Something I Should Have Done A Long Time Ago
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I Am the Solution


Part three- The End



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September 19, 2015

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You Lose

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No. The man with a mask could not be dead.

She refused to believe.

Iesen lost her last bit of dignity when she was pushed into an armored vehicle and landed on her side with a loud thud, face-first, and didn't get up. All that was followed by a mocking snort from the policeman who locked her.

Her face was pressed against the cold metal, her hands were still restricted, and her black hair covered her face, but she didn't move.

She only listened to the monotone sound of the tires.

No tears. No fighting. No sadness. No acceptance. No feelings. No nothing.

"What's your name?" the officer on duty repeated the procedure with yet another arrested Equalist, sighing. Just a couple more of them and he would be free to go home. When he didn't get an answer, he raised his look from the papers.

On the chair opposite of him sat a young woman, a sight so deplorable that it made him roll his eyes. She was sitting hunched on the chair, her hair casting a shadow on her face, but her emotionless black eyes were clearly visible under bushy black eyebrows.

"I repeat, miss, what's your name?" he repeated, more irritated this time.

The Equalist seemed to wake up from a reverie.

"Iesen," she muttered.

The officer sighed and filled a blank on the form. "Hometown and year of birth?"

"Northern Water Tribe, 151 AG."

"Water...Tribe. How long have you been a part of the Equalists?"

Iesen didn't reply for a few seconds.

The officer grew slightly angry. "Miss, do you want to sit here all night, or will you answer my question, please? I've been working extra hours for the entire week, and I would really like to go ho-"

"Six and a half years," a bitter voice interrupted his speech.

The officer frowned. "Six and a half years? That would mean you were recruited when you were fourteen. That's both illegal and-"

"That's right."

Though he didn't seem a bit happy for being harshly interrupted in mid-sentence, the officer filled the rest of the form and folded his hands in his lap.

"Miss, you have the right for one phone call. Would you like to use it?" He showed her the device on the desk.

Iesen almost shook her head already, but then a ridiculous thought came to her mind.

"Actually...yes. There is one thing I should have done a long time ago. Could I use the phone?" Her eyes suddenly seemed more alive.

"Lorena?" Iesen said into the receiver pressed against her cheek.


"Lorena?" she repeated, more quietly than before.

A rustling sound from the other line.

"Yes, Lorena speaking. Who is this?" a female voice spoke from the phone, and Iesen felt all her confidence disappear.

"Lorena? Aunt Lorena?" Iesen stammered, immediately regretting the decision to call her aunt. After all, they hadn't seen each other in seven years after Iesen ran away from her house in the middle of the night.

"What?" The woman seemed entirely confused. "Iesen?"

Iesen couldn't help but let a small smile escape her. "Yes, yes, Lorena, it's me, Iesen."

"Iesen? What? How, but- I thought you were..." the woman paused. "Is it really you?"

Iesen nodded, but then she remembered that her aunt couldn't see it. "Yes, it's me."

A long pause.

"Where are you? Can you come back home?" Her aunt's voice broke the silence.

Iesen felt tears fill her eyes. "No. No, I can't."

Twelve years.

That's how long Iesen was going to rot in prison.

(Luckily, the Equalists wore masks. If they knew what she had really done, she didn't doubt that she would spent the rest of her life there.)

In Iesen's opinion, she didn't exist anymore.

People in prison don't exist. Once you stepped in, there was no world outside. There were no people, no sounds, no happiness.

Iesen would just lie and wait for the time to pass. She wouldn't talk. She wouldn't eat. She would just lie and wait and think.

She didn't even know what pushed her more into the impasse that was depression- the fact that she was there, or the fact that the two people closest to her died right in front of her eyes.

And one question constantly imposed itself.

How many times did Tarrlok look into her eyes, knowing that he would take the one person she was almost completely sure she loved away from her?

She didn't sleep either.

The woman who shared her cell was also a former Equalist.

"I hate prison too, but you should eat. You're getting really way too skinny," the brunette said in a patronizing tone.

Iesen shook her head but couldn't hide a bitter smirk.

She thought that prison was what was crushing her.

One day, two days.

One week, two weeks.

One month, two months.

And one morning, she woke up with a thought in her mind.

Maybe there was a solution.

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