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This is for Specialized Bending Techniques that are not already in the show, as well as ideas on those that already exist. Remember, some of this is fiction, while some is canon.



Many waterbenders have the ability to use the properties of water to heal cuts, burns, and other such things. However, this is limited. Katara was unable to heal Jet while in Ba Sing Se during "Lake Laogai".

Water from the spirit oasis at the North Pole has special properties. Katara was able to heal Aang in the season 2 finale, but only with the spirit water.



Lightning Distortion

Lightning is very dangerous, because you cannot defend against it like you would any other element. Lightning Distortion is the waterbending version of "Lightning Redirection". While "Lightning Redirection" uses firebending to throw lightning generated by a foe back at him/her, "Lightning Distortion" changes the path of the lightning to protect a waterbender. As lightning comes toward a waterbender, he/she can bend water into the lightning's path that will attract the lightning to it and slightly aim it off course, which will let it miss the bender, but not necessarily redirect it back at the foe like it will if redirected.




Seismic Sense

Seismic Sense allows an earthbender to see what they would not normally be able to. Toph, the "Blind Bandit" discovered this from badger moles and used this to see and earthbend. She later passed this on to Aang, who learned it and soon developed a similar method with airbending.


Lightning Generation

Only a true firebending master or prodigy can generate lightning. Lightning is unique as it can't be deflected like fire or other elements can. It can only be blocked (earthbending), evaded (airbending), redirected (firebending), or have its path distorted (waterbending). Even still, a quick reaction must be made to defend against lightning.

Lightning Redirection

Iroh invented this technique when studying waterbenders. He later passed it on to Zuko, who passed it on to Aang. "Lightning Redirection" involves absorbing the lightning in one arm, letting it pass through the stomach, and guiding it out the other arm.




In "Tales of Ba Sing Se", Aang used airbending extend the reach of his bison whistle and round up all the zoo animals. Airbenders can bend their sound waves to make them louder or softer.

Aerophilic Sense

Similar to "Seismic Sense", this technique senses where your opponent is by using airbending. Aang learned this technique from multiple sources and passed it on to his youngest child, Tenzin. Zuko taught Aang a firebending move that his uncle had learned by studying waterbenders, and Aang applied this to his knowledge of seismic sense, along with the joke about Toph's sight that he heard while attending a play about himself in "The Ember Island Players" ("I see everything that you see, except I don't 'see' like you do. I release a sonic wave from my mouth. AHHHHHHHH" --Actor playing Toph). Aang used this so that whenever he spoke, breathed, or moved, he could feel the air waves around him, and if something changed, he knew that something around him had moved.




Each element has its own airbending-like technique. Earthbenders can bend dust, waterbenders can bend mist, and firebenders can bend smoke, whereas airbenders can bend all three plus the air itself.

One difference is that as earthbenders dustbend or waterbenders mistbend, the dust/mist slowly comes together and they have their own element in front of them. As firebenders smokebend, the smoke quickly disperses and they have to resort to fire once again.

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