By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Spirit tribe
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Earth Kingdom

The Spirit Tribe is an ancient race of humans thought to be extinct many years ago. The people of these tribes are more connected to the spirits than even the Avatars themselves, being able to change their form into their spirit animal at will, and are the best known healers the world has ever known. The animals they can change into depends on the individual. From a tiny mouse to a huge dragon, they can change into them but it's only by chance what one person can do. They don't choose what to change into.

The tribe also describes the other 4 nations different from the other tribes and nations.

They call Air Nomads the Peacekeepers, due to their peaceful nature.

They call water benders Energy-Flowers because of their water bending flow.

They call earth benders land shifters because of their ability to shape the land.

They call fire benders Heat spreaders, for obvious reasons.

But it's because of these four nations going to war that this tribal race nearly went extinct. The invading Fire Nation neatly wiped them all out If it wasn't for their ability to change into their spirit animals.

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