover a couple of centuries in size and scope, and this page is the hub for it all.

See the timeline here. Be warned; spoilers abound.

A Trilogy in Four Parts

Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth

This fanon tells the story of Yun Zhen, Team Avatar, and their fight to stop a new war from breaking out. It takes place directly after the end of A:TLA.

Sons and Daughters

This fanon follows the sons and daughters of Team Avatar and their adventures in the relatively young Republic City.

It All Ends

Jumping ahead to a new Avatar, Argho, this story follows his quest to finally end the spirits' meddling in the physical world, as well as stop human conflicts from further tearing the world to pieces.

The White Lotus

The spirit, Izanagi, returns to find his replacement as the Spirit of Chaos, intent on taking back his title. The resulting clash will throw both worlds at the mercy of true chaos.


These will come sporadically and in no particular order, but I'll categorize them by which fanon they are more closely associated with.


  1. Red Wedding
  2. Haiku


  1. Harmonic Divergence
  2. Reassurance
  3. A Simple Game
  4. Legends


  1. Repentance



Will come as I see a need to address something or answer any key questions.

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