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The Spectacular Spider-Man
Aoi Kumo/Spider-Man
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The Spectacular Spider-Man

Web-Head (By Hulk)


Fire Nation Capital, Fire Nation


Fire Nation



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The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, War Machine, Fire Nation


A.I.M, Mandarin, Green Goblin, Mr. Lemur, Doctor Doom

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The Avengers

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Iron Man is Born

Spider-Man is one of the superheores of Fire Nation. He works alongside with Iron Man.


358 AG

Lost Uncle

During the evening that he and his uncle are walking back to home after gone fishing at Royal Plaza. They're accident met the Green Goblin and Mr. Lemur. They both try to reason to them but they don't even listen and Green Goblin use Air Punch to them and they both float hit the trees. Uncle of Aoi stood up and shoot fire to them but Green Goblin jump out and Mr. Lemur use his Concussive Croak at him them and Aoi float away and fall into the bush and fall unconscious. Meanwhile, his uncle was hurt very much from the fight but still also fight to revenge for his nephew because he think that he lost Aoi. Mr. Lemur fly out and grab him and throw him to Green Goblin and he's throw Air Blades to him and killed him. They both believe and Aoi was died too. So they fly away to hunt down another citizens of Fire Nation. Later, he woke up and see body of his uncle was sliced in three pieces and feel sorrow for can't protect his uncle and let him get killed by the eco-terrorists in costumes.

Become Spider-Man

Next night after his uncle get killed by Green Goblin and Mr. Lemur, he accident got bit by the radioactive Spider Snake that escaped from the biological lab in the forest. This bite change his DNA and make him had powers of Spider Snake, like crawling on the wall and run faster than normal human. When he returned to his home he created a web-shooter and costume and wear them and call himself Spider-Man and go to hunt down Green Goblin and Mr. Lemur to take revenge on them for took his uncle away from him.

Meet Iron Man

On third hunt of the Green Goblin and Mr. Lemur, he's accident meet Iron Man who has the same target like him. They both decided to team up to hunt down the Green Goblin and Mr. Lemur and hand over them to justice. They both found them in the alley, try to kill two high school girls but Iron Man and Spider-Man jump down from the building and fight them and save the girls. Green Goblin call his glider to shoot laser to Spider-Man and Iron Man and Green Goblin jump on his glider and fly away with Mr. Lemur.

360 AG

Operation:Escape from the Vault!

When the prisoners of The Vault are broke out, he along with Iron Man, Avatar Mei and Hulk go to the Vault to stop them but failed. So they all gather them up as team and Mei name it Avengers.

Goblin Strike!

After got the news about the Green Goblin and Mr. Lemur from S.H.I.E.L.D, he and the Avengers go to Fire Nation bazaar to stop them but end up nearly get killed by them but because helped of Black Widow and Hawkeye, they escape out from their dead.


He is a nice and smart boy and very loyal to his friends and never turn back on them, what ever gonna happen. He's also like to playing pranks with Hawkeye and Hulk.



He can shoot web from his web-shooter that he created by himself to fight against the others because he is a nonbender. The web that shoot out can shock the enemy when Spider-Man press the red button on the web-shooter.

Spider Snake's powers

After got bit by the radioactive Spider Snake that escaped from the lab in the forest near Royal Plaza. He got powers like Spider Snake and can do everything that Spider Snake can do, like crawling on the wall and run faster than normal human.


  • He is second person who become hero because of Green Goblin and Mr. Lemur. The first being is Iron Man.
  • He is sidekick of Iron Man.
  • He and Black Cat are couple.
  • In Japanese, Aoi means "blue" and Kumo means "spider".

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