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Sozin's Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King
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At dusk, Aang practiced in front of the beach house with Sokka, Toph, and Suki resting on steps. Aang bent fire in arcs with his arms, right leg followed by his left leg. He bends a fiery flurry of small shot and circles rapidly with his arms. Zuko looked sternly at Aang's training with his arms crossed.

Zuko shouted "More ferocious!"

([{Watch the episode until Zuko nods his head in approval.}])

Katara walked in with a long scroll in her hands.

Toph shouted, "I knew it. You did have a secret thing with Haru!"

Katara said, "Er, no. I was looking for cooking pots in the attic and I found this."

She threw the scorll downwards, unrolling it. The picture depicted Ozai as a baby.

Baby Ozai

"Look at baby Zuko! Isn't he cute?"

Katara cooes as everyone gushes and laughs. Zuko's eyes were closed.

Katara said, "Oh, lighten up. I was just teasing."

Zuko said, "That's not me. It's my father."

Katara rapidly rolled the scroll.

Suki said, "But he looked so sweet and innocent."

Zuko said, "Well, that sweet little kid grew up to be a monster and the worst father in the history of fathers."

Katara shouted "Who wants watermelon juice."

Watermelon juice

([{Watch the episode until Zuko's stream of fire cuts the sand sculpture of Appa in half.}])

Aang lands a distance away from Zuko. Katara surfed back to shore.

She asked, "What happened?"

Sokka said, "Zuko's gone crazy. I made a sand sculpture of Suki and he destroyed it! And he attacked Aang!"

The others come behind Zuko.

Zuko asked 'What's wrong with me? What's wrong with all of you?"

He threw his arms to the side in anger as he said, "How can you sit around having beach parties when Sozin's Comet is only 3 days away?"

The rest of the group has guilty looks on their faces.

Zuko asked, "Why are you looking at me like I'm crazy?"

Aang said, "About Sozin's Comet. I was actually going to wait to fight the Fire Lord after it came.

Zuko said, "After."

Aang said, "I'm not ready. I need more time to master firebending."

Toph said, "And frankly, your earthbending could use some work too."

Zuko said, " all knew Aang was going to wait."

Katara said, "The whole point of fighting Ozai before the comet was to stop the Fire Nation from winning the war. But they pretty much won the war when they took Ba Sing Se. Things can't get any worse."

Zuko said, "Actually, you're all forgetting about the Water Tribe. As long as the Water Tribe stands, the Fire Nation still hasn't won the war. And even with the Earth Kingdom fallen, it's about to get worse than you can imagine."

([{Watch the episode until Zuko is fully prepared to enter Ozai's throne room.}])

Zuko entered the throne room.

Ozai said, "Welcome, Prince Zuko. We waited for you."

Zuko bowed before his father and took his seat to the right of Ozai's throne.

Zuko and Ozai

Ozai said, "General Shinu, you report."

Shinu said, "Thank you, Sir. Ba Sing Se is still under our control. However; earthbender rebellions and the loss of the North Pole has prevented us from claiming victory in this War."

Ozai said, "What is your recommendation, General."

Shinu said, "Our army is spread too thin, but once the eclipse is over and the invasion defeated, we should transfer more domestic forces into the Earth Kingdom."

Ozai said, "Hmm, Prince Zuko. You've had experience with the Water Tribe landscape when you were trying to capture the Avatar. Do you think that hammering away at their frozen tundra will break the defenses of their Northern city?"

Zuko said, "The people of the Water Tribe are proud and strong. They can endure anything as long as they have hope."

Ozai said, "'re right. We need to destroy their hope."

Zuko said, "Well...that's not exactly what I..."

Azula said, "I think you should take all their precious hope, along with the rest of their icy fortress, and burn it all to the bottom of the Ocean."

Ozai said, "'re right, Azula."

Ozai rose from his throne and spoke his mind. "Sozin's Comet is almost upon us and on that day it will endow us with the strength and power of a hundred suns. No bender will stand a chance against us, as the waterbenders did during the full moon when we besieged them and as the earthbenders do now as they rebel against us."

Close-up of Ozai

Shinu said, "What are you suggesting, Sir?"

