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October 27, 2012

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The Southern Raiders of a different dimension

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The Painted Lady of a Different Dimension

Song was a compassionate, understanding, generous, trusting, and gentle little girl who was always willing to aid others. The Fire Nation was raiding her farming village, and all the men were being taken away, Song's father among them.

Song was crying and frightened.

A flame ignited the ground from out of nowhere. The Fire Nation soldiers taking away the village men stopped at the sight of it. Prince Ozai flew into view, bending a fire from either hand to propel himself in mid-air. He descended onto the ground. He was visibly livid.

"Prince Ozai," one soldier said.

The Fire Nation soldiers bowed in honour before their prince.

"Release these men immediately," Ozai told them.

"Of course, sir," another soldier said.

The Fire Nation soldiers unshackled the village men. The village women and village children saw everything. Wives and children rushed to their husbands and fathers and hugged them. The Fire Nation soldiers backed away from the embracing families.

Ozai remained standing where he was, his eyes on the villagers.

Ozai said, "My name is Ozai. Son of Illah and Fire Lord Azulon. Prince of the Fire Nation and second in line to the throne."

Song's father said, "Why did you save us, if you're the Fire Lord's son? Firebenders aren't our friends."

A truly evil smile lit Ozai's face. His eyes met Song's which, like Katara's did with Yon Rha, began to fill up with tears of fright.

Ozai snatched Song by the leg and dangled her upside down. Song began to cry in fear.

"Let her go!" shouted Song's father.

"Please spare her." begged Song's mother.

Ozai's sinister grin lingered as he burned Song's leg. She screamed in anguish.

"Song!" shouted her mother.

Ozai placed Song gently on the floor. He turned to face the other villagers.

Ozai said, "I don't need any friends. But I want to keep all happy loving families from being torn apart. And I'm sure it's not in my father's intents nor was it in my father's father's intents."

Ozai turned away.

He said, "Well, see you later."

He addressed his soldiers.

"Let's go."

The soldiers followed their prince away from the Earth Kingdom commoners. Song's parents hurried over to her. They embraced her.

"Oh, Song," cried her mother. She began to cry with shock. Song cried tears of pain and fear as she embrace her parents.

Song's father examined the scar Ozai had left on Song.

"It's okay, Song," he told his daughter.

Father, mother, and daughter held on to each other, the woman and girl crying from shock and fright and the man closing his eyes in emotion.

That night...

Ozai, his wife, and their two kids stood dressed in white at Azulon's funeral.

The High Sage said, "Azulon, Fire Lord to our Nation for twenty-three years. You were our fearless leader in the Battle of Garsai. Our matchless conqueror of the Hu Xin Provinces. You were father of Iroh, father of Ozai, husband of Illah, now passed, grandfather of Lu Ten, now passed, grandfather of Zuko and Azula."

He concluded "We lay you to rest."

The other Fire Sages set Azulon's coffin on fire. The coffin and the corpse it held burned.

The High Sage continued "As was your dying wish, you are now succeeded by your second son."

And so he was, as his second son knelt down and was crowned as the new Fire Lord.

The High Sage said, "Hail, Fire Lord Ozai."

Fire Lord Ozai rose to his feet. His wife held his hand and they kissed merrily. Their children and all their subjects bowed before them. Their daughter was smiling wickedly. Their son turned to his sister and looked ahead, both times with absolute fear in his eyes.

His mother noticed the absolute fear in his eyes and turned to his father.

Ursa said, "Ozai, Zuko's scared."

Ozai turned to his son, approached him, picked him up, and hugged him.

Ozai asked, "What's wrong, son?"

Zuko's eyes were still full of fear as he told his father "I know that impostor's ruthless nature and power-hungry ways. I was often subject to his more cruel behavior."

Ozai said, "And you're scared I'm like that. You're aware of my wrath which could increase ten-fold should I become someone as powerful as the Fire Lord."

Zuko said, "Yes, Dad."

Ozai said, "Look, son. That's wasn't me."

Zuko said, "I know. I'm sorry."

Ozai said, "It's okay. I promise as soon I've restored peace and order to the Fire Nation, that I'll spend time with you."

Zuko smiled. Ozai kissed his face and put him down.

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