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Into the Inferno
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Feasible Differences, Personal Expectations, and Personal Wants




Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno

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Sozin's Comet streaked over the ground, its red energy destroying the clouds in its path.

Sozin's Comet

At the Fire Nation Capital, Katara and Zuko paced in the direction of the Royal Palace. Katara noticed that Zuko was worried.

Katara said, "Zuko, don't worry. We can take Azula."

Zuko said, "I'm not worried about her. I'm worried about Aang. What if he doesn't have the guts to take out my father? What if he loses?'

Katara insisted "Aang won't lose. He'll deliver the final blow before the Fire Lord can take his life. He has to."

Aang runs to the top of a huge rock and jumps off before Ozai sends strong blasts of fire at the rock, disintegrating it into pieces. Aang lands on a boulder, and bends it into the air as he jumps away, stopping Ozai for just as moment before Ozai chases after him shooting a stream of fire from his fist.

Aang runs away desperately and looks back to find himself being slowly engulfed by the fire. He bends air that creates a safe place for him to land on without getting burnt. The fire reflects off his eyes. Aang bends a huge tunnel of air toward Ozai, extinguishing the flames at the same time.

Aang grabs onto the top of the trunk of a nearby tree as Ozai jumps off the rock and somersaults to the bottom. Ozai lands on the sand will a roll and bending fire at the top of the tree. Aang jumps away. The tree has caught fire and Aang lands somewhere on the Royal Palace's roof.

The Fire Nation air fleet flew over the capital. Sokka and Suki slowly walked towards it and put their backs to the wall next to the door.

Sokka told his friends to shush.

Toph raised her hand to the door. Inside the cabin three pilots and the captain were standing. They heard a knock from the door in the same rhythm of 'shave and a haircut'.

([{Watch the episode until Sokka tells Toph that he was talking to Suki.}])

Toph said, "That would make a lot more sense."

As she took the wheel, Suki said, "What are we going to do about the rest of the crew?"

Sokka said, "Move us down closer to the water. I've got an idea."

Across the horizon, the skies turned yellow, almost scarlet, suddenly meshed with the ripple thin of red cloud. In the middle of the river, an eel hound swims through a body of water with the four old masters riding on top.

Bumi said, "It's strange to say, but that comet actually looks kind of beautiful."

Pakku said, "Too bad the Fire Lord's about to use it to destroy the world."

The eel hound reached shore. The passengers dismounted and continued on. The Old Masters climbed up a hill to the edge of a cliff and reached the top, there to find the battle to liberate Ba Sing Se.

Pakku and Piandao looked forward at the massive number of ships.

Pakku said, "There's too many of them."

Piandao said, "We can't fight them all in time to save the city."

Jeong Jeong looked over at the burning cityscape.

He said, "Not good. We have quality, but they have quantity. And right now, that means they have the upper hand."

Bumi looks over at the massive number of tanks.

Bumi said, "Waiting and listening before striking won't be of any help when there are more than enough of them to burn down Ba Sing Se."

Azula knelt at the coronation plaza. She was about to be crowned as the new Fire Lord. She was as frustrated and deranged as before, her hair unkemptly combed in its topknot. The only subjects her assembled were the Fire Sages.

The High Sage held in his hand the Fire Lord's crown.

He shouted "By the decree of Phoenix King Ozai, I proclaim you Fire Lord..."

([{Watch the episode until Azula tells Zuko that he is hilarious.}])

Zuko said, "Please listen to me. We don't have to fight. You have the power to end it here and stop what you're doing."

Azula said, "Wait. You are right. I do have the power. You want to be Fire Lord? Agni Kai! Just you and me, brother?"

Zuko said, "No thanks. Katara didn't come all this way for nothing."

Azula smiled. She then span and bent a blast of blue flame at Katara. Katara jumped forward and bent two waves of water from a nearby fountain in each hand that came together and shoot forward. The stream of water collided with the blue flames. As the flames dissipate, Azula leapt forward on a jet of fire and kicked forward, bending a blast of fire. She bent out a wave of fire towards Zuko with three spinning kicks.

Ozai jumps onto the Royal Palace's railings as he scales and flips his way to the roof. Ozai pushes himself with his arm and lands in a stance. Aang is waiting for him in a similar stance.

