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Team Avatar and their allies lived happily ever after

An hour had passed since the duel started. Ozai bends fire with his arm at an arc towards Aang.

Aang releases his hold on Ozai's goatee and swipes Ozai's arm, directing a large burst of flame into the air.

Ozai looks up at his arm in dismay.

Aang bends air, throwing Ozai back violently.

Ozai yells in surprise as the strong air pressure pushes him back. He lands in a crouch behind a mist of smoke. The smoke cleared, revealing Aang as he descended onto Ozai.

Ozai looked in awe.

"What did he just do?" Ozai wondered.

Iroh realized something as he wept.

He spoke his mind "Power in firebending comes from the breath. Not the muscles. And that means not from the number of benders either."

He inhaled deeply through his nose, feeling the power the comet was endowing him with. His friends stepped back from him.

Iroh said, "Only once every hundred years can a firebender feel this kind of power." He exhales and a ring of flame appears around the burning city of Ba Sing Se. Iroh continues to breathe deeply and each time he inhales, the flames encircling the cityscape grow larger. The ring of fire around the smoldering city continues to grow more intense, pulsing with each of Iroh's breaths.

The tanks and battleships cease their fiery attacks at the sight of the flames circling Ba Sing Se. Iroh opens his eyes and raises his arms, thrusting his hands forward and giving a battle cry. The flames surrounding Ba Sing Se converge into giant balls of fire. The fireballs gain energy, just before their bender unleashes them forward each as a massive fire blast. The attack rockets in very direction and demolishes an enormous number of the tanks and battleships.

A huge amount of debris flies everywhere, landing amongst the other tanks and warships. The Old Masters leapt off the hill on which they stood.

Pakku jumped from behind a ship onto its deck. Pakku bends an enormous wave of water over the ship and down towards the soldiers below. Piandao leaps over the wave. Pakku turns the wave into ice, freezing the soldiers in place. Piandao slides down the frozen wave along with Pakku. As they slide into another street, Pakku unfreezes the water, bends it up in front of him, and freezes it again to block an incoming fire blast.

Jeong Jeong bent fire to create jets of it beneath his feet for him to float in the air whence he bends a great wall of fire in front of him. The ice barrier is destroyed and another fire blast is about to hit Pakku when Jeong Jeong's wall of fire erupts in front of him, stopping the attack.

Jeong Jeong turns to another navy and a line of warships begin to fire on him, but he stops the attacks with another wall of fire. Jeong Jeong hovers over a large intersection of ground with tanks surrounding him. Jeong Jeong bends the wall of fire down the ground and towards the tanks, pushing him back.

More tanks begin to fire on him from another street, but Jeong Jeong already creates a wall of flame and attacks the tanks with it. The tanks are knocked over in a pile as the wall of fire pushes them into each other.

Bumi turns to look around as a five Fire Nation tanks roll in and one starts to bend fire from the opening. Bumi bends a protective wall of earth, which comes down afterward. He bends several chunks of earth from the ground and kicks them towards the tanks. A tank opens to bend fire at Bumi but gets quickly cut off by a chunk of rock that slams against the opening.

The neighboring tank fires but suffers the same fate. Bumi turns and bent a column of earth rising from beneath a tank, throwing him up. A tank has been turned turtle and more tanks get stacked on top of each other. A shaky Fire Nation solider moans with discomfort. The other Fire soldiers come out of the tanks, not feeling well.

Iroh stand in front of the Earth King's palace whose national symbol has been covered with a Fire Nation banner. Pakku's wave of water and Jeong Jeong's column of fire burst outside the cityscape that is no longer smoldering. Iroh bends fire at the banner. The Fire Nation banner catches fire, much to the pleasure of and the Dragon of the West. Iroh look on as the banner burns away to restore the Earth symbol on its kingdom's royal palace.
Flag burning

Aang looked at the sphere of air that was now circling around him.

Ozai bends fire with his feet away from the ground. Ozai's stream of fire swiftly flies toward Aang. Aang's wind sphere gets hit by it and gets carried by it for a short distance before Ozai bends his fire blasts at him. Aang is thrown downwards to the ground. Ozai drops down toward Aang who groans in pain and looks ahead. Ozai catches up to him. Aang's wind sphere moves away from Ozai.

Aang mediated, his eyes and tattoos still glowing.

