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Sons of Corruption
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Corruption and Redemption





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March 1, 2011

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Sons of Corruption is the fourth chapter in the series Corruption and Redemption, written by Kilo99. This chapter will set Azula after she stowed away onto a ship going to the Earth Kingdom and wanders across the land for five years until meeting old enemies.


In the Flesh?

Zuko's ship

The ship Azula stowed away on

It had been several hours since the cargo ship that Azula stowed away on left Fire Nation waters. She was starting to get impatient while sitting in the cramped, stuffy cargo hold. Every time she thought she heard a crew member walk by to check the cargo, she would quickly go back into the crate before they were to have seen anything. Since there were no windows in the cargo hold, there was no way she could tell what time of day it was, nor how close they were to the Earth Kingdom shores.

While lying in the cargo hold, Azula started to wonder what she would do once she reached the Earth Kingdom. She had no money, food, or supplies, and fourteen years of living as the princess of the Fire Nation had spoiled her a bit, so she was not used to living without servants. Nobody in the Earth Kingdom knew her directly and would be willing to help her, so she had to become more independent.

As she was thinking this, she wiped off some sweat from her brow and said to herself, "it doesn't look like I will be there for a while, so I might as well get some shut-eye." So she found the softest area of the metal floor she could find and went to sleep.

When she was dosing off, she started to dream. In her dream, she was not a teenaged girl, but a full-grown woman, looking like she was in her forties. She was back at the Fire Nation Royal Palace, and she was not wearing a red robe with armor on top of it, but a black cloth uniform with gold trimmings and she wore many medals. Over her heart, she wore a medal that had the Fire Nation insignia on it, and on her back was a larger medal that looked like a phoenix.

She began to step forward onto a balcony that overlooked the entire plaza of the capital. Thousands of Fire Nation citizens cheered out and saluted her by sticking their arms out strait in a forty-five degree angle. She saluted back in the same fashion and then held her hand into the air, the audience then grew silent as she began her speech.

"My children," Azula spoke out, "I come to you today not as your Fire Lord, but your Phoenix Queen!" All of the audience cheered and then quickly grew silent. "It comes to great sorrow to my heart that our fearless leader, Ozai, has passed, but from his ashes rises another leader, me! I now rule you, I now dictate what is right and what wrong for you and the government! Do you really want to know about your queen, do you want to know what's behind these cold eyes? Why don't you just look beyond this disguise?!"

Right when the audience was about to cheer out, everything froze and Azula was right back in the cargo hold. The ship had just docked, so Azula climbed back into her crate and her and all of the other cargo was being taken out. Her new life was about to begin.

Starting Out

When the crate she was in was taken out onto the pier, she quickly stepped out when nobody was looking and ran into the market of the city she was at. She could tell that she was at the western Earth Kingdom city of Taku, and that the Fire Nation was helping them rebuild from the War. She them ran into an alley to hide herself, she was still wearing Fire Nation clothing. Then she looked around and sees some laundry hanging that is just about dry. After quickly changing into a green and brown tunic and went back into the street.

It was late afternoon, Azula hadn't eaten the entire day, so she felt starving. The only way she could get any money was by begging, so she found a good place to sit down and held out a conical hat for money. By the end of the day, she had one silver piece and four copper pieces, good enough for one day. When she was about to leave, two Fire Nation construction workers were kind enough to give her two more silver pieces.

One of the construction workers said to the other, "did you hear about Princess Azula? I heard she committed suicide at Ember Island."

"Shame," replied the other, "she didn't deserve it, she needed help."

That's right, Azula thought, the once great and powerful Princess Azula is dead. She then walked over to the market and bought some old fruit for a small meal. Now I am nobody.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

For the next five years, Azula traveled all over the Earth Kingdom as a beggar. Every day, she barely made enough money to keep herself fed and dressed. She missed her old days of being pampered and fed with the best quality and service. From royalty to a lowly beggar.

The past three days, she spent her time begging at at the small village of Senlin. She was sitting at her usual spot, today she hadn't been very lucky, she only was given two copper pieces. When she was about to call it a day, the tower's alarm bell began to ring loudly. All of the citizens began running into the town's main hall, Azula ran in too.

Azula asked a man next to her, "what's going on here?"

"It's a raid," answered the man, "they've come to round up all of our Earthbenders."

"That's impossible, the Fire Nation has stopped all Earth Kingdom attacks."

"It's not the Fire Nation, look!"

Azula then peeked out the window and saw about a dozen robed men with conical hats and wearing hard-looking gloves. In front of them was a man wearing a green and black robe with a long pony-tail and a small mustache.

No, Azula thought, how could they have found me, let alone know that I was alive?

"Bring out all of your Earthbenders immediately or we destroy this village!" Long Feng demanded.