Ozai said, "When the comet last came, my grandfather, Fire Lord Sozin used it to wipe out the Air Nomads. Now I will use its power to end the Northern Water Tribe and the southern Earth Kingdom permanently. From our airships, we will rain fire over their land and all the western Earth Kingdom territory that lies between them and us. From our ground and naval units, we will rain fire over all the northeastern Earth Kingdom that we have occupied. A fire that will destroy the last of their bending civilization. And from the ashes a new world will be born, where all the lands are Fire Nation and in which I am the supreme ruler of everything."

Shinu cheered triumphantly along with his fellow generals and admirals. Azula smiled likewise. Ozai grinned sadistically. Zuko looked horrified.

([{Watch the episode until Aang says that the situation he was facing is really, really bad.}])

Zuko said, "Wait, I have another idea."

He walks to the front of the group and faces them.

"There's only one other person in this world who can help us face the Fire Lord. It's been a long day. Let's camp and start our search first thing in the morning." In the Fire Nation capital, the Fire Lord's palanquin was borne towards the docking bay. Its passenger grinned his characteristic evil expression.

As Ozai's palanquin approached its destination, it was followed by a second one. Its passenger was irritated and annoyed.

She shouted at her bearers "Come on, slowpoakes. Faster."

The palanquin bearers quickened their pace.

She told him, "Sorry I'm late, Father. Good palanquin bearers are so hard to come by these days."

She rose to her feet.

"Why did you summon me here?"

Ozai said, "Because there's been a change of plans, Azula."

Azula said, "What?"

Ozai said, "While the throne is still mine to sit upon I have decided to declare you the new Fire Lord. For your loyalty you will assume the title, wear the crown, and secure the authority."

Azula said, "Fire Lord Azula. That does seem appropriate. But, what about you?"

He continued "Fire Lord Ozai is no more. Just as the world will be reborn in fire, I will be reborn as the Supreme Ruler of the world."

Two palace servants dressed Ozai in golden armour carved in the likeness of a phoenix.

"From this moment on I will be known as..."

Two more servants placed a helmet shaped like the head of a phoenix on Ozai's head.

"...the Phoenix King."

The citizens of the city bowed before the Supreme Ruler of their world. The Phoenix King banners and flags were held high in front of the Fire Nation flags.

Phoenix King Ozai coronation

Ozai glared at his subjects from his Phoenix King helmet.

At night, Aang sat on the balcony of his bedroom. A table was in front of him. Four candles and some offerings consisting of bread, water, and fruit were on a tray were on top of the table. Aang meditated. Momo glides and tries to get Aang's attention by touching his lap.

Aang asked, "Hey, Momo. I don't suppose you know what I should do. I didn't think so."

Momo lies on his side while Aang returns to meditating.

White birds flew above the house. Aang suddenly opens his eyes and sits up. He looked up ahead slightly startled. A huge forested island had mysteriously appeared near the edge of the shore.

Momo landed on Aang's shoulder with a purr. Aang jumped outside and landed on top of the tallest tree. Momo landed on Aang's shoulder.

Aang stood up, walked over the table, and climbed over the balcony railing. Momo is awakened and looks at his master. He jumps to the railing before flying off.

The mysterious forested island seemed to be increasing in size.

Aang said, "Wait, is it just me or is that island getting bigger?"

He walks briskly on the path to the ocean as Momo circles around him in the air. Aang and Momo reached the edge of the shore.

Aang realized it as he said, "It's not getting larger, it's getting closer. The whole island is moving."

Aang jumps underwater and dives in. He stops in front of the closed eyelid. Aang looks around warily. The eyelid opens behind him and Aang spins around to face the eye. A surprised Aang is lifted upwards by the creature's claw and struggles against the water pressure.

A brownish head emerged at the edge of the shore followed by a claw upon which Aang stood, both belonging to a giant Lion Turtle on whose shell grew an undergrowth of trees that formed the likeness of an island.

Aang with Lion Turtle

Aang said, "A Lion turtle."

Aang bows before the Lion Turtle.

Aang said, "Welcome to Ember Island. It is an honor to meet you. Why did you come here? What is this all about?"