Aang called telepathically "Fire Nation allies. Chey. Yin Lee. On Ji. People of Jang Hui Village."

Chey and Yin Lee along with the rest of the latter's tribe heard Aang's call in an Earth forest. Dock along with his neighbours heard Aang's call in Jang Hui Village as did On Ji and all the children who came to Aang's dancing party back at school a few miles away.

"Aang." Chey called, signs that he understood.

Dock shouted, "It's that boy who travelled with the waterbender. That's his voice."

On Ji said, "Kuzon, is that you?"

Shoji asked 'Kuzon?"

All the other children at their school began muttering "Kuzon".

Aang said, "Listen. Please give me a part of your energy. Please hurry."

On Ji agreed, "Okay. Here we go."

The Fire Nation people concentrated hardly on their chi and gave up a sizeable amount of their energy to Aang.

Aang bends fire with a roar through his mouth. Aang bends fire out of his limbs as well. The five streams of fire loop about. The fire streams circle and tighten around the ball of air. The fire stream gather and form a revolving ring near the center outside of the sphere.

Ozai moans and struggles against the stinging air pressure. The pillars crumble from the wind. Ozai bends small fire bullets towards the rock pillars, creating a huge plume of smoke. Aang flies away within his air-fire sphere from the top of the smoke, but a furious Ozai ran in pursuit.

High above the duel between the epitomes of good and of evil, a lone firebender continued to send torrents of flames towards the ground. Some airships Sokka sabotaged earlier are smoking and steadily descending. Sokka ran, grabbing Toph's hand as Toph ran with all her might behind him. Material from the ship's envelope fly around them in tiny red pieces.

([{Watch the episode until Suki smiles as she hung from a harness near the rudder of the airship Sokka and Toph had landed on.}])

The sky is red as Aang flies in a long stream of fire away from the unstoppable Ozai.

Aang flies behind a pillar, lands on the top, and bends fire from his feet. Ozai bends fire to block Aang's attack. Aang flies off.

He called "Earth Kingdom allies. People of Kyoshi Island. People of Senlin Village. People of Makapu Village. General Fong. Chong, Lily, Moku. People of Omashu. People of Chin Village. People of Ba Sing Se. Earth King Kuei."

Kuei heard Aang's call in some village of the Earth Kingdom. Than, Ying, Pao, and Kenji along with the other citizens heard Aang's call in Ba Sing Se. Oyaji and Koko along with their neighbours heard Aang's call in Kyoshi Island. Fong and his soldiers heard Aang's call in his base. Yung along with the other evacuees of Omashu heard Aang's call in their campsite.

Tong along with his fellows citizens heard Aang's call in Chin Village. Aunt Wu and Meng along with all their neighbours in Makapu Village reacted upon hearing Aang's voice as did the people of Senlin Village many miles away from them. Chong, Lily and Moku followed.

"Avatar Aang." Ying bowed at him.

"What's going on?" Than wondered, walk apart toward him.

Chong said, "Hey, it's you again. So, what you been up to?"

Aang said, "Please, all of you. I need a part of your energy. Give it to me please now. I need it to defeat the Fire Lord."

Chong turned to his wife and Moku.

He said, "Well, you heard him. Let's give him our energy."

The Earth King and all his people scattered over his Kingdom concentrated hardly on their chi and gave up a sizeable amount of their energy to Aang.

Pieces of earth from the ground beneath Aang slowly make their way towards his sphere. The pieces of earth fly up. Aang clenches his fist, bending the pieces of earth to a smaller size and summoning them towards the sphere. He bends the earth into a northeast position around him inside the sphere.

A flying Ozai turns and stops in a stance with his arms up. Five shoves of fire come out of Ozai's hands, feet, and mouth and chase Aang who dodges them in his sphere.

Aang shouted, "People of the Water Tribe, please, hear me. I need your energy. Just a part of it. The Fire Lord is going to destroy your whole civilization. If you give me some of your energy, I can defeat him. "

Kanna and her neighbors heard Aang in the South Pole. Arnook and his people heard Aang in the North Pole.

"Come on. You heard the Avatar." Kanna spirited her people.

She and her fellows in the Southern Water Tribe did as Aang asked. Their Northern counterparts followed.

The water remaining from the ocean floor slowly made its way towards Aang's sphere. Aang slowly bent the water above his air-fire-earth circle. He bent the water into a northeast position inside the sphere as well. The various elements continue to orbit around him as he does so.

