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Son of a Lion Turtle
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Avenger Cycle:The Last Lion Turtle







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1st August 2012

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The Shadow

The flash of white light lit the entire planet. Citizens around the world covered their eyes as the light surrounded them.

Then, as if a switch to end the blinding light, a deafeningly loud roar could be heard, shaking the surface of the sea and the branches and leaves of all trees and plants around.

And just as the roar ended, a group of shocked civilians witnessed the appearance of a white robed young man appear in Zukai Central Park.
As if by coincidence following his appearance, all of the water was drained from the park's fountain and was balanced as a sheet in the air. Then as if formed from the air itself, a calm fire came into being and appeared to layer itself over the water.

Then, the shocked civilians walked slowly backwards as a large chunk of the park's earth was lifted up and formed into a globe-like structure.
It was then, seemingly by deliberate action, balanced carefully on top of the water and fire sheets. The sheets then appeared to fold over the globe, forming a multi-layered orb.

The robed man then looked up and the civilians could see... his glowing eyes.

Then, as if the event had never occurred, the robed man disappeared along with the orb and the fountain appeared untouched and flowed as usual, while the ground was as fertile as ever.

2 months passed, and a man woke in an abandoned shack in Zukai's Slum District.

"What happened?!" The man's voice sounded hoarse and weak.

He suddenly waved his hand in front of him. Nothing appeared to happen.

"No! What has happened?! I am the Avenger!."

He then looked around the room and saw his sword leaning against a wardrobe.

"I am the spiritual son of a Lion Turtle. If it is my legacy to fight without bending, then shall it be done."

2 blocks away from the Avenger's temporary home, an armored warrior drew his sword.

"If he dares to oppose me, I shall vanquish him as easily as I slice a fly!". The warrior boasted to an apparent Water Tribe woman, as he swung a sword through the air and sliced a fast-moving fly in half.


This chapter used to be named "Chance Result of Revenge", before being renamed for canon reasons.

The main character was originally named after myself, as Avenger Jaz, but was later renamed as "Avenger Jikir".

The Avenger Cycle Series will run through the Era of Avatar Korra AND the Era of Avatar Brek.


Rewrote the chapter to change/update series to improve maturity and improve originality.

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