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Someone's Been Kidnapped
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The Final Avatar


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Chapter 10

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22 January, 2011

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A Great Uncle in Trouble

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The Return of Fiery Guy


After rescuing Erus, Zaru discovers Boli wants him dead more than ever... for a crime he didn't commit.


Zaru was laying in a bed in a cave. It's been one week since his day at the Earth Kingdom. A day that involved rescuing his great uncle, defying the Earth King (again), and going into the Avatar State.

"ZARU!" a voice rang out. Zaru jumped out of his bed and ran outside to see his great uncle Erus.

"What?!" Zaru asked.

Erus was pointing at something. At first, Zaru thought is was his friend Patola, who was eating flaming fire flakes.

"Oh! Oww! HOT! HOT! AAAHHHH!" Patola screamed. He took some water out of the surrounding fire lilies with his Plantbending, and splashed it in his mouth.

Zaru looked farther, and saw an army coming. Right in front was Boli himself. They weren't far away.

"AHH! ARMY! KILL THEM! AHHH!" Patola screamed. Patola ran inside.


And to prove his point, he launched a ball of blasting jelly with a catapult.

"AAHH! Jelly!" Patola screamed. Zaru blasted them away as the jelly landed right where they were standing.

A flaming arrow was heading right for them! If it hit the jelly, it would explode! Erus put his hand out, and the fire jumped right off of the arrow. The flame less arrow hit the jelly.

Zaru was relived, but the army was coming. Hundreds of boulders were hurdling at them.

"GIVE ME MY ROSE!" Boli exploded.

Patola found a rose, picked it, and used his Plantbending to bring it to the army.


"That's the only rose I have!" Patola shouted back.

"Let's get out of here!" Erus said.

Zaru opened up an Airbender glider.

"Where did you get that cool winged stick?" Patola asked.

"Made it! Now let's get out of here!"

They all stepped on top of it, and Zaru made it hover. They flew all the way to the ocean, where Patola took over and they used it as a surfboard. They surfed until they got to Zaru's boat, and they sailed off. While they were getting away, they heard an explosion.

"We must find Boli a rose so he is not mad at us!" Patola said. They eventually docked at the Earth Kingdom.

They flew across the Earth Kingdom desert with Zaru's glider.

"Where are we going?" Patola asked.

"Yes Zaru, where are you taking us?" Erus asked.

"I want to make a quick stop," Zaru said.

They flew until they made it to a cave.

Zaru went, and knocked on the secret door.

"Hey! It's me!" he shouted.

It opened, and Heesu Saro greeted him.

"Hey buddy! How you doing?"

"Well, I almost died many times, but other than that, fine."

"Who's the guy in the blue dress?" Heesu asked.

"This is Patola." Zaru said.

"I'm a certified Waterbender!" Patola said.

Then, they heard a noise. Heesu ran inside. Zaru, Erus, and Patola followed. They went into the prison room, and saw a teenage girl in a cell. Or at least... what's left of the cell. The cell was destroyed. Zaru's friend Stroe Vintrel was stopping the person attacking.

"Who's the girl who blew up the place?" Patola asked.

The "person who blew up the place" responded by shooting blasting jelly out of a wrist-gun. She then shot a flame-dart out of her other wrist. Patola jumped out of the way as it exploded.

"She's Rose!" Stroe said, "She's Boli's daughter!"

Rose shot more blasting jelly around the room. Patola opened his Water skin, and soaked Rose's fire-dart shooter. She shot non-flaming darts at Patola. Zaru made a shield of air around him, deflecting the darts effortlessly.

"RRRAAGH!" Rose shouted, and she ran past them, right out the door. Zaru blasted himself after her. He caught up to her, grabbed her, and took her to the floor. She pointed her wrist at him, and held him hostage. When the others came out, she showed them their friend's position.

"Surrender, or the Avatar dies!"

Zaru winked at his his friends. They got the message, and pretended to surrender.

"Fools!" Rose yelled, and she took aim at Zaru's neck.

In one quick move, he twisted around, blew himself in the air, blasted Rose back, and shot her blasters off of her arms. Rose drew a concealed knife, and charged Zaru. She took him to the ground, but Erus positioned his arm, and blasted Rose with a bolt of lightning. She flew onto the ground.

And of course, right when they were done with one fight, another started. Boli caught up with them.

"You..." he said "You killed my daughter." He broke into tears. "No! NOOOOOO!"

"Umm... sir..." Zaru said. Zaru could barely be heard over Boli's cries.

"I'm not dead you moron," Rose mumbled.

"ROSE! ROSE, ROSE, ROSE, ROSE, ROSE! My little girl! You're alive!"

Erus blasted more lightning, but Boli raised earth in the way.

"You fools are going to die for taking her!"

Zaru blew Boli off of his feet. Boli shot back, and his miss was the size of a grain of rice.

Boli decided to show off his true power, and he made the entire mountain next to him crumple.

"NO!" Heesu yelled, "My favorite toy was in that cave!"

All of them ran. They just ran at top speed. They ran off, hoping to get away.

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