Sorrowful Days Part 2
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Lego lord


Lego lord

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May 2 2011

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Sorrowful Days Part 2 is the second part to the prologue chapter of Forever Entrapped. Comments will be much appreciated!

Plot and script

As Jidane gasped in terror, the shriek noise raised into his thoughts, and blinded it. His mind was paralyzed. He could scarcely move a bone. Lei fled into his dark cave, waiting for Jidane to enter after this state of confusion. Jidane unhurriedly clanged his cold hands onto an unruffled rock from a pile surrounding the undimmed meadow that his body was resting softly on. He grasped the rock into his arms, not noticing what he was doing, while the shriek sound of Lei was trampling his mind. Rushing tears dripped from his glistening eye passing his cold cheek, falling down on his rough chin. He wanted to conceive of what was happening outside of the Spirit World, in the real world... but how could he vision it? His mind was far too focused on the shrieking vibration. He cried out in terror,

"I can no longer live in the physical humanity... I am determined to stay here... forever... I can not bear with my toured life...! With the pain... I can't stay in the stance of being the Avatar...! I never wanted to be the Avatar...! Why couldn't I have a choice...?"

Jidane gradually picked himself off from the ground, adequately starting to fall down again with his twisted leg position, but he still managed to stand on his rough feet. He walked, and walked toward the cave looking for Lei, but he couldn't see what was going on inside of there; it was too murky, all he could do was catch the faint sounds from his cold ears. He heard the footsteps of Lei. Moistened dust flew up on Lei's legs, and the shriek noise broadened ever so much, Jidane had to fall back onto the muddy ground. A loud shriek scream was heard from a distance.

"Errgghh!" he was hearing, and the sounds of footsteps following him. Lei shrilly spoke, "If you can't let go of your fears... you will fall into oblivion... rid me of your insanity..."

Jidane questioned Lei,

"Who... are you? What is your purpose?"

The shriek appeared again, and it stroke his mind into a temporary paralysis. Lei paused, and then gradually replied

"I am merely a spirit... and my purpose is to heal and enforce the corrupt..."

"...What... is... happening...?"

Jidane spoke softly so it wouldn't fracture his mind, he already had the shriek sounds passing his thoughts. Lei acknowledged Jidane,

"...In the real world...? Your body has been eliminated by the anti-benders... you will be forever entrapped here... there's no turning back..."

Jidane opened up his eyes widely, and fainted back asleep. Lei gazed his glowing eyes upon Jidane, covering a large gray shadow over Jidane.

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