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Fire Nation soldier

S.O.S. outfit

The Sons of Sozin, most commonly referred to as The S.O.S., are a militia of master and apprentice Firebenders under the command of Azula. The members believe that Ozai's reign should not have ended and that the Fire Nation is the supreme power.

Their main missions are to kill not only Avatar Aang and his family, but the Fire Nation Royal family. With the next heir being only 13, they must act fast so Azula can take the thrown.


 Since the S.O.S. is strictly Firebender, all of their attacks have some Firebending in them.

-- Fire Punches

-- Fire Kicks

-- Fir Arches

Blazing arches form when the user spins his arm or leg

-- Fire Shields (rare)


 S.O.S. causes have some similarities with Hitler's S.S.

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