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The Curse Begins

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Race Against Time

Qi, Huo, Maia and Liu had been travelling around the Earth Kingdom once more. They had visited one village but to no luck and right now, they were setting up camp next to The Lake of Azure. Tomorrow, they would visit the next village. The sun was beginning to set in the distant sky and it glowed a brilliant orange. Maia and Liu had gone off searching for wood to make a campfire so only Qi and Huo remained on the campsite.

"Hey, I never really got to thank you," Huo said.

Qi was surprised. "Thank me for what?"

"For helping me restore my memory," Huo replied.

Qi blushed. "Oh. Well, it was nothing."

"I'm sorry for all the hate I've given you, it wasn't right," Huo apologised.

"It's okay, I probably shouldn't have attacked you way back then," Qi said.

"Yeah but I shouldn't have cheated on you," Huo said.

"Okay, lets just agree we both made some mistakes, but that's all in the past now," Qi said.

"Agreed," Huo nodded.

Just then, as the two were bonding, a spiritual projection of a fourteen-year-old girl popped up. Because it was a spiritual projection, her body was turquoise but you could clearly see she had dark brown hair and stormy grey eyes. She was of regular height. She wasn't too short yet she wasn't too tall. Her hair was shoulder-length, but it was slightly shaved at her forehead so you could see her airbending mastery tattoos. She was quite skinny and she wore Earth Kingdom clothes despite being an obvious airbender.

The girl gave a small cry of happiness. "Yes! I found you!"

"Um..." Qi said. "Who are you?"

"Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Aura," Aura said. "I live in Omashu!"

Qi and Huo looked at each other.

"My visions," Qi muttered to no one in particular.

"I heard you and your friends are searching for the Avatar, right?" Aura said.

"Yes, yes we are," Huo confirmed.

"Well, I have bad news for you, Aimei already knows the location!" Aura cried.

"We know, that's why we're desperately trying to find the Avatar!" Qi replied.

"Well, my father is an airbender, but my mother is an earthbender," Aura explained. "Several weeks ago, on the day Avatar Korra died, my mother gave birth to what we thought was an earthbender, his name is Di. However, my brother has recently been having fits and is entering the Avatar State every now and then!"

"What? How?" Huo said.

"I've heard that sometimes even a baby Avatar can go into the State if they are in danger!" Qi said.

"Yes! And Aimei is now attacking our city in an attempt to find my brother! We've sent soldiers to protect our city but it looks like Aimei is too powerful! You have to come help!" Aura begged.

"We're on our way!" Qi said.

"Thank you!" Aura said.

And with that, Aura's projection disappeared.

"We have to go NOW!" Huo said.

"What about Maia and Liu?" Qi protested.

"What about us?" Liu said while the he and his sister emerged from the woods carrying stacks of wood.

"You guys are looking awfully pale, have you seen a ghost or something? I love ghosts!" Maia said.

"Get on the airship, we're heading for Omashu," Huo ordered.

"What? Why?" Liu asked.

"Just get on the airship, we'll explain on the way!" Qi replied.

The four of them ran onto the airship and it took flight in the distant sunset.

"Looks like Omashu has spotted us," Aimei grunted.

Aimei, Cici, Sha and Wang stood outside the Cave of Two Lovers, watching the soldiers of Omashu head towards them.

"They are not going to last very long," Cici said.

"We can take them," Sha said.

Wang gestured at the earthbenders. "Lets go take them out!"

