Soldier Eyes
Soldier's Eyes
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June 20th, 2016

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Part 1

-"Alright, before we get started; what is this to you?" Asami asked, taking a seat opposite of Korra. They had gone to a place not too far from the VA, a place Asami knew to have actually good coffee.

Korra felt herself flush. "What do you mean?" she quickly replied, hoping that her dark skin would hide most of her blushing.

A sly smile played over Asami's lips. "Look, if you want this to be a date, that's fine, just tell me. I can be persuaded to date on the other side of the fence."

Her blush quickly turned into a smile. "I... hadn't really made up my mind about that yet. Sort of thought that we could figure it out as we went along. I'm a fan of the 'throw it at the wall and hope it sticks'-approach to things."

Asami laughed at this. "Okay. Then it's a date."

One date quickly turned into more. Korra had a lot of respect for Asami's independence and altruistic spirit, in spite of working at her father's company. At first, this seemed kind of hopeless to the veteran, just another daddy's girl with no talent, only having her position because of her lineage and/or looks. Fortunately, she was quickly proven wrong when she discovered that Asami was actually as brilliant as she is beautiful.

Even though their first date was only a quick coffee, Korra was the one to arrange the second date, and she instantly regretted going to a pizza joint. On the outside, it looked okay, but the inside proved otherwise.

"How the hell can you fuck up pizza?" Korra asked out loud, though not loud enough for the staff to hear them.

Asami chuckled. "What is it that they say? Pizza is like sex; when it's good, it's really good, and when it's bad, it's still pretty good."

"Pizza is more like sex for us than for most people: always makes a giant mess, it's best when you're eating out, and if it's really good, you can't move when you're done."

Asami laughed again, though Korra could also swear there was something of a blush on her face. "Say... How much can you still, you know, feel... down there?"

Now it was Korra's turn to smile at Asami's bashfulness. "Everything. The damage is in my legs, not in my spine. It's a miracle they didn't have to be cut off." Even though the opportunity was right there, she decided not to push the issue any further, at least, not for now.

That being said, they ended the evening at a Thai place around the corner, and when Asami leaned in to kiss her at the end of the meal, Korra knew she'd have plenty of opportunities to explore.

Turns out, she didn't have to wait very long. When Korra confessed on their fourth date that she hadn't been 'intimate' with someone since she came back from Afghanistan two years ago, Asami promptly decided that needed to change. They went back to Asami's flat, which was a tasteful place, not at all like what Korra was expecting from her, given her status.

Korra managed to wheel herself around the apartment, quickly making her way onto Asami's bed, where it didn't take long for the taller woman to straddle her. Shedding their mutual tops wasn't a problem, really. Korra was confident enough to know that she kept up her upper body strength as much as she could, and that the result of that was sculpted, to say the least. There were a few scars but it wasn't until Asami was tugging at the hem of her pants that she started getting nervous.

"Asami... Wait."

-"What is it?"

Korra sighed, not looking forward to this. "It's just... the IED I hit did a lot of damage, and... there are scars. Most of them are on my legs."

At this, Asami smiled. "Korra, I know I can expect that when I'm dating a veteran. I promise you, I won't be disgusted." A soft hand cupped Korra's cheek, guiding them to see eye-to-eye. "Don't worry about what I might be thinking, just focus on what you can be feeling."

With a deep breath, she conceded. "Okay," she ultimately said.

Asami kept her word and made Korra scream in pleasure that night.

Over the course of the next few months, things went well. Korra got to meet Asami's father and vice versa, both of which went fine. For once, Korra thought that she might be leaving everything that had happened to her behind.

That just wasn't meant to be.

-"Korra, I'm home!" