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Earth Kingdom, but with complex ancestry.



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Hair color

Dark Brown

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Weapon of choice

Northern Water Tribe spear

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Sora was born to Suno and Kuma of the Earth Kingdom. Suno was a kind but weak man who was under the control of his harsh wife, Kuma. Kuma was the daughter of Airbenders, but she was born without the gift of bending. Only Airbenders were allowed to learn of the ancient spiritual rituals and teaching, and Kuma was shunned by her own family. She left her home at the Northern Air Temple. Her plan was to raise a family of Airbenders so as to regain her rightful place in the Temples. However, during her time away from her spiritually enlightened brethren, Kuma became cold and greedy. Her husband was but a pawn to get her what she wanted: children with the gift of Airbending. She bore a daughter, Arashi, and two sons, Soyo and Kaze, but none were Airbenders. The children were a disappointment to their mother, and they were forced to grow up in fear of their mother who regularly beat them.

When Kaze, the youngest boy, was seven years old, Kuma conceived again, just before Suno's weak heart and constitution fell prey to a fatal illness. Left to tend three young children on her own, Kuma put much hope in her expected child, anticipating it to be the Airbender she always wanted. Her second daughter, Sora, was born on a late night in Autumn.

Sora was not like her siblings. She was full of life, eager to play and learn. She demonstrated a spiritual morality that was reminiscent of her grandparents. Kuma watched her daughter carefully, waiting for her inevitable Airbending talents to arise. But they never did.

Young Sora

Kuma was a harsh woman who broke Sora with both words and actions.

When Sora turned three, her mother broke her till she was on the same level as her older brothers and sisters. She lived her life in fear and suffered at the hands of her deranged mother, perhaps most out of all Kuma's children. Kuma had come to possess a business of an undertaker in a village in the Eastern Earth Kingdom. Because the older children were hard at work in the granite mines, little Sora was forced to accompany her mother on her trips to see the dying. While Kuma talked over preparations for the funerals with her clients, Sora adapted the habit of comforting the dying as they faded into the next world.

With her childhood spoiled by countless hours among the dead and dying, Sora grew up very quickly. When she turned eleven, Sora stowed away on the back of a cart which took her far to the North. During her travels, she came across a Northern Water Tribe spear which she became accustomed to using for defense. After many months of practice, she had developed her own artistic style of combat. By her natural instinct due to her heritage, Sora's fighting style was a seamless blend of Airbending influence and spearwork. She lived on her own, occasionally staying for a time in a town through which she passed. It seemed wherever she went, she would return to her old duty of comforting the dying, whether she found them on the battlefield or visited them in a town.

Sora always wished to find her siblings again, but she could never locate them. Despairing, she believed them to be dead and gave up. Eventually she became acquainted with the Avatar, a young woman called Kyoshi, and her allies. Among them was the Waterbender Kalos, with whom Sora felt an immediate bond of friendship. However, Sora had many tests ahead of her. Would her weak and broken character bring about her doom and the suffering of her new-found friends? Or would Kalos be able to bring her back?


Sora is of a gentle and rather shy nature. She is a little too easily enthralled with anyone who shows her kindness, due to her harsh upbringing. She is easily manipulated and gullible, which may prove fatal to herself and those she cares about. Sora must learn to be more assertive in more than just her fighting style.

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