Aimei propelled herself towards the earthbenders with jet propulsion; Cici bent water from a nearby lake and surfed on the water to travel; Sha sped forwards using his own rock slab as a surfboard and Wang travelled with an air spout. Aimei sent blades of fire at the earthbenders, who scattered. The earthbenders sent boulders flying at Aimei, who evasively dodged them all. She was out of range to attack any earthbenders, so she quickly performed a forward roll so that she landed herself next to a soldier and breathed fire at him. The earthbender staggered backwards and sent three spikes of earth directly where Aimei's heart should be. She summoned up lightning and destroyed the three spikes one after the other. Five other soldiers advanced on her, pushing her backwards. Aimei created a ring of fire to surround her so the earthbenders couldn't cross the ring. However, she found that the earthbenders simply sent strong and sturdy spikes or rock that penetrated through the ring of fire. Aimei propelled herself through the air and kicked her leg, sending a wall of fire to attack the soldiers... meanwhile; the others had their own fights. Cici wrapped herself in a coat of water to shield her and had two water tendrils to attack her opponents. Seven soldiers marched towards her, furiously. They sent slabs of rock flying at Cici, who used her tendril to smash all the slabs. She froze her tendrils to hard, cold ice and launched them both at the soldiers; it was a bit like a cannon. The frozen tendrils smashed into two soldiers and rendered them unconscious. Cici then used the water from her coat to trap the remaining guards in spears of ice. While this was happening, Sha wasn't having much luck. Most of the soldiers were advancing on him, and he was facing nearly ten soldiers. They all bent simultaneous rock bullets back-to-back, giving Sha a hard time. Sha tried to dodge and evade but there were just too many; a hard bullet hit him ever now and then. A bullet landed and knocked him straight on the forehead and he stumbled backwards. He used earthbending and suspended all the nearby bullets in the air before making them fly back at the soldiers. Wang on the other hand, was having slightly more luck. He attacked from high ground with his air spout, which gave him an advantage. He created mini air spouts from underneath the soldiers, elevating them into the air. He then simply tossed them around and played with them as if they were just toys. However, he didn't notice another wave of soldiers charging towards them. Soon, the four were just outnumbered. They were all backed against each other, surrounded by the soldiers of Omashu.

"Give up!" One of them yelled.

Aimei grimaced. "Never!"

Aimei shot jets of fire back-to-back at the soldiers and they scattered once more. Cici shot iceberg spikes at several of the soldiers, which was increased in power by Sha's spikes of rock. Wang summoned up his tornadoes and started to spin them around, knocking soldiers down in their paths. Aimei sparked up her lightning and was about to shoot it when she saw an earthbender bending daggers made of rock. When she saw this, she suddenly had a flashback to when she was five. When Aimei was five, she encountered a mean, adult earthbender on the streets of the Fire Nation Capital City. At that time, there was rumoured to be a villainous earthbender roaming the Fire Nation. That earthbender was brought to justice years later, however. When Aimei met the earthbender, he bent daggers made of rock directly at Aimei's heart. Aimei was seconds away from death when her grandfather saved her: Iroh II. At that time, they hadn't started arguing yet. Iroh jumped in and blocked the dagger, but it pierced his hand. The menacing earthbender ran away once he saw the former almighty Fire Lord.

Iroh grasped his hand and grimaced with pain. "Aimei! Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

"No granddaddy, I'm fine! We have to get you to the hospital!" Aimei whimpered.

Aimei and her grandfather ran over to the nearest hospital. However, Aimei had to help the weak, hurt and old former Fire Lord. Iroh was losing blood, too much blood every second. By the time they got to the hospital, it was almost too late. Iroh was at the hospital for weeks. A month after that, Aimei visited Iroh in hospital along with her father: Fire Lord Otaku.

"Father, how are you doing?" Otaku asked.

"A lot better thanks," Iroh replied.

"Granddaddy, when are you coming home?" Aimei asked.

"The doctor says I should be home in a week from now; my hand is almost healed," Iroh explained.

"Good," Otaku replied.

Suddenly, Aimei was thrown back into the present. She dashed towards the earthbender with the daggers and zapped him with one single shot of lightning. However, Aimei had become so caught up in her flashbacks that she hadn't noticed that her friends had all lost their fights. Cici, Sha and Wang were now all handcuffed with slabs of rock. With all the earthbenders advancing on her, she had to give one final shot. Aimei used lightning and spun it in a circle, frying soldiers in her path. Just when Aimei thought she had won, an earthbender shot a slab of rock at Aimei's hands that tied them together. The earthbender bent the slab of rock so Aimei was thrown next to her friends.

"How could this have happened?" Sha wondered.

"We're sorry, Aimei," Cici said.

"We lost," Wang muttered.

Aimei looked up. "Not yet. I've called the Fire Nation, they'll be here to help us any moment now."










Aura (vision)

General Iroh II (flashback)

Fire Lord Otaku (flashback)

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