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"Crow is a traitor! What was he really planning? bring back the humans."
— His lie to all the animals.
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Earth Kingdom

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Limber Farm


Leader of Limber Farm (Chapter 4 - Chapter 11)

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Mr. Limber, Crow

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Fauna Ch.1

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Fauna Ch.11

Spike is the only Boar-q-pine on the farm, apart of the many hybrid pigs. He is a rather rough character, mostly sly and rude. He also isn't afraid to stab his back spikes into anyone who bothers him. For most of the time in Limber Farm, Spike actually was more of a wild animal than a farm animal. The Evil days didn't really change him in the slightest. If anything, it made him a bit worse than before, becoming more rough among the fellow animals.

Fauna Involvement

Spike was briefly mentioned when the meeting begins. He was determined to get a good view for the meeting, and used his spines to get the other pigs out of his way so he can see. He remained quiet through the meeting until a gemsbok bull wailed, making spike snort to keep him quiet.

Spike was in the barn after Mel's death along with the other animals. He goes on saying that Mel died for them all, and now they have a duty to him, encouraging more rebellion. Spike tried to find more food and joined in the feast when it was discovered. When the humans came in though, only he wasn't scared from the only fire bender in the village, as he bit the hands of the bender, thus starting the battle.

After the humans left, Spike guided the animals to explore the human homes. He took the lead when going into the first home, where he first came across the radio. After seeing this, he pronounces that the homes should be preserved as a museum. He simply chuckled seeing the animals focused on the radio and continued through the other houses. When they found the fate of Mel, Spike wasn't as rattled as the others. After he listened to the commandments being read, he snuck off back to the houses and grabbed the three Pygmy puma cubs inside. He hid them away in an old coop for later.

Weeks had past, and Spike had been plotting for that time against Crow. At one point, he went to the coop to get his pumas (which grown up at this point), to finally rid of Crow. During the meeting for the mill, he immediately starts to protest against Crow more and more until he finally calls in his Pygmy pumas. He walks out after the chase to get the news that Crow is now gone, and Spike immediately promotes himself as leader of the farm. He goes on saying that Crow is a traitor and was trying to get the humans to come back. After explaining "His" plan for the mill, he goes off and gives Shawn the honor of second hand.

As time went on since his new ruling, Spike had been acting rather rebellious to the original commandments, only to get away with it by altering them himself in his favour. His first change to it was that he altered the first commandment "No animal shall live in a human house" and added "with humans" so he can live inside undisturbed. During this, Tyler informed him that a raid of humans was coming and he gave instructions inside the house. When the battle wasn't going so good, he called on his guards to finally drive them away.

After the explosion done on the windmill, Spike immediately became very angered by the result. He then goes on to blame Crow for the loss, Spike still despising Crow. For the time that followed, Spike never really left the house as often as he used to. During this time, he had decided to consider trade with the outside world, and he was found by the other animals trading 5 buckets of the hippo cow's milk to an unknown merchant for a crate full of assorted jams. He was also given a bottle of whiskey, so he went against the original commandments 2 and 5.

After collecting the eggs for the trade, he was awoken by a crash in the house. He followed the trail of footprints back to the barn, finding a turtle duck with her eggs. He tried getting them back but the duck refused, even calling him hypocritical. After some more trouble, he called in the puma guards and considered them criminals. He called a meeting later on that night and demanded to show who else was responsible. After he found out, he executed them, changing the commandment 6 so he won't get in trouble.

While the work was still going, Spike took the time to watch over Henry during his nightly shifts. He felt sorry for him but felt that the windmill needed to be done so he didn't bother to stop him. He became the sole witness to Henry's accident and it was him who told the animals what happened.

Spike didn't make much show during Shawn's meeting, but he managed to overhear it and sent a messenger hawk himself, wanting to know as well. A few days later he got the message, but was never revealed what it said. The same night though, they had a party and he came out completely drunk, but able to balance on his two legs. Too drunk to realize it, he gave Red and Tyler six apples just for the heck of it, and went back in the house to keep partying.

It had nearly been a year since the first rebellion occurred, and Spike now had grown even more human. He had made a fatal change in the commandments, summing up that the pigs are more powerful and the other animals are not. The anniversary came the next day, and he announces that all animals are now free.

After the meeting was held, he decided to go outside and finds Tyler, Red and Horn at the gate. He went over to confront them and he was immediately scolded by Tyler before the fire ferret left.

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