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"Although Times are peaceful thanks to our past, we must always look to brighten the futures of all nations not just our own my friend..."
Spirit Leader Sonam to Avatar Kuruk
Spirit Oasis
Spirit Leader


United Republic

Spirit Leader Tsusa

Fire Nation

Spirit Leader Najua

Southern Water Tribe

Spirit Leader Sonam

Northern Air Temple

Spirit Leader Tai Bae

Earth Kingdom

Spirit Leader Tullik

Northern Water Tribe

Spirit Leader Kimiko

Fire Nation




Sub-Ablities in

  • Water
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire


  • Various weaponry
  • Spirit State



Early Life

Spirit Training

Later Life

Spirit Leader

First Appearance


Avatar: Tales of the World


Avatar: Tales of the World


Avatar: Tales of the World

Tae Bae

Avatar: Tales of the World


Avatar: Tales of the World


Avatar: Tales of the World


Avatar: Tales of the World


Avatar Tales

The Spirit Leader is the spirit born with the Avatar. It is considered the Spirit Leader's job to assist the Avatar in world affairs and to keep balance among the four nations of the world. The Spirit Leader is sort of the right hand of the Avatar Spirit. With the death of the Spirit Leader, the spirit is reborn into any of the four nations. With the exception of Aang, there has been a constant rebirth of the Spirit Leader. Many forgot about the spirit during the Hundred Year War and moved on, but now the spirit has reentered the world to assist Avatar Korra. This person is rumored to be in the area of Republic City.

Spirit Leader Cycle

The reincarnation of the Spirit Leader is controlled by the world itself. When a Spirit Leader dies, the next Spirit leader will be born into any of the four nations. The Spirit Leader begins by mastering his or her native element, and then along the way, learns in their own way how to use the various sub-abilities of bending.

Spirit Leader's Abilities

The Spirit Leader is the Master of Sub-Abilities and Techniques, in their own way the are able to Mock a style of bending or Ability for example when Spirit Leader Tsusa Mocked Earthbending by Making small blast of fire into the earth and forcing the rocks to shatter and then projecting into the enemy, the Spirit leader is also responsible for world affairs and are only able to have visions of past lives they are not able to talk to them like the Avatar, have a recollection of what happened in the past is what makes the future even brighter.

Moth wasps following lightning

spirit leaders can learn sub abilities in many forms of bending like this lighting generation is a staple in many spirit leaders abilities.

Aang absorbs lightning

lighting redirection maybe something that the new spirit leader may learn since the technique is still new to the world.

Aang airbending Toph's rock

stone bending is a technique that is more difficult to learn for Spirit leaders, benders that are not earth are forced learn this technique the long way


spirit leaders are able to learn healing techniques but are difficult to learn also.

Lighting Generation

many spirit leaders are able to use this technique and able to bend it like firebender, Spirit leader Najua used this Powerful Sunb ability to subdue many opponents. Spirit Leader Kimiko often used this technique because she was a firebender, although this technique is now common to almost all firebenders, the spirit leader may learn this if they choose to.

Lighting Redirection

this technique is still relatively new but the new spirit leader may learn this ability if they choose too, the technique was created by General Iroh Zuko's uncle and is used by Zuko and Shizo a lot, many firebenders don't know how to use this technique.

Stone Bending

stone bending is a technique that is more difficult to learn for Spirit leaders, benders that are not earth are forced learn this technique the long way, Air Bending Spirit leaders use air blast to lift and move the stone in the air, by punching the air into the ground they are able to stone bend, Fire benders on the other hand are forced to punch the until they are able to get the stone off the ground then the fire bend the stone into the enemy or object, Water benders must cut the stones or rocks into small pieces and whip the stones at the enemy or object each spirit leader has a different way of doing this.


Spirit leaders that are not waterbenders have a difficult time learning healing techniques many spirit leaders avoid this area because of inability to learn, but few are able to learn this form, Spirit Leader Sonam was one who was a proficient healer, he used the air pockets in between chi spots to heal the body, another spirit leader is Tsusa she was able to use small fire to reline the way a wound was to heal.

other techniques

there are many other forms that the spirit leader may learn but there are just to many to cover.

Spirit Leaders Training

once the Spirit leader has been found they are not told of their lineage until after the Avatar is revealed, after the Avatar sets out on their quest to master the 4 elements the Spirit Leader is sent to the 4 nations to also but to study the ways benders move and how to create new bending techniques for all nations. the spirit leader also goes on a spirit quest, the quest revolves around them finding a spirit and asking for advice when they have achieved this they become fully recognized by all 4 nations and begin to take part in t world affairs.

Spirit State

Aang meditating into the Avatar State

the spirit state is different than the avatar state, the spirit state is a state that complicated

the spirit state is similar to the Avatar State in the way of the eyes glowing but is different, Unlike the Avatar the spirit  state is not a thing of power but o knowledge, although when the Spirit leader is in the spirit state they are at their most powerful, the spirit state can be activated most times through meditation, and spirits can from the Spirit World can channel themselves through the spirit leaders body, previous spirit leaders can come through and offer advice to the world and give certain ideas to the sages and  people who may have qeustions. the spirit leader is often asked to go on a spirit quest to prove they are the spirit leader and by doing so they channel Previous Spirit leaders to prove they are connected to the past, but each time a spirit takes control of the spirit leader in they might not have a memory of what happened. the spirit leader may find themselves lost at some point andmust make there way back to the conscious body and return to the physical world.
Korra in the Avatar State

the spirit state is similar like this the Spirit Leaders eyes glow to show they are connected to the past.

Known Spirit Leaders in History

June (United Republic, Republic City)
153 AG - Present

Spirit Leader Tsusa (Fire Nation, Fire Nation Capital)
80 BG - 7 BG

Spirit Leader Najua (Water Tribe,Southern Water Tribe)
312 BG - 80 BG

Spirit Leader Sonam (Air Nomads, Northern Air Temple)
c. 345 - 311 BG

Spirit Leader Tai Bae (Earth Kingdom, Ba Sing Se)
Unknown - c. 345 BG

Spirit Leader Tullik(Water Tribe, Northern Water Tribe)
Years unknown

Spirit Leader Kimiko (Fire Nation,Ember Island)
Years unknown

c. 9830 BG

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