Book of Clouds
Sozin's Diary
Dear Diary, Am I going Senile?
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Come one! Come all! To the Fire Nation Institute of History, Fire Lord Department, Sozin Division! The Great Professor Wen has found new records from the Ancient History of the Fire Nation. They reveal the true reasons for The War, and the Inner thought of Sozin. However, only several pages have been saved, so hurry now to get this exclusive look into the Mind of the Notorious Fire Lord.


Entry One Weird Sages We enter the mind of Sozin, back to day one. His dad had just given him a diary. He had scored his first date. And he met a geezer.
Entry Two Dream Date Sozin's date goes great, until his Friend Roku shows him what's really going on.
Entry Three The Countdown Begins Sozin's Sweet Sixteen is just a couple months away and the party's gotta be ready. And even more important, they check out the Fire Nation Army.
Entry Four The Pie Capital Sozin and Roku go on a State-Sponsored Trip to the Pie Capital of the World, The Southern Air Temple. Too bad it's full of old guys with big beards. But, they meet one cool kid, called Gyatso.
Entry Five Omashu University Sozin's got to go to College, soon, but he wants to tour the Mighty Earth Kingdom so he and Roku check out Omashu University. They have lots of girls, there. Girls who are interested in Fire Nation Princes.
Entry Six Tribal College Sozin and Roku check out Tribal College at the Southern Water Tribe, definitely more culture here. And lots of ice, too.


This Fanon goes into the mind of Sozin, a crazy little boy, as he journeys through life. It's also a semi-parody with Real World phrases, with the fourth wall being broken more than once.

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