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Leaving the Spirit World
Spirit Sages
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Spirit Leader


To help the Spirit Leader understand their lineage

Spirit Sages

The Spirit Sages, a group that is not very well known; only high ranking people know of this organization and many don't know how to deal with it. The organization is there to help the Spirit Leader understand their lineage and help them in any way they can. They coincide with the Sisters of the Sunflower, although they lost connection with each other during the Hundred Year War. The Spirit Sages consists of male members only and usually led by a male Spirit Leader, no females are allowed but if the Spirit Leader is female, the men help them understand their lineage with the help of the Sisters of the Sunflower. Hiresh is one of three Spirit Sages in the world. He represents the Fire Spirits in the world. Bansi is the one Spirit Sage that is connected to his spiritual heritage, and he represents the Water Spirits. Tejal is the 3rd Spirit sage that is a General and fights with passion. He is the strongest one of the sages. He represents the earth spirits. Kaito, June's brother, is a Spirit Sage in training under Hiresh, he will be named successor to Hiresh and will assume the duties of the Fire Sage. Many others are apprentices under Bansi and Tejal but there are no Air Sages due to the limited number of Air Nomads in the world, and the society's knowledge of the organization.

Spirit Sages Apprentices

Many others are apprentices under Bansi and Tejal, and many of them want to learn the ways of the spirits. Although the Spirit Sages are becoming known more now, they were absent, along with the Sisters of the Sunflower, for 160 years because of the missing Spirit Leader. There are more apprentices now than there were during Avatar Aang's life. Many earth, fire, and waterbenders are seeking to join the ranks, but with no airbending Spirit Sage, there are no apprentices seeking to learn the true ways of living a peaceful life. June's brother, Kaito, is a part of the Sages and is an apprentice. The only person that knows of this is Yukoda, June's other brother.

Spirit Leader

If the Spirit Leader is male, they are given the choice to lead the Sages or name someone in their place. Spirit Leaders Tullik, Tai Bae, and Sonam led the sages during their lives, and fought hard to protect the world with knowledge they were given.

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