Ozai bends fire with his fists and feet one after another. Aang slides down the roof as jets of fire sets the path he was on alight. Aang reaches the end of the roof and he grabs onto the edge as he swings himself into a nearby room through the window. He slides across the floor on his knees to hide behind a drawer. A huge blast of fire through the roof sends some debris into the room and Ozai lands.

Ozai gets into a stance and looks around the room warily. Aang kicks the drawer towards Ozai. Ozai blocks it by disintegrating the drawer into pieces with a fiery punch. Aang runs out from the room followed shortly by Ozai.

Ozai bends huge whips and arcs of flame around himself. Ozai sends the tunnel of fire towards Aang. Aang spins his body around, creating a small tornado around himself that deflects Ozai's fire, then lands on the side of a rock pillar. Aang slides around to the other side of the pillar as Ozai lands on a rock and shoots another stream of fire. Aang leaps from the side of the pillar to the side of another.

Sokka looks around the cabin of his infiltrated airship. He grabs a speaker connected to a tube.

([{Watch the episode until the crew comes up from underwater for air.}])

The engineer wished his colleague "Happy Birthday!"

Enormous orange and blue flames were flung in the right side of the city. One building caught fire. As a blue fire blast shoots past, another catches on fire. Zuko punches forward, releasing a powerful stream of fire. The stream collides with a stream of blue fire from Azula, and both attacks push against each other for a moment before slipping to one side. Zuko continues his blast of fire keeping enormous blue flames on his other side at bay, slowly sliding back. He slides back. Zuko pivots on his foot.

Both Azula and Zuko stop their attacks. She looks back at the plaza behind her, which has caught on fire form Zukos' attacks. She turns back to her brother and Karara. A visibly angry and scared Azula charged forward and leaped upward on a blast of fire, which she swings down at Katara. Katara spins her body in a circle and bends a wall of water that splits the blue fire in half.

Aang bends the air to boost himself back at the first pillar and bends the entire top half of the pillar at Ozai. Ozai flies around to the other side of the pillar and shoots a ball of fire. Aang blocks the attack, the fire flowing past his body. He is pushed back and hits the side of one rock, plummeting up to a ledge.

Ozai chases after Aang, continuing to generate lightning at him. Aang lifts the top of the rock into the air to shield him then dodges the next bolt.

The flames died down. Azula crouches on the ground. Azula was scared and panting heavily. She gritted her teeth and narrows her eyes in determination. Katara opens his left fist and Zuko punches forward his other first. A liquid hot offense of fire and water spiraling and intertwining to create one massive water-fire ball. Azula dodges to the right on a jet of blue fire, narrowly avoiding the water-fire ball.

Azula thrust herself forward while in mid-air, bending jets of fire from her hands and feet on which she rocketed over the ground. Azula punches forward twice, bending two huge blue fire blasts. Katara placed her hand near the ground and shot a blast of water, thrusting herself into the air and avoiding one of Azula's attacks. Zuko spins around in mid-air and swings his heel downward, which creates an arc of flame that blocks the second fire blast. As Katara falls down, she swings her arms down, creating a blast of water that destroys a third blue blast of fire.

Ozai flies at Aang and lands nearby on the same ledge.

Aang picks himself up and flattens his back and arms against the rock before pulling away from it and bending earth to create stone armor around his body. Ozai thrusts both fists at Aang and shoots a strong stream of flame, walking toward Aang and pushes him around the edge with the attack. Ozai stops and swings his arm at Aang to hit him with a fierce blast, but Aang leaps away, shedding the stone armor.

Zuko crouched, his arms extended forward and blue and orange flames surrounding her. Azula flew forward over the ground and banks to the right, avoiding Katara's last water blast. Azula shoots a blast of fire at Zuko and begins to circle him. Zuko defends himself and Katara by bending a large sphere of fire around them. He tries to attack Azula with blast of fire as he circles him, but she stood fast. Zuko stops shooting fire blasts at Azula, crouches to the ground, and performs spinning sweep kicks, bending a powerful ring of fire that expands outward. Azula flew forward. She tried to stop herself and tries to block Zukos' attack, but it strikes her.

