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Fire girl
Spirit Leader Tsusa
Biographical information

Fire Nation

Birth place

Ember Island


Fire Nation Capital




82 BG


7 BG


Spirit Leader Najua


June (Spirit Leader)

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Sub-abilities in airbending, waterbending, earthbending, and firebending(Dragon Style)


Sub-ability master


Gota, Ruka, Shita, Rokai.


Avatar Roku



Chronological and political information
  • Firebending Instructor
  • Spirit Leader
  • Leader of Sisters of the Sunflower

Fully Realized Spirit Leader


Mai Cai

Tsusa's History

Tsusa began life as an imperial noble in the Fire Nation. She grew up surrounded by her friends, and eventually became good friends with the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, Sozin, and then not-known Avatar Roku. During her life, she complained to her parents of having nightmares of someone she was not and that she was afraid of sleeping. At age 14, after taking a the test of relics by mistake, Tsusa came to be known as the Spirit leader, although her family and herself were not told until after the identity of the Avatar. The Fire Nation was proud to have the two beings of peace in their nation.

Spirit Leader Tsusa

At age 14, Tsusa was informed of her identity and lineage. Her family was shocked but honored to have the Spirit Leader in their family. Immediately following her discovery, she went to Roku, who was just leaving to start his training as the Avatar. She told Roku that she would await the day he needed her assistance. She started her sub-ability training soon after.

Sub-ability Training

After being deemed a master in the year 36 BG, Tsusa left the Fire Nation, where she studied other nations' bending abilities. She ended up creating an intimidating way of earthbending by producing enough of a fire punch into solid ground or rock and bursting it into many pieces. She was able to fire the rocks like earthbenders. During her time studying airbenders, she managed to create the fire wheel by simulating an air sphere, and she managed to create her version of the water whip also.

Return to the Fire Nation

Soon after her training was complete, Tsusa returned to the Fire Nation in 55 BG. She waited for her friend, Avatar Roku, to return. She managed to keep the affairs of the four nations in check while Roku was still in training. When Roku finally returned, she waited at the dock for his arrival. She waited three days in the heat, but once Roku arrived, she embraced her old friend. Upon his arrival, she informed him that Sozin had become Fire Lord. During the next few months, Tsusa noticed Roku with Ta Min. Before she knew it, they were engaged. Tsusa was delighted and went to the wedding. At the wedding, Tsusa noticed that Sozin had pulled Roku aside. She followed and heard all they talked about. Tsusa then heard an enraged Roku talk about the four nations. The subject was hardly mentioned again. Seventeen years passed and Tsusa married a man named Gota, and the two had two daughters, named Ruka and Shita, and had one son named Rokai.

At the time, Tsusa lived in the Capital. She then found out that Sozin had proceeded with his plans and set up colonies within the Earth Kingdom. Tsusa then met up with Roku and the two confronted Sozin. Sozin had attacked the Avatar, but Tsusa quickly fought beside her friend. Roku eventually put Sozin in his place, Tsusa then left with Roku.

Roku's Death

Over the next 25 years, Tsusa assisted Roku in world affairs, but one night, Roku's home island was consumed in a violent volcanic eruption so massive that even Fire Lord Sozin could see and feel it from his palace a hundred miles away. Tsusa was visiting Roku at the time. She was ordered by Roku to help the villagers escape. She managed to and then proceeded to find and help her old friend. Through the use of his bending abilities and access to the Avatar State, Roku attempted to contain the volcanic destruction; however, the power of the volcano proved to be too much, even for the Avatar. At that moment, Sozin flew in on his dragon to assist his old friend. The two used their bending to try to contain the lava flow, but were hindered by poisonous gases. The gases eventually overwhelmed Roku; he was left lying on the ground and pleading for his old friend's aid. Tsusa came too late and found Roku engulfed in flames. She then saw Sozin fly over head on his dragon returning to the Palace.

Tsusa's Fight With Fire Lord Sozin

After she managed to escape the burning fires of the island, Tsusa proceeded to the Fire Nation Capital. She fought her way through to the audience chamber where Sozin waited for her, then asked the Fire Lord why he did nothing to save their friend. He replied "to ensure the prosperity of the Fire Nation." Tsusa then fired everything at Sozin. The two nearly burnt down half of the palace. Tsusa wounded Sozin and warned him that he would feel the wrath of the Spirit Leader. She put an elderly Sozin in his place, but before she could say another word, guards had entered the room. Tsusa was forced to leave the palace with a worried future for all people. With her friend, the Avatar, gone, Tsusa was forced to lead in Roku's place.

Tsusa's death

Five years after the death of Roku, then 76 year old Tsusa began and attempt to overthrow the Fire Lord. She tried very much to find the next Avatar who had already been born into the Air Nomads. She went to all the air temples to warn of the possible invasion. She even went to Gyatso and warned him in vain; the airbenders rejected her warning and went about their daily lives. She fought Sozin, but eventually died without stoping of Sozin and his plans, her spirit stopped the cycle for more than 160 years until the birth of Avatar Korra.

Preceded by
Spirit Leader Najua
Spirit Leader
82 - 7 BG
Succeeded by
June born in United Republic
153 AG - Present

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