The Lion Turtle merely replied, "The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed. Since beginningless time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light."

On his last word the Lion Turtle touched Aang's forehead and chest with two of its claws. Shining green light emitted from the touch as comprehension dawned on Aang's face.

Aang and Lion Turtle

The Lion turtle deposited Aang at the edge of Ember Island. Momo flies in and lands on Aang's shoulder.

The ancient creature told him "Here is my wisdom for you. Use it well."

Aang bowed in reverence again. The Lion turtle backed away from the coastline and into the beginningless time from whence it came.

Aang jumped out of sight.

Cut to commercial.

Inside the Royal Palace, Azula was being washed and cleaned by her servants for her coronation as Fire Lord.

Azula's servants

The story extends to the following events in the Fire Nation Royal Palace of the second successive episode, until when Azula tells her servants that she will not have her first day as Fire Lord marked by poor foot hygiene.

The next morning, everyone is gathered around Appa in the courtyard.

Sokka said, "Okay, that's everything."

Aang said, "Then, let's go."

The kids and Momo mounted upon Appa. Zuko sat on his head, while the other five heroes and Momo watched him from the saddle.

Zuko said, "Appa, Yip-yip!"

Appa took off into the air and soared though the sky away from Ember Island. He flew swiftly over the ocean towards some light clouds.

Aang said, "Zuko, I don't want to tell you how to do your job but why are we heading towards the Earth Kingdom? There's no way Iroh's there."

Zuko looked back at Aang and said, "Just trust me."

Appa picks up the pace and soars into the horizon, growling.

Fire Lord Azula lay on the steps of her father's throne. Her Dai Li agents entered the Phoenix King's royal chamber.

The leader of the Dai Li said, "You sent for us, Princess. Is everything alright?"

The story extends to the following events in the Fire Nation Royal Palace of the second successive episode, until Azula tells the Dai Li to send in the next group on their way out.

Team Avatar walks towards the door of the Earth Kingdom tavern. They opened it. Dancing music from The Headband was playing.


Aang said, "And the reason you brought us to a seedy Earth Kingdom tavern is what now?'

He raised his arm and pointed at his subject as he said, "June."

She was sitting dismissively and sipping her tea as some patrons gasped in shock and stared at her.

Sokka said, "oh yeah, that weird bounty hinter with the giant mole."

Suki said, "mole? Her skin is flawless.

Katara said, "No, she has this giant mole creature she rides around on."

Zuko said, "Her shirshu. It's the only animal that can track Aang's scent anywhere in the world. It's the one shot we have of finding him."

([{Watch the episode until Toph says that he likes June.}])

The story extends to the events in the Earth Kingdom tavern, until when June asks Zuko what he wants.

Zuko said, "I need your help finding my uncle."

June said, "That doesn't sound like fun."

The story extends to the events in the Earth Kingdom tavern, until when June says, "Careful there" to Nyla.

"Okay," said June as she gestured to Zuko. "You got something with your uncle's scent on it?"

Zuko lifts up Iroh's sandal. There are some flies buzzing around it. Katara, Suki, and Sokka pinch their noses and flinch from the stench.

Aang asked, "You saved your uncle's sweaty sandal."

Toph said, "I think it's kind of sweet."

The story extends to the journey to the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se, until when Zuko says, "We're going to Ba Sing Se."

Nyla scratched the rubble. Nyla stopped scratching the rubble and scurried down the rocky path inside Ba Sing Se. Appa flew after her.

Nyla scurried inside a campsite with sheltered tents everywhere surrounded by the inner wall of Ba Sing Se.

June said, "Your uncle can't be far."

Nyla twitched consistently in the direction of Iroh's tent and turned away.

Zuko asked, "Where is he?"

June said, "Nyla's getting twitchy so he's in there. Good luck."

June pulled her reins and Nyla ran out of sight.

Zuko approached Iroh's tent.

Zuko fell to his knees.

Katara approached him.

The story extends to the following events in the campsite of the next episode, until Zuko smiles affectionately at Iroh.

Azula waited in her throne room. Lo and Li entered.

