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Sons of Ozai
General information

Bujing, Joo Dee, Banhen

Notable members
  • Jin
  • Kato
  • Mongke
  • Chao
  • Mung



Fire Nation Royal Palace




Kill Team Avatar and Jun's team, dominate the world, and restore the Fire Nation to it's former glory.

Formerly known as the Rebels, the Sons of Ozai is a group consisting of Fire Nation rebels who are unsatisfied with the world's current peaceful state and wish to conquer the other nations as well as kill Team Avatar and Jun's team, seeing as how they are the only threats to their conquest.


Bujing (Deceased)

Bujing was the founder of the Sons of Ozai. He quietly gathered all those who opposed Fire Lord Zuko's reign as Fire Lord and declared an official rebellion against the Fire Lord. He successfully lead the Sons of Ozai, then known as the Rebels, through many uproars in the Fire Nation, catching the attention of Fire Lord Zuko and those loyal to him. Eventually, after Team Avatar left Ba Sing Se to pursue Jun, Bujing lead the Rebels to Ba Sing Se where they failed to gain entrance until Joo Dee, who had recently re-assembled the Dai Li, ordered that they be let into the city. Joo Dee and Bujing made a deal saying if they destroyed the city and struck fear into the citizens' hearts, then they would allow her to rule over them as their new Fire Lord. Bujing refused and was killed by Joo Dee's Dai Li agents, thus ending his leadership.

Joo Dee (Deceased)

After Joo Dee disposed of Bujing, she quickly took charge of the Rebels and ordered them to burn down the city of Ba Sing Se. Joo Dee herself concealed herself in the Royal Palace with Rebel guards protecting her at all times. Several weeks later, when Team Avatar returned to Ba Sing Se, they joined up with the recently formed Ba Sing Se Resistance and unsuccessfully stormed the palace. Once they had been captured by the Rebel and Dai Li agents, Joo Dee revealed herself and explained what had happened and how she had taken control. She was then insulted by Katara and upon hearing this, she declared that no one could stop her, right before she was killed by a lightning bolt from Jun. Her body was then disposed of.

Banhen (Deceased)

Following the Rebels' defeat in the Earth Kingdom capital, everyone agreed on having a series of Agni Kais to determine a new leader. Whoever won would automatically gain leadership. After most of the participants had been defeated, only two remained, Banhen and Jin. After a brief fight, Jin ended up stabbing Banhen's eye out with a fire dagger, seemingly defeating him. To Jin's surprise, when she was about to be crowned leader, Banhen blasted her from behind and took the title for himself. This incident gave him his trademark eyepatch and scar. Banhen became the Rebels' greatest leader and quickly took over several Fire Nation towns and villages on his way to the capital. When he and his troops reached Ember Island, he met Team Avatar for the first time and after a brief quarrel, secured Ember Island. He later lead his troops to victory in the Battle for the Fire Nation Capital and was crowned Phoenix King. It was here that he renamed the Rebels, calling the organization the Sons of Ozai. Banhen later sent spies to check on any resistance activity in the Fire Nation and found the Second Invasion Force. Banhen then called all of the Sons of Ozai's highest-ranking officers to discuss tactics on how to defeat the Invasion Force. More Coming Soon...

Notable Members


Jin is the Sons of Ozai's second-in-command. She was also the second member to jon the organization. Jin almost claimed the title of leader for herself but was defeated by Banhen. Jin was present during the Second Liberation of Ba Sing Se, the battle between the Sons of Ozai and Jun's team in the Great Divide, and the Sons of Ozai's encounter with Team Avatar on Ember Island. She also participated in the Battle for the Fire Nation Capital, choosing to pick a fight with Toph. Jin was taken off guard by the blind Earthbender and was almost finished but was saved by Chao. She continued to battle and eventually killed many Fire Nation soldiers. Jin was present during the coronation of Phoenix King Banhen and celebrated all night. She later contemplated on her past and even considered staging a mutiny against Banhen but decided it was best to follow orders. More Coming Soon...


Kato was recruited by Banhen late in the Sons of Ozai's formation. His single objective was to spy on Team Avatar and gain their trust, only to stab them in the back later. Kato traveled with Team Avatar for quite a long time but eventually revealed his true colors during the Liberation of the Fire Nation by stabbing Omar through the back and implaing Pakku through the stomach. He then deserted his devastated 'friends'. More Coming Soon


Mongke was one of the very first people to join the Sons of Ozai. He and the other Rough Rhinos were offered to be in the organization and gladly accepted. After going on patrol on the Si Wong Desert, the Rough Rhinos met Jun and were offered a sum of money to kill Team Avatar. They then set out to find the heroes and eventually did. Mongke fought bravely and ended up being the only member of the Rough Rhinos left alive. He escaped, defected, and joined Jun's team. Mongke travelled with Jun for quite some time but then the team was called for a meeting by Banhen, who was Mongke's best friend since childhood. Banhen tempted Mongke with re-joining, but the former Colonel was unsure of what to do. After much more time on Jun's team, Mongke took part in the Battle for the Fire Nation Capital and ended up joining with Banhen. During his time in the Royal Palace, Mongke attended many war meetings and sparring sessions. More Coming Soon...


Chao was formerly one of Fire Lord Zuko's top-ranking Admirals. He never exhibited traitorous behavior until he was angered by a comment from Sokka, taking it as an insult and then threatening Mai. Chao was stopped by Zuko before he could do anything else. He took part in the Battle for the Fire Nation Capital and revealed his true colors by knocking Toph unconscious as she was about to finish Jin. He continued to battle until the Sons of Ozai had won. He was present at the coronation of Phoenix King Banhen and celebrated along with his friends. During his time in the Fire Nation Royal Palace, Chao attended many war meetings and occasionally sparred with Jin, losing each time. More Coming Soon...


Mung was also one of the first members to join the Sons of Ozai. He took part in many of the uprisings under the leadership of Bujing. Mung was present during all of the Sons of Ozai's battles as well. Mung was the one who suggested a new leader be chosen by having a series of Agni Kais. He won several duels but was defeated by Banhen in one of his duels. Mung later took part in the takeover of Ember Island and the Battle for the Fire Nation Capital. After the Sons of Ozai's victory, Mung was stationed as the Warden of the Boiling Rock and was quickly hated by his latest inmate, Omar. After Omar, Ping, and Ming tried to escape, Mung ordered almost all of the guards stationed in the Boiling Rock to re-incarcerate them. However, their escape attempt was successful and Mung was left embarrassed. More Coming Soon...

Minor Members

Chi Fu

Chi Fu was Zuko's most trusted General. He was the one guy Zuko could count on, but Chi Fu had his own agenda. He secretly supplied the Sons of Ozai with tanks that were used in their invasion of the capital. Eventually, he revealed his deception to Zuko and took a fire dagger to the heart shortly afterwards. Chi Fu told Zuko it did not matter and that Banhen would still win the battle. His final words eventually became true when Banhen successfully took over the Fire Nation.


The former Captain was promoted to Colonel after working his way up the Sons of Ozai's ranks. He suggested to Banhen that he should turn the citizens of the capital on Zuko, a strategy that eventually worked. He took part in the Battle for the Fire Nation Capital along with his comrades.


Shinu was a loyal follower of the Sons of Ozai since the moment he joined. He also participated in the series of Agni Kais but was defeated by Jin. He later participated in the Battle for the Fire Nation Capital and celebrated after the victory.

Rough Rhinos

The remaining Rough Rhinos, Vachir, Ogodei, Kahchi, and Yeh-Lu, joined with Mongke near the beginning. However, they were killed by Team Avatar during the Duel in Si Wong Desert.

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