Sorrowful Days
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April 27 2011

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Sorrowful Days Part 2

Sorrowful Days Part 1 is the first part to the prologue chapter of Forever Entrapped.

Plot and script

The scene begins as Jidane, a young thirteen-year-old boy was at his family's house; his father was gone, he was left with his mother. There was a loud knock on the door, who was it? Niang looked out from the murky window, but couldn't see who it was; all that was seen was a dark figure. She rubbed the window with her sleeve, and widened her eyes as she gazed upon the figure. Who was this?

Niaang turned to her left and commanded, "Jidane, go up to your bedroom..."

"Who's back there?"

"I don't know..." she yelled, "Go to your bedroom, keep yourself safe, there's a man here, it's a foreigner."

Niang opened up the creaky door as Jidane gradually climbed up the flight of stairs, leading to his bedroom. He closed his door. When the door was opened, she saw who it was. An Anti-Bender.

"Who are you?"

The man began to walk inside the house, knocking down paintings and throwing glasses to the hard ground.

"Who are you?!"

The man turned his head as she gazed her eyes upon a lavender tattoo on his neck; a tattoo of a symbol of demons.

"Where are you hiding the boy, lady?"

Jidane was in his bedroom's closet; he could faintly hear the shriek noises of breaking glasses and yelling.

"I'm not hiding anyone... I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't give me that!" the man yelled as he knocked her against the wall, "Where are you hiding him?!"

Her throat was caught in the man's hands, preventing her to speak, unless gradually, "...I'm... not... hiding anyone here... what... are... you talking about?"

"The boy lady! You know who I'm talking about! The Earthbending boy!"

"There... isn't any boy here... I'm an Earthbender... take me into custody."

"I'm afraid that we people do not take any prisoners, lady."

Niang widened her eyes and fell into paralysis, slumping to the floor after the man let go of her neck. He dragged her body out of the house, and against the rough sand outside, as it created a long trail of bitter blood, and then threw her against the back of the creaky wagon. She was scabbed, scared, bruised, and covered in cold blood; she was to die in only a few minutes. The cruel man was off on his merry way; there was of now why finding her now.

The scene dips-to-black as the scene pans toward Jidane as an adult, who waked up from this nightmare of his past. He opened his eyes gradually, only to close them again, and then open them very quickly, as noticing a faint scream. Suddenly, the shriek scream shivered into Jidane's mind, so he scurried into a nearby cave to hide, but in there, the shriek scream broadened as he gained near a living being; a spirit in fact, but he could not see it. He slightly perceived a beastly being of some sort. The shriek noise enlarged in his thoughts; so shriek that it made him faint to the floor in terror.

"Who are you?!"

The shriek sound compelled him into insanity, as he covered his red ears; his body felt brisk, yet burning as well at the same time. The form was indeed a spirit, he could tell.

It spoke shrilly, "Lei..."

The pain couldn't stop, he couldn't run away, he was paralyzed, but he could still hear the voice of this spirit. Jidane yelled in terror, thin sweat glands poured out of his thin skin that was whipping slightly, and he covered his burning red ears with his shaking hands. His pupils enlarged in his eyes, and shimmered rapidly. With his cramped breath, he spoke unhurriedly,

"What... do... you want?!"

The spirit, Lei replied, "I have howled you over here to speak softly in the dark, where you can not see me. Why do you have such thoughts in your dreams? Do you fear yourself?"

The scene closes up on his rapidly shaking eyes. The scene pans to another memory A girl named Mang that lived at the farm house noticed him one day and her family invited him in their family, they didn't want to see a good friend abandoned. The dream progressed, as Jidane brooded over at least 20 years later after he had met Mang, when he reunited with her after he was determined to be the next Avatar. He then married her, but she was put to death by the hands of Jidane himself accidentally when training. He then ascended from his dream, and in the could air, he stroke his hand calmly against his soft cheek. Lei exclaims shrilly,

"If you do not learn to pass by your emotions, you will fall into oblivion... you are now forever entrapped in the Spirit World... you do not belong on the world anymore..." Jidane gasped in terror.

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