They said to the Fire Lord "Azula, we heard what happened. Why have you banished all your servants, or your Dai Li agents, and the Imperial Firebenders?"

The story extends to the following events in the Fire Nation Royal Palace of the second successive episode, until Lo and Li express their confusion at which one of them was banished.

Cut to commercial.

The next morning at the Order of the White Lotus's campsite, Zuko was still sitting beside his snoring uncle in the latter's tent. Iroh stopped snoring and started to get up.

The story extends to the following events in the campsite of the next episode, until Zuko smiles affectionately at Iroh.

Bereft of the servants she had banished, Azula prepared herself for her coronation by herself. She tied her hair into its usual topknot. To her visible irritation, one hair was out of place.

The story extends to the following events in the Fire Nation Royal Palace of the second successive episode, until Azula breaks down in grief in front of her broken mirror.

In the campsite, Team Avatar and Iroh were gathered around a campfire breakfasting on noodles.

Zuko said, "Uncle, you're the only person other than Avatar who can possibly defeat the Father Lord."

Toph said, "You mean the Fire Lord."

Zuko said, "That's what I jus said."

Iroh said, "Hmm"."

Iroh said, "No, Zuko. It won't turn out well."

Zuko said, "You can beat him and we'll be there to help."

Iroh said, "Even if I did defeat Ozai and I don't know if I could, it would be the wrong way to end the War. History will only remember it as more senseless violence – a brother killing a brother to grab power. The only way for this war to end peacefully is for the Avatar to defeat the Fire Lord."

Aang said, "Fighting the Fire Lord before the comet comes is going to be hardest thing I've done, but I guess I can't have it any other way."

Iroh said, "When I was a boy, I had a vision that I would one day take Ba Sing Se. Only now do I realize that it is my destiny to take it back from the Fire Nation so the Earth King can set his people free again."

Suki said, "That's why you gathered the members of the White Lotus."

Iroh said, "That's right."

Zuko asked his uncle, "And then will you come back and assume the throne."

Iroh said, "No, someone new must ascend the throne. An idealist with a pure heart and unquestionable honor. Someone who is the rightful heir to Ozai. It must be you, Prince Zuko."

Zuko said, "Unquestionable honor? But, I've made so many mistakes."

Aang said, "Yes, you have."

Katara said, "You've struggled."

Sokka said, "You've suffered."

Toph said, "But, you've always followed your own path."

Suki said, "You've restored your own honor."

Iroh said, "And only you can restore the honor of the Fire Nation."."

Zuko said, "I'll try, Uncle."

Iroh smiled proudly.

Later that day, Zuko and Iroh stood in front of Aang. Their four companions and Momo sat at the side spectating.

Zuko said, "There's one technique you need to know before facing my father. How to redirect lightning?"

([{Watch the episode until Katara says that she had used up all the spirit water after Azula shot Aang, except that Iroh is present.}])

Aang said, "Oh."

Iroh and his White Lotus forces were assembled outside their tents to say goodbye as his nephew and their friends made ready to depart on Appa.

Zuko asked his uncle "So, if I'm going to Fire Lord after the war's over, what are you going to do?"

Iroh replied, "After I reconquer Ba Sing Se, I will reconquer my teashop. And I will play Pai Sho everyday."

Aang said, "Goodbye, General Iroh."

Iroh said, "Goodbye, everyone. Today, destiny is our friend. I know it."

Appa slams his tail on the ground and flies off. Iroh and the old men waved goodbye as Appa soared away.

As Appa flew, Sokka spoke in the background "In order to take out the Fire Lord, our timing has to be perfect. First, Suki, Toph, and I will draw his fire. Then, Katara and Zuko charge in with some liqudy hot offence and while the Fire Lord is distracted, Aang swoops in."

Phoenix King Ozai was sitting on his throne. Everything was the same, except for the sitter's uniform. Before him knelt his daughter.

Azula said, "Father, Zuko and the Avatar are in the city. They're trying to stop you."

Ozai said, "You take care of Zuko. I shall face the Avatar myself."

In front of the Royal Plaza, Phoenix King Ozai looked over at the defeated but rebellious world outside the Fire Nation capital. Everywhere, there were Fire Nation soldiers.