Several Earthbenders started to walk out towards Long Feng. They said they would rather retreat than let their village be demolished. Azula saw this as her window of opportunity and ran out the back door to evade the Dai Li. As Long Feng was observing the captive Earthbenders, one of the agents saw Azula run off.

"Sir," the agent yelled out, "A young woman is fleeing into the woods, she might be an Earthbender!"

"Half of you stay here," Long Feng demanded, "the rest of you, come with me!"

Azula was running as fast as she could, but then suddenly an earth wall rose in front of her and in no time she was surrounded by Dai Li agents. Two agents shot out chains that locked onto her wrists. Long Feng walked up to Azula with her head drooped down.

"You thought you could just run away from me," Long Feng intimidated, "well you will never escape from me, and look me in the eye!"

Azula slowly raised her head and locked her view onto Long Feng's. He instantly realized that those sleek, amber eyes were of the young woman who ruined his reputation five years ago. He, along with everybody else in the world, thought she was dead.

"Well, if it isn't the little bitch who ruined my life, utopia, and agency," Long Feng cooly said to her.

Evading Vengeance

"Long Feng," said Azula, "last time I checked, you and your little club were behind bars."

"Well, on the day of Sozin's Comet," Long Feng explained, "several Dai Li agents who were still loyal to me freed me while the Order of the White Lotus liberated Ba Sing Se. When about three dozen agents and I were free, we knew we were too small in numbers. So we plundered several villages and captured their Earthbenders and brainwashed them into being loyal to me."

"So what will you do to me now?" Azula asked.

"Seeing that you have been a thorn in my side for the past five years, I will just have to kill you."

"Sorry, that's not going to happen."

Azula then heated the chains on her wrists until she was able to break them off. She then burned the two agents behind her and ran off further into the forest. The other four agents ran after her and eventually surrounded her in a clearing. The only way for Azula to get out was by fighting her way out.

Two of the agents launched rock gloves at Azula, which she was barely able to dodge. She then launched several fire balls toward the agents, but they rose a rock wall to block all of them. They then lifted the wall and launched it at Azula, which she demolished with a more powerful fire blast. One of the other two agents then hit her in the back with an earth slab. She fell over face-first, but then quickly rose up and blasted a large fire arch towards all of them. They were able to block it, but then Azula made two fire whips and lashed out at both of them. She hit one of them square in the chest with one of the whips, and whipped another in the face and torso. One of the agents then shot a fisted rock glove right into Azula's gut. She fell to her knees groaning when another glove clocked her in the jaw. She fell over onto her back and tasted blood, the two agents then looked over her, ready to deliver the final blow. But then she blasted one agent in the chest and rushed toward the last one. She then punched him in the stomach and shot out a fire blast so powerful, it blasted straight through his stomach and out of his back, killing him instantly.

Three of the agents were dead, and one was wounded. Azula then ran into the woods and kept running for many miles. She knew that Long Feng wouldn't stop hunting her until she was dead, so all she could do was run.


Back at the Dai Li's camp, Long Feng was sitting in his tent waiting for any word of the agents that were sent to capture or kill Azula in the woods. An agent then walked in and told him that only one agent survived the attack on Azula, and he was wounded. Long Feng then walked to the infirmary to interrogate him about the recent events. The agent wore a large bandage on his chest which covered a large burn.

"What is your name," Long Feng coldly asks.

"Jirru, s-sir," the agent stammered.

"Jirru, what happened to Azula and the other agents," Long Feng asked.

"Sh-she was t-t-too powerful, sir," Jirru answered.

"Where did she run off to?"

"Into the w-woods, she he-headed n-northeast."

"We must head out and track her down at all costs, and you," he says while pointing at Jirru, "Once you have the slightest feeling of being better, get to our squad."

About two dozen agents went with Long Feng to track down and kill Azula. Long Feng wanted to kill her no matter what the costs were. Those words she said to him at the throne room still rung in his head to this very day. He did grow up with nothing, he clawed his way to power, and she beat him at his own game.

I am too a player in this game, Long Feng claimed to himself, and I will emerge the victor.


  • The first section of this chapter, "In the Flesh?" is the same name of the first song in the album, Pink Floyd: The Wall.
    • The section also depicts Azula briefly as a fascist dictator, just like it did with Pink in the album.
    • The last spoken line in Azula's speech (do you want to know what's behind these cold eyes? Why don't you just look beyond this disguise?!) is the same last line in "In the Flesh?"
  • The clearing where Azula fought the four Dai Li agents is very similar to the fight that Optimus Prime had against three powerful Decepticons in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
  • The attack Azula used to kill the last Dai Li agant was similar to the attack Vegeta used to kill Zarbon in Dragon Ball Z.

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