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Southern Water Tribe
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South Pole

The Southern Water Tribe is home to the new Avatars Kwato and Kwata. Other significant residents are Hiroshima, Spirit Councilors, and Tori.


The Southern Water Tribe has suffered from many attacks by both the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom (although the Earth Kingdom attacks are far less frequent due to the Water Tribe's severe lack of earth) in past few decades. This is also the last place anyone saw the previous Avatar and his wife.

Fourteen years ago (Book 1 time) the birth of twin Waterbenders (Kwato and Kwata) took place here, who 14 years later are revealed to be the next Avatar. Seven years earlier than the Avatars' revealing, the Fire Nation unleashed a significant attack on the Southern Water Tribe.

This attack led to the introduction of Hiroshima, the murder of the twins parents, and Kwata's blinding. After this attack it is unlikely that the Fire Nation launched any more for the next 7 years. The day the twins are acknowledged as the Avatar, Kwata runs away where she discovers the legendary flying beast of the village. After being found by her searching brother and guardian the four of them return to their town. Although the village is under attack once again by the fire navy. The team is able to overpower them when Kwata enters the Avatar State. The town apparently gets rebuilt after this.


The only significant locations of the city that are known to us are:

  • Kwato, Kwata, and Hiroshima's house.
  • The Spirit Councilor's Spirit Oasis.


Traditions of the Southern Water Tribe are:

  • Ice dodging: Which Kwato successfully completed earning him the mark of the brave (although the mark is slightly different from the one appearing in the television series).
  • Story telling: The only known story to ever been told is the one featuring Tori, the legendary flying beast that roams the outer limits of their village and destroying large pieces of the village and even houses. This story was thought to be a myth but was proven true in chapter 2 The Beast.

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