Ozai looks from behind his arms as his eyes widen in shock.

Storyline I

In the ceremonial plaza of the Fire Nation, Zuko and Katara battled Azula relentlessly.

Azula mockingly said, "Zuzu, you don't look so good."

Katara meanwhile realized something.

She muttered to herself "Lightning is the cold-blooded fire. Cold-blooded fire."

She advanced at Azula, bending her blood. Azula fell to the floor, overpowered by Katara's spell. Zuko looked in awe.

He asked, "What the..."

Katara bloodbended Azula, restraining her arms.

Zuko said, "But, I'm sorry it has to end this way, Azula."

He generated lightning in his hand, as he had failed to do when training with Iroh while the two of them were fugutives in the Earth Kingdom. Zuko shot the lightning bolt at his sister. Azula exploded into ashes. She was gone.

Zuko looked away in sorrow. Katara went to his side and hugged him. Zuko returned the embrace.

Storyline II

In the ceremonial plaza of the Fire Nation, Zuko lay on the floor with some small flames burning the ground around him and struggles to get up.

([{Watch until Azula tells Zuko that Zuko does not look so good.}])

Aang's voice spoke to Katara.



"Listen. I've found a way to defeat Ozai without taking his life. I'm going to use it. So, please don't kill Azula."

"I see your point. But, right now, I don't have a choice."

"I know. Just listen to me. I have a plan."

Katara looks up to the roof. Azula charges up lightning and sends out a bolt.

([{Watch the episode until Azula screams and cries uncontrollably in her complete insanity while shackled to the drain as Zuko and Katara look on.}])

Aang realized a shove of fire was coming up from behind him and he flies off. The fire shove hits a pillar that Aang flew past. The fire burned down the pillar relentlessly.

Aang checked on his two beams of blue energy which had intensified and closed his glowing eyes in mediation once more.

When his eyes opened, he stated, "Still not enough. Ozai really is invincible."

Aang called, " Gan Jins, Zhangs. Sun Warriors. It's me, Avatar Aang."

The Gan Jin leader, the Zhang leader, and the Sun Warrior Chief heard Aang's voice in Ba Sing Se and in the Sun Warrior civilization.

The Zhang leader said, "Avatar Aang, where are you?"

"The Order of the White Lotus has come to set us free." The Gan Jin leader wondered to him.

The Sun Warrior Chief reacted speechlessly.

Aang said to the tribes leaders in Ba Sing Se, "I know."

He said to all three tribe leaders, "Listen. I need all the people in your tribe to donate a portion of your energy. Please hurry. The world needs it."

The Gan Jins, Zhangs, and Sun Warriors except Ham Ghao did as Aang asked.

Aang lands perpendicular to a pillar with his feet and bends three streams of energy towards Ozai. Ozai bends three streams of fire and a gust of flame, intercepting Aang's energy blasts and dissipating them. Aang gets flung as a strong gust of flame hit him and the pillar erodes way rapidly. Aang glides by and the top of the pillar collapses.

Aang said, "Not there yet. Just a little more. Teo. Haru. The Duke. Hakoda."

The Duke, Haru, Teo, and Hakoda heard Aang's call in a Fire forest.

Aang said in a voice still mingled with all the past Avatars, "Listen, you guys. I need a portion of your energy. Please, I need it to defeat the Fire Lord."

The four escapees wasted no time in fulfilling Aang's plea.

Ozai chases Aang and knocks down a pillar by generating lightning at it. He gains upon Aang and knocks down another pillar the same way. Aang changes direction and Ozai follows, knocking another pillar again similarly.

Aang called out telepathically, "Sokka, Toph, Suki. Can you hear me?"

Sokka said, "Aang, is that you?"

Aang said, "Yeah. Listen, guys. The firebenders are very powerful and that makes Ozai invincible. I have a way to defeat him. But, I need something first. I need you to donate me a piece of your energy."

Toph wondered, replacing her metal off from her face. "Our energy?"

Aang said, "Guys, please this our last chance. This might be the only way to stop Ozai."

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go." Toph led the Team Avatar to. Sokka, Toph, and Suki concentrated hardly on their chi and gave up a sizeable amount of their energy to Aang.

Aang looks back fearfully.

Aang said, "Still not enough. Order of the White Lotus. Can you hear me?"