Zuko and Katara are behind some buildings. Zuko turns his head. Aang appears out from behind another hiding spot with Appa and Momo in tow. Suki, Toph, and Sokka peered out of their own hiding places.

Momo chirped on Appa's head.

Aang said, "Appa, Momo. Time for you guys to go."

Appa leapt off the ground and soared into the sky.

The sight of the giant sky bison caught the attention of the Phoenix King and his forces.

Sokka signals with his arm to go. Team Avatar made their way towards the royal palace except for Aang who stays put. Sokka, Toph, and Suki drew the Imperial Firebenders away from the palace. Katara and Zuko charged in with some liquidy hot offence.

Aang closes his eyes and concentrates, remembering his conversation with the Lion Turtle.

Lion Turtle and Aang

The Lion Turtle had said, "In the era before the Avatar, we bent not the elements but the energy within ourselves."

When its claw had touched Aang's forehead and chest from which green light emitted, the green light shadowed the Lion Turtle's eye. A bright glowing light had shone around the Lion Turtle's head and Aang's body. Back in the present, Aang widens his eyes in realization.

"My seventh chakra. It's unlocked. The Lion Turtle bent my energy. And he reconnected it to the cosmic energy. I can go back into the Avatar State. What's better? I can move and out of it at will." he cheered.

Sokka, Toph, and Suki ran before the army of Fire Nation soldiers charge at them. Sokka swung his sword to and fro, cutting down the enemy. Toph bent earth, metal, and sand wherever she felt, disabling the royal guards. Suki used her acrobatics against her bending adversaries, taking them down from above.

The trio continues to run before more Fire Nation soldiers come to stop them. Sokka cuts them down with swings and slashes of his sword. Toph bent heavy chunks of earth at them, knocking them out. Suki strikes them down with her martial arts. Suki cartwheels over a firebender.

Aang said, "I won't be able to waterbend over here. Katara said that there's water in places you never even think about and that you can even pull water of thin air. I guess I'll be able to do that in the Avatar State."

More Fire Nation soldiers bend fire at Zuko and Katara who dodge it. Katara bent water wherever she saw, freezing the soldiers immobile. Zuko bent fire in every direction at the enemy, striking them down with each flaming blow. Zuko and Katara run as a ring of Fire soldiers surround them. They fight them back with bending moves of fire and water, knocking the enemy down.

Sokka ran with his sword in his hand. Fire blasts were sent over his head continuously as he fought back.

He shouted "Now, Aang!"

He closes his eyes again and breathes deeply. He bent giant sections of the earth beneath him towards the flanks of flaming pillars. The chunks of rock whistle past Ozai, which catches his notice. The last few pieces of rock strike the dual pillars.

Smoke drifts from the smashed pillars. They collapse and crumble down into ruins. Ozai looks forward to see Aang.

Aang bent a huge fire blast at the large maroon banner, burning it to ashes. Aang turned to the side toward Ozai, facing him for the first time. Ozai stared at Aang with surprise. Aang faced Ozai, lowering his bending stance. Ozai dressed himself into his Agni Kai attire. He leapt off from where he stood, bending a fire from either hand as he flew away from the Royal Palace.

Ozai landed in front of Aang.

Aang and Ozai moved in to face each other.

"After generations of Fire Lords failed to find you, now the universe delivers you to me, the Phoenix King in an act of providence." Ozai introduced himself, starts to firebend the Avatar."

Aang said, "Yeah and now you're going down!"

Ozai said, "Actually, it you who are going down. You see, you are already too late." Sozin's Comet was upon the world. Aang saw the red and orange glow shining down from above and turned to look at the sky high above the plane.

Ozai said, "It's time for this world to end in fire and for a new world to be born from the ashes."

He was right. The comet had come. It fiery glare engulfed the atmosphere as it soared in the sky, signaling the end of the earth and the birth of the Phoenix King's new world.


Ozai was calm as the glow of the comet shone on him. Aang turned his head forward. The shine of Sozin's Comet shone brightly behind his bald scalp.

Fade to white.

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