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House in Hama's village
Soul Grove
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Ep.3: Breaking Chains

The Soul Grove is an area of the Spirit World where human souls of those who were sinful are brought to, as a sort of judgment area before the spirits themselves decide where they go. The types of souls and the types of punishments brought onto them vary depending on those remaining, as some souls stay there for years on end as punishment alone. Despite the name, the area is built more like a small village during the Hundred Year War rather than an actual grove, with life barely able to be grasped within it. If a soul is successfully brought back to the real world from the grove, they'll come back to life.


The grove itself was made during Raava's reign, an area that was assigned by Raava herself to the reaper, Tzumok, as an area used for centuries for those who'd sinned. Hundreds of years, many sinful human souls had come and gone from the area. Eventually, Vintana arrived into the Grove to retrieve the souls of Korra's past enemies, including the Red Lotus. The first visit she'd gotten Amon and Unalaq out, while her second visit got P'Li, Ghazan, and Ming-Hua free. During these, Caesar managed to escape as well.

Known inhabitants

  • Caesar
  • Tzumok
  • Ming-Hua (former)
  • Ghazan (former)
  • P'Li (former)
  • Amon
  • Unalaq

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