The members of the Order heard Aang's call as they completed the liberation of Ba Sing Se.

Iroh said, "Aang, Ba Sing Se has been set free. The Order of the White Lotus has taken it back from the Fire Nation."

Aang said, "I know, Iroh. Please listen to me, all of you. I have a way to defeat Ozai. But, I need something first. I need each of you to donate me a piece of your energy."

The members of the White Lotus concentrated hardly on their chi and gave up a sizeable amount of their energy to Aang.

Ozai's sphere comes through a plume of smoke. Aang gasps and desperately tires to get out of the way.

Aang said, "I still need more power. Katara, Zuko. Can you hear me?"

Storyline I

Zuko and Katara were flying on Appa over the abandoned airship base. They heard Aang's call in mid-air.

Storyline II

Zuko and Katara heard Aang's call in the Fire Nation capital.

Zuko said, "Aang."

Katara asked, "Where are you?"

Aang said, "I'm fighting Ozai in the Earth Kingdom. I can't win right now. But, I do have a chance if you guys lend me some of your energy."

Zuko said, "Okay."

Katara said, "Here goes."

Zuko and Katara concentrated hardly on their chi and gave up a sizeable amount of their energy to Aang.

Aang smiled in satisfaction as he said, "I've got it. I have an energy that's stronger than Ozai's. I can beat him now."

Aang moves his arms in a circular motion in front of his body, clenching his jaw with anger and closing his fist.

Storyline I

The voices of Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, Yangchen, and all unnamed past Avatars were mingled with Aang's as he said, "Phoenix King Ozai, you and your forefathers have devastated the balance of this world, and now you shall pay the ultimate price."

Aang summoned the dual bolts of blue Avatar energy in his hands into a single killing move. He struck down his blow at Ozai. Ozai closed his eyes in fear as Aang's deadly blast engulfed him. Ozai exploded and was vapourized into ashes. Aang ceased firing his energy blast. The smoke cleared. Ozai was gone. There was nothing left of him.

Aang smiled and smacked his fists together. The elemental sphere falls apart and Aang lowers himself onto the ground, his eyes and tattoos still glowing. He turns towards the burning forest and bends water that was flooding the whole area, extinguishing the fires.

The water extinguishes the embers of some flaming airships. More water covered the burning trees from top to toe and the fire dissipates. The last of the water floods the burning pillars, extinguishing the remaining flames. Aang bends the water to evaporation. Momo landed on Aang's shoulder. Both of them looked out at the calm forest. Aang's eyes and tattoos stopped glowing as he left the Avatar State.

An airship came into sight. It was the rogue airship. Sokka, Toph, and Suki were on the ship's roof. Toph and Suki were hanging from harnesses near the rudder of the airship. Sokka's leg was bandaged. All three of them were smiling down at Aang.

"Aang!" cried Toph.

"Aang!" cried Suki.

Aang smiled at his friends.

Sokka yelled "You should have seen yourself. It was amazing."

A familiar roar was heard. Appa flew towards his master. On his back rode Zuko and Katara. Both of them were smiling proudly.

Zuko said, "He did it."

Katara said, "I knew he could do it."

She whispered "I knew he could save the world."

Zuko said, "Yeah. You were right."

Aang had only eyes for Katara. Katara had only eyes for Aang. The two lovers smiled at each other lovingly as they gazed from an aerial distance. Sozin's Comet slowly flies off into the horizon and leaves Earth, leaving the red sky to fade into night.

The next day, Azula's legacy lived on in the devastation her battle against Zuko and Katara had left the Fire Nation Capital in. Zuko was in his bedroom at the Royal Palace. He put on his outer robe.

A familiar voice asked, "You need some help with that."

There was Mai leaning against the doorway. She walked towards Zuko.

Storyline II

Flames bending from Ozai's foot are extinguished by a loop of bent water which curls around his calf and creeps up to his body. The water creeps up Ozai's torso to his head. The visibly terrified Ozai gets pulled back by the water. Aang bends the water loop around and Ozai lands on his back forcefully with the water atop a pillar.

The water flows off. Aang's sphere descends towards Ozai. Aang bends mounds of earth on the top of the pillar that encase Ozai's feet. Ozai looks at his hand being encased in earth and then his other hand being closed up in earth. He looks up in fear.