She falls forwards and rolls across the ground, gasping in pain. She picked herself up, breathing heavily. She was hunched over and her hair had come undone She stares with anger and contempt at her brother and his friend, baring her teeth.

Aang jumps to a rock and rolls forward just as Ozai bends one more lightning bolt at Aang.

Aang lifts his finger to the lightning and absorbs it, grimacing in pain. He lets the lightning flow through his body and to his other hand. He adjoins the fingers of both his hands at which point the pain of the lightning flow through his body ceases and then draws them apart, producing an energy bolt at the fingertips of either hand.

Ozai looked on Aang, frozen to the spot in his shock at what Aang had just done. Just then, Aang came to a realization.

He said, "I have energy to bend!"

Azula generated lightning.

Zuko shouted "Oh no, you don't!"

He generated his own lightning. Azula stared back with visible surprise. Zuko directed an enormous bolt of lightning at his evil sister.

Aang points back at Ozai and shot the energy bolts at him.

The lightning shoots its target, but did not hurt or hinder her as it struck. Zuko and Katara gazed at Azula with fear and surprise.

The energy bolts fires at their target, but did not hurt or hinder him as they struck. Aang stares back in fear.

The lightning erupted into the sky above. The energy bolts merely bounced back into their originator's outstretched grasp.

Azula said, "So, you think you can just redirect my lightning at me?"

Ozai said, "Well, I have a lesson for you, little boy."

Aang asked, "What do you mean?"

Ozai said, "Lightning is a pure expression of firebending, without aggression. It is not fueled by rage or emotion the way other firebending is. Some call lightning the cold-blooded fire."

Azula said, " Therefore, Sozin's Comet has no effect on lightning. When Sozin's Comet is upon us, it endows all firebenders with the strength and power of a hundred suns. And a hundred suns can withstand a petty blow of feeble lightning."

Aang drops his arms and shakes his head.

Ozai said, "With the energy harnessed from that comet, no one will be able to stop the Fire Nation and I have all the power in the world!"

And so he did, demonstrating his statement by erupting torrents of fire from his mouth and hands.

"No! No! What am I going to do now?" Aang screamed to Ozai.'

Ozai moves forward, smiles, spins around, and kicks a blast of fire at Aang. Aang quickly raises a stone wall in front of him to block the attack, but the fire blasts through. Aang is blown off the rock and falls down to the shallow water below. Aang tilts himself upright and bends the water up so that it catches him and softens the impact. A large wave is bent as the water falls down, carrying Aang with it. Aang stands up and looked upward to see Ozai flying down at him and rocketing forward.

In their airship, Sokka saw everything outside through a spy-glass.

"Shouldn't we be helping?" Suki asked to her partner.

"The Fire Lord is Aang's fight. We need to stay focused on stopping this fleet from burning down the Northern Water Tribe." Sokka answered wisely, turning the wheel to the airships.

"And just how do we do that, Captain Boomerang. I can't see outside this floating hunk of metal." Toph mumbled.

Sokka exclaimed "Airship slice!"

Suki raised her eyebrow at Sokka.

Zuko said, "Uh oh."

Katara said, "This is bad."

Azula grinned her sadistic smile.

"You never paid attention in school, did you, Zuzu? And I said it before. You'd never catch up."

Azula began to laugh maniacally and she rushed at her brother and Katara.

The rogue airship ascends. Sokka at the wheel pulls some levers at the helm. The airship continues to gain altitude Sokka spins the wheel to his left. The airship banks towards the left end of the airship fleet behind it. The airship turns left and flies. Sokka spins the wheel back around inside the cabin as the rogue airship comes to faces the side of the airship fleet.

([{Watch the episode until Sokka and Suki share a quick kiss before following Toph to the top of the airship.}])

Ozai flew downward, straightened the angle of his flight, and rocketed over the water bellow. Aang turned away and bent the water to propel himself on it and towards the shore. Aang reached the shore, stumbled forward, and fell. Just as Ozai reached him, Aang bends a small thick sphere of rocks around himself. Ozai hovered just over Aang, laughing at Aang's cowardice. Aang closes his eyes and concentrates, bracing himself.

