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This page contains the specialized bending techniques created by fanon users. Evert community member is free to add their own technique to this page.


Underwater Respiration

Respiration is an ultimate sub-skill of Waterbending, only achieved by true waterbending masters. It allows a waterbender to pull oxygen from the water surrounding them into their own bodies, enabling them to breathe underwater.

Like how the sub-skill of Flight is the alternative of the Airbender staff, Respiration is the sub-skill alternative of the water bubble technique. However, unlike the ability of flight, the skill requires the user to be surrounded by a large area of water such as a river or an ocean. So far, the only known person who has accessed this ability was Sinaaq.



Main article: Glassbending

Glassbending is a newly discovered skill within earthbending developed and later perfected by Tum Guon, that allows the user to manipulate glass substances similar to bending metal and crystal substances.

This skill is very similar to lavabending, and uses a concurrent use of earthbending and sandbending to heat sand into glass at around 4,000 degrees. Like metalbending, it's weaknesses lie in how pure the glass is.

Tum Guom built an entire city made of glass named Laobao, which is the only place in the world that teaches the skill.



Plasmabenbing was discovered by firebender Gyozao during a battle with the Earth Empire Rebels, by controlling the super-hot plasma fire from an explosion.

It's similar to airbending in the sense the plasma is manipulated like air. The skill basically consists in controlling really really hot fire, specifically over 3000 °C, controlling the fire clouds.

Although it could be confused with the classic firebending, the main difference is that normal firebenders can't control the ability of controlling such a light fire.


Animal Manipulation

Main article: Animal Manipulation

Animal Manipulation is an ancient sub-skill of airbending in it's most spiritual form, not performed since many centuries before the Air Nomad Genocide. It allows an airbender of rare spiritual skill to both understand and control animals. The only known airbender to have performed this skill was Jamtso.

It has a similar effect to spiritbending, enabling the user to calm the wildest of animals.



Gravitybending is the very rare sub-skill of energybending, first discovered by Vahaan during the First Paladin War.


Main article: Mindbending

Mindbending is a far more potent skill within Energybending allowing the user to enter another's mind. While a spirit's use of it is far more potent, a human can manipulate a multitude of minds.

The six Paladin are able to use mindbending to manipulate the emotions of others, however it is based on the emotion they embody. Bagguk, having fused with the spirit of anger, Fann, is able to use mindbending to influence or control someone's anger and rage.



Main article: Invisibility

The only known sub-skill of lightbending is Invisibility, allowing the user to become unseen to the naked eye. It was first discovered by Avatar Shiron and perfected millennia later by Bagguk.

A user of invisibility can easily evade detection from almost anyone. Only being completely surrounded by light can make the user entirely invisible. When away from complete sunlight, the user can only remain partially invisible, appearing almost ghost like, such as when Bagguk was escaping from Eonu.



Aurabending is a common sub-skill within darkbending, allowing the user to manipulate the aura and darker emotions of others. It allows the user to go as far as to completely corrupt their aura, sometimes even turning them evil.


A less advanced skill than Aurabending, this skill allows a user to manipulate shadows, both their own and the shadows of others.


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