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Northern Water Tribe
Water Tribe
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The Southern Prince

The Home of Mian, the Southern Water Tribe has greatly recuperated from the 100-year war. They are now a stable tribe, with a strong government.


The Southern Water Tribe has recuperated in the 80-year time difference between the original series. Many, northern tribesmen came down here and now the tribe is full of water benders, and warriors. Chief Hakoda and Sokka, the former leaders of the tribe began a detailed process for recuperation.

First, many new buildings were created several miles outside of the current town. They were based of their northern cousins.
Second, trade was to begin with all nations, to improve the economy.
Third, a stable armed forces were to be maintained.

The effects are shown, due to the very modern malls and locations. Several mentioned are The Grand Ocean Mall and Lady Katara's.[1]


A more stable government was established, after the war. This government is like its northern cousin a chiefdom. Their children are there heirs, but female may become a chief unlike their northern brethren. The heir is now called a prince or princess.

Recent History

As of recently, they have been involved in a war with The Phoenix Islands. Chief Mizurai's two sons Mizu and Mian are both helping the war effort. Mizu is helping command the forces, and the nation recuperate. While Mian, the current Avatar, is infiltrating enemy boundaries.

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