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Spirit Council
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Arceus (former), Xerneas , Yveltal (current)

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The Spirit Council is an organization of spirits from around the cosmos whom are responsible for many of the events, plots, and the overall driving force of the many universes and franchises they created. Each member of the Spirit Council is commonly animal spirits instead of human spirits, though there were human spirits in the council in the past.

The kinds of universes made by the council vary between every spirit in the council. It goes between childhood plots to adventure franchises. They used to have horror worlds too but those were executed by the enforcer Ion, realizing that the evil within those worlds are too dangerous to control. The only exception in these franchises is the Elfen lied franchise, where Lucy and Nyuu are from.


The council is lead originally by the creator of life, Arceus. However, when they sealed Raviente away for the first time for his horrid law breaking, he passed down his leadership to his two most trusted Spirit Council members Xerneas and Yveltal.

Avatar: New Universe

The Spirit Council first appears right from the start with the three members Cobalion, Virizion and Terrakion arriving at one of the universal portals, where they were told to force the Avatar Gaang inside. Why they weren't supposed to tell them at first isn't clear.

The council returned later after Raviente attacks during the Starlight Fighting Championship, when they finally explain to the Gaang and Teen Titans about the reason both the teams were thrown into Altonia anyway. There the other members, Henki, Kirin, Althea, and other unnamed spirits were shown as Xerneas sent them off to their main objective.

Avatar: New Universe III

The Spirit Council become a major focus in this story, as Team Avatar and Teen Titans remain with them for the majority of the time.

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