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Water Tribe girl
Spirit Leader Najua
Biographical information

Water Tribe

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe


Southern Water Tribe


232(at Death)


312 BG


80 BG


Spirit Leader Sonam


Spirit Leader Tsusa

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Sub-abilities in airbending, waterbending(Northern and Southern), earthbending, and firebending


Sub-Ability Master


Izaru, Kaza, Mertha, Haru, Haku


Avatar Kyoshi, Northern Water Tribe, 46th Earth King


Chin the Conqueror, Chin's followers, son of Chin

Chronological and political information
  • Waterbending Teacher
  • Spirit Leader
  • Leader of Sisters of the Sunflower

Fully Realized Spirit Leader



Najua's History

At age five, Najua complained to her parents about the horrible events she thought of while sleeping each night, so her parents sent her to the Earth Kingdom to live with her aunt. By the time she was 11, she was already having visions of the past. At age 12, she was presented before the sage council to have the test of relic administered. At age 15, the sages approached Najua at her birthday announcing she was the Spirit Leader. At age sixteen, Najua moved to the Northern Water Tribe to begin her training in sub-abilities. While training in the art of healing, she met Kyoshi, a tall young woman standing 6 feet tall. She was told this was the Avatar, and that she was to begin her waterbending training at last.

Najua's training with the Avatar

Over the course of 2 years of training together, Avatar Kyoshi and Najua became good friends. While the Avatar was getting ready to move back to Kyoshi Village, Najua told her friend that she would be following her home and living with her until further notice. Najua was a master waterbender that had it easy when it came to mastering sub-abilities. She was able to imitate earthbending with mud and was also able to learn how to use lighting generation.

Najua and Kyoshi Vs Chin

Sometime during Najua's life, she helped Kyoshi defeat Chin the Conqueror. While Kyoshi split the land in two, Najua made a whirlpool to suffice the land from sinking into the ocean, but by doing so she drowned Chin by accident. Kyoshi made Najua a standing ovation in the village afterward.

Najua in Ba Sing Se

While in her 30s, Najua moved to Ba Sing Se and married a non bender named Izaru. He was a martial artist who taught non-benders how to defend themselves in times of need. The two married and had four children: a son named Kaza, a daughter named Mertha, and two more sons named Haru and Haku. During sometime, Najua seemed to be caught in between the Earth King's demands and the general public. There was an uprising, and the Earth King summoned Avatar Kyoshi and Spirit Leader Najua. During the session with the King, he demanded that the Avatar put an end to the revolts which sent Kyoshi into anger. Najua settled everything by threatening the Earth King and making a point, the revolts stopped and everything moved on.

Kyoshi's death

After more than 2 centuries together, Avatar Kyoshi Passed away at 230. Najua was there for her funeral, and Najua then became the oldest living Spirit Leader in history. While on her deathbed, Kyoshi told Najua that she must live for as long as she can until she could no longer breathe. Najua had survived her own family except her youngest son Haku, who just turned 145. He was in frail health. Najua moved back to the South Pole to live out for what seemed an eternity.

Najua's death

Najua outlived 4 generations of people and two years after Kyoshi's death, Najua died. She was 232 years old, making her the oldest living person in the world. After she died, the Spirit Leader moved into Tsusa.


  • In Inuit Najua Means Sea Gull

Preceded by
Spirit Leader Sonam
Spirit Leader
312 - 80 BG
Succeeded by
Spirit Leader Tsusa

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