By Kentl Part of the Darkest Light continuity.
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Fire Nation

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  • Fire Sage
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Soul grew up in a very powerful Fire Nation family, rather than live that life he ran away and joined the Fire Nation army as a "farm boy". Many years passed and he grew in rank. He met Prince Zoki when Zoki took over command of his team to invade a group of rebels who had kidnapped a Fire Nation leader's daughter. They bonded and became close friends. Being on the battle field made him mature faster than most and by his late twenties, he was consider to be a wise man. When he enter his thirties, he became tired of the army and tired of fighting. He used his friendship with the prince to gain entrance in to the Fire Sages, form which he raised to the high power once Prince Zuki was Fire Lord.


Soul is a very powerful firebender. His army career let him learn form all over the world. At an early age, he showed the signs of an elder and, due to his ability and wisdom, he was promoted over and over again, gathering many friends and enemies. His years as a Fire Sage have molded him into a thinker. He is very smart and prefers to use brains over bronze. However, he can hold his own against almost anyone.


Soul is a wise and powerful person. his years in the army gave him knowledge form all over the world and the Fire Sages catacombs gave him the knowledge of the true past of the Fire Nation. He uses his knowledge to get out of problems, but will use force to do what's right. His temper is controlled so well that man say he has no anger in him.

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