The elemental sphere falls apart and Aang lowers himself onto the ground. Ozai tries to bend fire out fo his mouth but Aang bends a gust of air to dissipate the flames, his right hand touching Ozai's forehead and his left hand touching Ozai's chest.

The voices of Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, Yangchen, and all unnamed past Avatars were mingled with Aang's as he said, "Phoenix King Ozai, you and your forefathers have devastated the balance of this world. They did not deserve to exist in this world, but you won't be joining them."

Ozai said, "What?"

Aang said, "You banished Zuko as punishment for showing shameful weakness during your Agni Kai. You called Zuko a coward because he was brave enough to face you only during an eclipse. You said just now that me and my people were weak and that we don't deserve to exist in this new world in which you are the supreme ruler of everything."

Ozai asked, "How do you know all this?"

Aang said, "Sozin wiped out the rest of my people and you were going to kill Zuko that night, but today, it is because of me, because of my people, and because of Zuko that I spare your life. You despise weakness in others. That trait has spared your life. But now, you will pay the ultimate price for it. And another thing."

Ozai said, "Go on."

Aang said, "When I returned to the world after a hundred years, Zuko was banished as punishment and you were the Fire Lord. Now, when I restore balance to the world, you'll be imprisoned as punishment and Zuko will be Fire Lord. It only seems fair that way. And one more thing."

Ozai asked, "What's that?"

Aang said, "You said that weakness does not deserve to exist in your world. That means that you don't deserve to exist in this world. So, that's what you want. You want to die because you're weak. If you want for yourself to die, then death won't be a punishment for you. But, I found that there was another way to defeat you and restore balance."

Aang's spirit and Ozai's spirit shone through their eyes and mouth just like they do in the episode as the former to attempted to bend the latter's energy, remembering the Lion Turtle's words that "to bend another's energy, your own spirit must be unbendable or you will be corrupted or destroyed."

Aang's spirit was unbendable and he successfully bent Ozai's energy like he does in the episode.

Storyline I

([{Watch the episode until Zuko and Aang watch over their supporters at Zuko's coronation.}])

Zuko turned to Aang.

He said, "Aang, you were able to sense people from across the world, weren't you?"

Aang said, "Yeah. The Lion Turtle taught me to do that too."

He turned to face Zuko.

Aang said, "Why did you want to ask me this?"

Zuko said, "Because I need you to tell me something."

Aang listened carefully.

Zuko asked, "Where is my mother?"

Storyline II

He moved on along the corridor. He paused outside a second door before he pushed it open as well. The inside of the door opens. Zuko walks inside. A disheveled Ozai in rags leaned against the wall of her cell.

Ozai's eyes glance to the side at the shadow.

He said, "I should count myself lucky. The new Fire Lord has treated me with his presence in my lowly prison cells."

Zuko said, "You should count yourself lucky that the Avatar spared your life."

Ozai inhaled sorrowfully.

Zuko said, "Banishing me was the best thing you could have done for my life. Your horrifying plan to destroy the world was just pure evil. Unlike you, I had good inside me and for you, that meant I was "lucky to be born". I was an actual human being with feelings and I was confused and hurt. But, I only had the Fire Nation's best interests at heart and I wanted to share our greatness with the rest of the world."

"Where are you going with this?"

"I thought that I'd lost my honour and that somehow the destiny you had forced upon me was the only way you could return it to me. But then, I learned that the people of the world hated the Fire Nation. I realized I was free to choose my own destiny. I knew your honour was something you earned for yourself by choosing to do what was right."

"And your point is?"

"Banishing me put me on the right path. Perhaps, your time in here could teach you what is right and put you on the same path."

Ozai said, "Why are you really here?"

Zuko said, "Because you're going to tell me something."

Ozai listened carefully.

Zuko demanded, "Where is my mother?"

Senlin Village was set free from the terror of Hei-Bai. Still, Hei Bai's disastrous visits to the village left parts of it in ruins. Nevertheless, children played among the ruins. The village leader came out of his house. He walked once again directly into Zuko. Zuko was wearing his Jasmine Dragon uniform.

Zuko said, "Hi. Hey, I'm sorry I pushed you when I came here looking for the Avatar. I was wrong for physically attacking you and I feel really bad about it."

He extended his hand in apology and the village leader grasped his whole arm in forgiveness.

Zuko smiled kindly.

