Sozin's Comet: The Epic Battle
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Chapter 9: Sozin's Comet: The Epic Battle

Today is the day of Sozin's Comet. We have all taken separate ways after meeting the Order of the White Lotus. Katara and Zuko have gone to the Fire Nation Capital to stop Azula. Sokka, Toph and I are riding an Eel Hound to stop the Airship fleet. When Aang comes back, he will stop Ozai. As we were riding, I saw the Comet come soaring by.

"This may sound weird, but the Comet actually looks beautiful," I commented.

"Too bad the Fire Lord is going to use it to end the world," Toph replied. We finally arrived, but we were too late.

"We're too late! The airship fleet is taking off!" Sokka cried.

"Then we're taking off too! Where's the nearest airship?" Toph asked. She launched us onto the closest airship. We snuck inside as the fleet flew over Wulong Forest. Then, we ambushed the control room and got rid of the crew. As we followed the fleet, the Firebenders began burning the forest. The fire was HUGE.

"That's a lot of fire, isn't it?" Toph commented. I could even feel the heat and the blaze. The pressure was rising and Sokka was making an attempt to drive the airship into the others. All of a sudden, the lead ship landed and Ozai was propelling himself forward to something. We peered out and saw that Aang had returned! We cheered. We tried to crash the airship but it nearly fell. We ran out of the control room and I was separated from Sokka and Toph. I jumped onto another ship and began to control it.

As I flew the ship, I saw Sokka and Toph dangling on the edge of another ship, holding on for dear life. All of a sudden, they fell and I steered the ship and caught them. They were all okay, but Sokka had broken his leg from a fall. I steered the airship fleet down to the ground. It was done. We had successfully stopped the fleet. All of a sudden, a beam of blue light shot up into the air. Then, it disappeared and we saw Aang use Waterbending to extinguish the fires.

We managed to catch up with Aang. I asked Aang if he killed the Fire Lord. Turns out he didn't. He had taken his bending away. I was stunned. Sokka immediately used the opportunity to mock the Fire Lord, or the Loser Lord! Ha! I stared out in the distance as Sozin's Comet soared out of sight and would return a century later.

Author's Note

It is close to the end of the series!

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