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A Tale (part one)


After hours of dedication on the way to block chi I managed to master it. We haven't arrived to the Underground Bunker yet, as far as I know we are a couple hours from the Fire Nation City. I was in a dark room under the deck, only the sound of crunching metal was heard in the room. I had my eyes closed while I meditated. I haven't talked to my Grandma since we jumped in the ship, the only one who I could talk was the Lieutenant and only for practicing the chi-blocking; it's like I'm being isolated from the crowd. I talked to Urabach before being in meditation, he told me to go to the Spirit Realm and search for "the Unbreakable" in order to find my inner power, so I can be a real threat for the Avatar, even to stand as a "Nemesis".

Somehow I managed to get in this strange ... field, I didn't know where I was, but it was surrounded by tall trees; the treetops were purple and a vast and rare vegetation, not like the green I used to see, they even felt like if they were alive, being watched in this "land". I looked around searching for someone to guide me, the only thing that happened was like the trees were moving to reveal something to my eyes. There was a little passage in the middle of the forest, I didn't know where it led me, but I guess it was my only choice. I started to walk on guard, the presence of someone watching me began to feel more dense, my heart beating became faster than usual, I was sweating and waiting for someone to jump on me, I kept looking around trying to sharpen my senses.

Korra in spirit forest

Spirit Forest

"Where are you going traveler?" a voice came deep in the woods on the left side of me.

"Who are you?" I shouted towards the voice.

"Someone who guards the forest, and I ask again, Where are you going?" the voice came closer to me than before.

I looked at the trees waiting for this presence to appear, when I analyzed his question. "Where am I going?" I asked to myself. I let my guard down, appreciating the nature around me, until I noticed a shape moving on the branches, I couldn't describe it since it was a blurry shadow.

"Actually, I don't know where I am going." I looked down to the ground.

When in just few seconds I looked at two furry feet with large toes, I looked up looking at this strange lemur with silver fur, he had this big golden eyes and a necklace made from tiny ivory.

"Oh I should know there was a human around my forest," he said as he crossed his arms and touched the tip of his chin with his right hand.

"So you don't know where are you going, then, Why did you bother to the Spirit Realm?" he asked, pointing at my face with one finger.

"Someone told me to search "the Unbreakable" and free my inner power." As I finished those words, the aye-aye spirit became silent, he just looked at me with rancor.

He turned his head to the left side, cracking the bones of his neck.

"You know." He began to transform into a big "dark" creature. "You shouldn't search for that power, filthy humans. The only thing you care about its to gain power or knowledge to destroy each other like cattle." He started to send punches at me as I evaded his blows.

Dark aye-aye spirit

Dark Aye-aye

I tried to counter him with Firebending, but my flames never came from my punches or kicks. My enemy laughed at me noticing that I tried to bend at him, when suddenly his right arm stretched towards me and hit my face, sending me to the air and crashed on a tree, I fell on the ground, my head began to prick as I heard the aye-aye spirit walking towards me.

"And you think this is a fair fight, spirit?" the voice of Urabach came from the top of the tree behind me. "And you, stand up!" he said angrily.

"Urabach, What the hell are you doing here?" the aye-aye spirit said surprised.

I stood up and looked at the scene.

Urabach started to laugh evilly, "You are interfering in my plans weakling," he said.

The aye-aye spirit opened his eyes as if he realized something, "No, it can't be." He looked at me, "You shouldn't be here kid." After that, he ran towards me ready to attack again.

I jumped over him, helping me with the tree behind me, he throw his blow and destroyed the tree, the trunk began to fall on other trees until it landed on the ground. He grunted and turned back to attack me, I kept avoiding his attacks and countering him with several punches and kicks, even though I couldn't harm him. Urabach was laughing at the spirit who kept trying to hit me. At some point we grabbed each other hands and started to struggle and tried to take each other down, he began to win over me, my hands hurt so badly that I kneeled, enduring the force that was being applied into my arms.

"How does that feel, human?" the aye-aye said, "Does it hurt?" he mocked at me and he applied more force.

I grunted as I held the pain. Suddenly I felt some energy inside me, I recognized the power of my Bending and started to burn the hands of the spirit. He shouted in the middle of the forest as he released my hands free. He looked at his hands desperate.

"What?!" he said looking at his hands, "How could you?" he looked at me in shock, "You can't bend here if you are not in your physical form."

"He is pretty talented, you know," Urabach said behind him and started to laugh.

"Oh, so you gave him the power to bend in the Spirit World?" the aye-aye spirit said looking behind him at Urabach, "This will be interesting," he said looking back at me with a grin.

I was on my guard waiting for him to send the first blow, the spirit laid a hand on a tree next to him and got into the tree, his laughter swept in the forest. I looked around to find him when suddenly his hand appeared from the ground and connected an uppercut into my chin. I fell on the ground with my back. I touched my chin, he hit me so hard that I started to feel dizzy. Suddenly the ground where I was laying started to move and again the fist of the aye-aye spirit and fell on me. I rolled to dodge the hit.

"Come on son! you are better than that!" Urabach shouted at me as I kept rolling.

The hand of the spirit went back into the ground again. I stood up in that moment and waited again for another attack; the spirit start to laugh again. I stepped back and felt a trunk on my back when I remembered that he got into a tree. I rolled forward and looked at the tree when a fist appeared from it. I charged my thunder so fast that I couldn't believe it, and when it was ready I shot to the tree; the tree was destroyed and flames covered some parts from the trunk, the Aye-aye spirit was on the ground looking at me with fear.

"What are you?" he asked.

"Don't you see?" Urabach answered, "He is MY host and with him I will destroy the world."

"You created a monster Urabach!" the aye-aye spirit said and stood up and ran into a tree trying to flee.

"Destroy him!" Urabach shouted pointing at the tree where the spirit went through the tree.

I nodded and began to shoot more beams at the trees trying to find where he was hidden. The forest began to burn as I felt a hot temperature in the forest. I started to enjoy this kind of power, like if it wasn't my normal firebending, it felt powerful, like boosted, since Urabach gave me part of his energy after I destroyed some part from the forest. I hit one tree with my thunder and the Aye-aye spirit was ejected from the tree.

Urabach laughed by seeing the spirit being defeated by me, he approached to the body and began to analyze it, he looked back at me.

"He is going to sleep for a while," he said and started to clap.

I approached him for curiosity. I looked at the spirit and he was on his natural form knocked out on the ground. I smirked and realised what I am capable of doing.

"You did a fine job here," Urabach said proudly, "Lets go to "the Unbreakable" and let's unleash your inner power," he said and walked towards a peak.

I followed him.

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