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Fire Nation


Unknown( looks to be in his late 20s')

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Firebending, Ryujin Jakka Style

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Himself, Order of the White Lotus







Soran is an extremely powerful fire bender who never involves himself in world affairs. Soran is famous though many think he has gone into retirement or even died, he is revered as the Red Lion of the West. He rebelled and left the Fire Nation sometime during The War and never stepped foot there since. He is well connected around the world as he is well acquainted with many of the rebellion forces that fought the Fire Nation before the Avatar brought peace to the world. Also he has a good friendship with Iroh, according to Iroh Soran was the most talented Firebender he ever met.



Soran most of the time is a calm person, who believes in never losing one's composure not even in battle. Unlike the misconception on Fire Nation people, Soran is a laid back person who enjoys relaxing and even having adventures of sorts. In battle Soran shows little mercy to his opponents especially of a dark heart, he believes all people are equal bender or not and the type of bender does not matter either. It is his personal ideology that one can shape their own destiny and live their own life as they desire; none can decided for a person but themselves. As a child Soran was very intuitive and clever learning things quickly and mastering them as well, a prodigy to marvel at with out a doubt.


Soran is a Firebender if monstrous power and elite skill, he has mastered all arts concerning Firebending from walls of fire to lightning generation. He is also skilled in many other arts of combat such as stealth, taijutsu, kenjutsu. All his amazing skills are a direct result of hard training and raw talent. A notable thing about Soran is the scale of his fire attacks which of much larger than most fire masters, this is due to the sacred Ryujin Jakka style he mastered during his life.

Ryujin Jakka Style

This style is a Firebending style of yesteryear, it is from hundreds of years ago but after the era of the sun warriors, it is a style that requires much of its' user. Unlike other Firebending when Soran fights with an open palm instead of a closed fist, giving a much greater range and potency of the flames. Fighting with open palms is a basic rudiment of this style, making it a ferocious. Ryujin Jakka can be Japanese for "Old Flaming Dragon", this is evident from the massive attacks this style produces. A major setback to this style are the physical requirements, a person must train their body to their physical limits to use this style- so they can endure the pure potency of the flames and control them.

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