Ozai said, "You're weak. Just like the rest of your people. They did not deserve to exist in this world in my world. Prepare to join them. Prepare to die."

He approaches the earth shield. He smashes both his fists into the ball, releasing a powerful blast of fire on impact. Aang is still deep in concentration, still holding his energy bolts in either hand, as pebbles fall around him and as the stone cocoon shakes.

He exclaimed in excitement, "In the Avatar State the glow is the combination of all my past lives, focusing their energy through my body. Well, now that I can bend this energy, it's still my own. Ozai's too strong. I need more energy."

The fire of Ozai's attack blasts downward and rises in a bright orange cloud. Ozai jumps several pillar back and lands. Ozai charges forward and thrusts both fists, releasing a blast of fire towards Aang's earth ball.

The rogue airship begins to descend and then proceeds to plough into the other airships one after the other, causing them to crash.

([{Watch the episode until Sokka covered Toph with his body to shield her from the falling debris.}])

Ozai sends a straight fire blast towards the ball. Aang widens his eyes in realization inside the shield outside which tiny rock pieces fall on impact with Ozai's blasts.

"What about animal or spiritual energy? Hmm. The Lion Turtle already gave me his energy. Ran and Shaw won't understand me. That leaves three donations of spiritual energy plus Guru Pathik." Aang asked. "Hei Bai! Yue, La! Pathik!"

Pathik said, "Aang, where are you?" The koi fish continued swimming in the North Pole. Hei Bai heard Aang's cry in the Spirit World.

"I need your energy, all of you. Just a part of it." Aang ordered, requesting to them all.

No questions were asked as Aang's wish was fulfilled. Aang felt the power he had been granted with. Closing his eyes, he inhaled and entered the Avatar State.

Ozai sends a strong continuous stream of fire towards the rock ball.

"Come on out, Avatar. You can't hide in there forever." Ozai called him, continues to firebend the rock.

A fourth stone platform holding the Old Masters joined the other three platforms. Iroh smiled at the arrival.

The four old men clambered aboard the center platform.

Bumi said, "Well, we are here, General Iroh."

Piandao said, "Your nephew sends you his regards."

The four old masters bowed to their Grand Lotus. Iroh bowed back.

Jeong Jeong said, "You do realize that while we are all great masters here, the firebenders are unstoppable. There are so many of them. Even though one of us is worth a hundred of them, there aren't enough of us to stop them before they burn the city to the ground."

Bumi said, "We must have taken down at least a dozen warships and three dozen battle tanks. And they're still firing at the city. If they're not stopped, they'll succeed in burning it down."

An expression of sadness came to Iroh's face.

"You are right. It's Lu Ten all over again."

Pakku said, "No, it's not. We can't give up."

Piandao said, "Pakku's right. As long as we fight, we still have hope."

Iroh said, "The armies of the Fire Nation may be clearly outmatched, but we are clearly outnumbered."

He started to cry just as he had when he mourned Lu Ten during The Tales of Ba Sing Se.

Bumi and Pakku put their arms around him in consolation.

Ozai sends a curved fireball with his left hand, a straight blast, and then two curved blast towards Aang's shield with both hands. The impact lifts the rock ball off the ground. Another fire blast hits the shield, sending it back. Ozai flies up and heads towards the ball, bending fire along the way. He lands and sends a torrent of flames several feet tall at the ball.

Aang cringes inside the ball.

He said, "But, I can't make the same mistake I did with Azula in Ba Sing Se. I gotta let Ozai make the first move. Then take him by surprise."

Fire bomb

Ozai smiles evilly. Ozai jumps backwards and raises his arm up, igniting a small ball of fire in his palm. Ozai runs, jumps, and throws the fire at the ball.

Aang's earth shield falls apart. Various parts of the ball crumble away. Aang bends a small shield of air around him.

Ozai walks towards a pile of steaming rocks.

"Come on out, little boy. You're about to be..." Ozai screamed, laughs at him.

Before he could finish his sentence, a glowing arm stuck out from the pile and grabbed Ozai's goatee. The glowing arm belonged to Aang whose head with glowing eyes and tattoos looked up menacingly from under the pile.

Fade to white.

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