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Spider Chameleons are reptilian-insectoid predators found in the Si-Wong Desert. Before the Sand Sharks, no Spider Chameleon attack had ever been survived. Smaller, domesticated ones are called Grubs, while larger, feral ones are called Reavers. Their closest living relatives are canyon crawlers.


Spider Chameleons are one of the two original earthbending races. While Badgermoles made tunnels through mountains, Spider Chameleons swam through the Si Wong Desert. They are the original sandbenders. They are a highly predatorial race, far smarter than most people. They are feared by the Sand Sharks, and believed to be spirits of death by outsiders who have seen or heard of the long patches of stained sand.

Spider Chameleons attack in packs, using their long tongues and sandbending to attack people without any chance of fighting back. They attack by wrapping their tongues around the necks of their victims and "swimming", a sandbending technique used by Reavers and Sharks for very fast underground movement, pulling their victims with them. This leaves long patches of blood stained sand behind them, known as Reaver Trails. If a victim proves difficult to hold onto, they will raise a spike from the sand and gore them.

Unlike other original benders, who taught humans their techniques, the Sand Sharks actively stole techniques from the Reavers. After discovering that severing their tongues caused them to surface to attack, early Sand Sharks spent many of their lives to help their people understand the lethal techniques used by the Reavers. From them, the Sharks stole their swimming technique, along with tongue lashing (Sharks use their hands), sinking others, creating spikes of sand, and conjuring sand storms to confuse and daze prey.


Spider Chameleons come in three different sizes:

  • Grubs, roughly the six to seven feet long, weighing about 100lbs. They have the intelligence of the average cat.
  • Reavers, roughly twenty feet long, weighing 250+lbs. They are cunning, organized, and dangerous. Highly aggressive.
  • Towers, an ancient version. Bones have been found of Spider Chameleons that could crawl up mountains. Their size is hard to tell, due to skeletal remains being all that has been found, but they were estimated to be more than three hundred feet long.

Spider Chameleons have eight eyes that can be adjusted to track up to eight individuals. Their vision is poor, but enough to track moving targets. They have a massive set of pincher jaws, and a retractable, shootable tongue roughly 150% as long as their body. Their bodies are long and thin, comparable in shape to a dragon's. Their bodies are covered in a smooth, but weak, segmented chitin. They have two indentions moving horizontally through their bodies where their legs can be tucked in for smoother travel. Their bodies vary in color based on diet, but they are usually brown-red.

Their tail ends in an injectable barb. The small barb is roughly an inch long, and has the ability to absorb vast amounts of chi. This create a confusing affect: If the barb is lodged in the body of a victim, they lose their bending and feel localized paralysis. This makes people fear nerve damage. In fact, if the barb is removed, not only will they regain movement and bending, but they will feel a temporary burst in chi, a "flood gate" effect as the chi that was being blocked and absorbed all flows at once.


  • No one knows about the affects of a Reaver's barb. No Sand Shark has ever survived being gored. At least... not yet.
  • Reavers are smart enough to know the Sharks are stealing their techniques. Reavers actively think of, and show others, ideas for killing Sharks.
  • Reavers do not sense vibrations like the Badgermoles: Sand is too loose and shifty, and they are too far below ground. Instead, they detect the movement of sand, like a fish detects rippling and movement in water.

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