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By Keitonashita Part of the Shoji's Journey continuity.
This article is about the character; you may have been looking for the episode with the same name found here.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom



Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown

Skin color


Eye color

Chocolate brown

Personal information

Team Runaway, Jin, Mitsu, Hisa


Fire Nation

Chronological and political information


First appearance


Song is a fifteen-year-old girl who works at a hospital in Tai Qing village as a healer.


Song lived with her mother, Hisa, and her father, Aoki. However, one day when she went to market, Fire Nation soldiers attacked, capturing her father. Since then, she and her mother have lived in their home alone with occasional visits from Hisa's childhood friend, Mitsu, and her daughter, Jin.

When Team Runaway came to Tai Qing, Song befriended them, currently a foursome of Shoji, On Ji, Iandao, and Cheng. She becomes more than a friend to Iandao, who she calls "Ian." When the Fire Nation attacks their village again, Iandao swears he will protect her, no matter what.


Song is compassionate, understanding, generous, and trusting. She is loyal to those who she trusts in. Many of these traits cause her to be vulnerable and easily manipulated. However, they give her a sweet personality that makes her a kind, lovable character. She has spirit in her, as shown in the episodes she is featured in.


Song is an ample healer who uses her skills at the town hospital.

Appearances and References

Song first appears in Song. She also appears in The First Battle.

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