Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Soldier Boys in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Soldier Boys

Chapter One: Fire Boys

Akuzon had started eating his lunch with his friend Zhon. He was nervous about the upcoming battle with an Earth Kingdom army. They were both eating in silence until he had asked Zhon a question.

"Hey Zhon...why do we fight?"

"What are you, crazy? for our homeland, remember?" he replied

"But what are we doing in the Earth Kingdom then?"

"We're...We're...protecting our families!"

"From What?!...How could we possibly protect them a million miles away from them? for all we know, the Avatar could've killed them!"

"That's crazy, the Avatars dead!"

"Well how do you know that?"

"It doesn't matter, he's an airbender! He wouldn't kill, even if he wanted to!"

"Yeah,'re right...I'm sorry about shouting."

"It doesn't matter..I'll probably die in this battle anyway"

"Don't say that Zhon! You won't die!"

"Akuzon, we both know that I'm the worst soldier in this camp."

Both of them sat in silence for the rest of their lunch, with Akuzon fearing that Zhon was right...he was going to lose his best friend. As soon as all the soldiers had finished their lunches, they were given an hour to do anything, whether it be writing their will, or sending a letter home, and after that, the generals had started making the army march. After two hours of tiring marching, they had met with the Earth Kingdom army. The commanders of each company had slowly started to get their tired men in a battle line. The time had come when Akuzon and Zhon's company had started to line up. Zhon had gotten lucky and was placed in the back, but Akuzon had been place in the front. The time for battle had come. The general had gotten directly behind the battle line.
"MEN!" he shouted. "There may be a day when our homeland starts losing faith in this war, BUT THAT DAY IS NOT TODAY! This day we fight! We fight for our homeland, for the Fire Nation, for our families, FOR OUR BROTHERS!"

The whole army had been inspired, cheering and shouting. Meanwhile, the Earth Kingdom army had watched as the fire troops had been rallied. Even though the earth kindome had been full of stern brave people, even the brarvest soldier had lost some morale to the rally. Akuzons company commander had told his squadron's sergeant, along with two squads next to his, to start marching upon the right flank of the Earth Kingdom army. While he was marching, he saw the body of the army start to march toward the Earth Kingdom's army. The Earth Kingdom army had made trenches to shoot rocks from. Akuzon saw many soldiers get shot down by boulders and rocks, but the army kept advancing. "Thank the dragons that I'm on the flanks" he thought to himself as he and Zhon were getting closer the rear of the trench. They had been extremely lucky that the earth soldiers had not noticed them, and that they had gotten close enough to charge. The main body of the army had already engaged the earth troops, but they had received heavy casualties, in fact, by the time Akuzons squadron had started charging, only ten of the twenty battalions had remained in the battle, the rest had either been destroyed or routed. Akuzons squadron, and the two others, had started getting really close to the trench. Their charge had been successful so far, as few earth troops had actually noticed them. By the time that a lot of them did, it was already too late. "Kill them all!" shouted one of his brothers-in-arms as heavy combat had begun. Akuzon had been attacked by three earth spearmen. He held his spear, and they held theirs. He had decided to wait for them to strike first, and that they did. One of them tried to impale Akuzon, but he had parried it with his own spear, and had successfully counterattacked, killing one of the soldiers. "One down, two more" thought Akuzon. Another of the spearmen had tried to stab Akuzon's leg, but Akuzon had rolled to his side and swept him, then Akuzon had stabbed him. With only one more soldier facing him he had decided to go offensive. He had tried to stab the last one, but he had blocked his spear, not only that, he had actually broken it. "DAMN IT" thought Akuzon. The soldier however, now thinking he would win, got cocky and tried to just stab Akuzon. Akuzon, having advanced training in the Fire Nation army, and grabbed the spear and broken it in half. Now the two only had their fists. They had both attacked at the same time, both grabbing each other's shoulders as if wrestling. Akuzon had successfully been able to maneuver around him though, and had grabbed him in a chokehold. But when he did, the soldiers whole helmet had come off. Akuzon been shocked. "...he...he's barely even a teenager" he thought. He had been frozen in shock. What if the other two were also teens? He had been in so much shock, that he did not see the boy take a broken spear tip. When he had come to his senses, the boy had stabbed in the chest...

End of Chapter One. Chapter Two will be finished soon.

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