The Southern Water Tribe was rebuilding, with the help of its Northern brothers and sisters. Still, Zuko's unfriendly visit to Katara's village left parts of it in ruins. Nonetheless, children played here as merrily as those in Senlin. Kanna came out of her house. She walked directly into Zuko. Zuko was still wearing his teashop uniform.

Zuko said, "Hi. You're that old lady. Hey, I'm sorry I manhandled you when I came here looking for the Avatar. I was wrong for attacking the Water Tribe."

Kanna smiled in forgiveness. Zuko smiled back.

Tundra tank tower

A week passed in happiness and harmony. The world was in a state of love, peace, and kindness. The Fire Nation capital was set free from the iron fist of Ozai and from the shackles of Azula. Children played among the ruins of the Comet Enhanced battle that had taken place a week before. In the Royal Palace, Iroh wearing his Fire Nation outfit played "Four Seasons" on his trumpet. Appa was outside.

Zuko wearing his Fire Lord robes, with his hair out of its topknot, served his uncle tea and left it on the table. Iroh stopped playing and Zuko smiled at him. As Zuko moved away with a tray of teacups, Iroh continued to play. Zuko passed tea to Toph resting her feet on a table and to Hakoda sitting at a second table. Toph was wearing her Fire Nation outfit and Hakoda was wearing the Water Tribe armour he had worn during the Invasion. Mai and Suki played a game of Pai Sho on a third table. Katara looked on from behind Mai and Ty Lee looked on from behind Suki. All four girls were fearing their Fire Nation attire, and Katara's hair was out of its topknot as well. Aang played with Momo. He was wearing the monk robes he had darned on himself at Zuko's coronation. Sokka was drawing a painting on a fourth table. He was wearing his Fire Nation outfit and his hairstyle was back to the way it was in Books 1-2.

Sokka shouted "Zuko, stop moving. I just wanted to make a painting so we'd remember all the good times."

Katara said, "Oh that's very thoughtful of you, Sokka." Katara approached her brother, then frowned.

Katara asked, "Wait, why have you given me Momo's ears?"

Sokka said, "Those are your hair loops."

Ty Lee approached and asked, "And why have you painted me flying in the air?"

Suki joined them and asked, "And me firebending."

Sokka said, "I thought it made you two look cool."

Zuko and Mai joined the crew.

Zuko said, "At least, you don't look like a boarcupine.'

Mai said, "I look like a man."

Sokka's painting of Mai and Zuko

Momo jumped on Sokka's arm.

Sokka said, "Oh, you think you could do a better job, Momo."

Everyone laughed, except Aang who smiled pleasantly.

Aang moved outside. He stroked Appa.

Hakoda said, "My beard's not that long."

Iroh said, "And my belly's not that big anymore. I've really trimmed down."

Toph said, "Well, I think you all look perfect."

Everyone indoors laughed.

Katara's voice spoke in the background as she said, "And so after Aang saved the world, things were very different. And Zuko was right."

Aang walked outside and looked at the world in front of him.

"Things were going to be even more different when they rebuilt it together. But, for me, there was something even more different than Aang could have hoped for."

Katara approached him. He turned to face her.

The time frame of the story cut to nineteen years later.

An adult Aang was smiling lovingly. An adult Katara was resting in a bed. She was lovingly holding a newborn baby in her arms. Aang made his way towards Katara.

An adult Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and Suki were looking at them. All of them smiled proudly.

Katara looked at Aang. They embraced for several long and literally perfect moments.

Aang said, "I'm here, Katara. I'll always be."

A young girl and a younger boy had entered the chamber. Both of them greatly resembled Aang and Katara. Aang touched his newborn son's forehead and chest.

He exclaimed enthusiastically, "Finally, an airbender in our family!"

The boy cheered, "An airbender! Yahoo! It's about time."

He and his sister joined their mother and father and gazed lovingly at their newborn brother.

The girl asked her parents, "Mum? Dad? What are you going to name him?"

Katara said, "We already chose what we want to name him. Tenzin."

Aang said, "That's a perfect name. Tenzin. "

Aang addressed his wife.

"We have such a great family and seeing us together so full of happiness and love will always remind me of how I feel about you and our children."

Katara's lips met with Aang's. Aang reciprocated Katara's kiss.

The story left Aang and Katara feasting their lips on one another's and moved on through the open window to show in full the orange and purple sky.

And so ended the legend of Aang ([{just as it had in the episode...Avatar was complete...

The end

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