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Early Life

Song was born to a wealthy family named the Qingren family. Song was the last born child. His family was one of the richest family in the entire Earth Kingdom. His parents and brother spent money without a limit but Song used the money wisely. Like his successor, Song had a difficulties with his sibling. He couldn't forgive him either. Ezcabor was Song's uncle which is so unwise. Ezcabor didn't like Song.

Qingren Family

Song was ashamed of his family's name. People stated that his family was lazy. But, Song wasn't. The Qinren wore silk which is so smooth. Song was teased by his friends except one girl. The girl said, "The meaning of Qingren is lover." Song realized it and tried everything he could to stop his family knowing his activities with that girl.

Song met his uncle, Ezcabor. Ezcabor was so selfish and rough. Ezcabor once almost killed Song. Song was really sad and disappointed.

Avatar's Life

Song accidentally lost connection with the girl but Song was revealed as the Avatar. He got more ashamed. "The Qingren family's child is the Avatar?" Song asked himself. So, he started to learn firebending. Song was so strong at firebending and making him faster to learn it. Airbending was tough for him being the opposite of his native element but he mastered it though. Waterbending came last. He accidentally trained with the girl he met. Training waterbending came so smooth for Song.


Song decided to marry the girl. Her name was Fen. She was a strong waterbender and a rich person too like Song and shared the same personality as Song. Song decided to marry her. Song had 3 children. Rasock, Chuang, and Xiun.


His death was together with his wife because they're too old. Their children fought their uncle while Song's parents were dead. Rasock was a strong waterbender. He was trained by Fen. Chuang was a waterbender too and trained by his mother. Xiun was an earthbender. She was trained by her father. They, together as one defeated their uncle because his action towards their father.


Song once stated by Mario that he is a man that sometimes didn't know the situation of something. Song was a talkative man.


As the Avatar, Song could bend 4 elements. His past lives were amazing either. Earthbending, Firebending, Airbending, and Waterbending together as one in Song's chi to help him defeat bad people. He knew the technique of Energybending from Kuo. He was respected as the wisest Avatar in the world.

Avatar Spirit

As the Avatar, Song could connect his past lives. His connection is so tight and could create a massive attack at a time.




  • Mario stated that Song is the Avatar that sometimes didn't understand the situation.
  • Song wore silk clothes rather than the materials used by other earth Avatar.
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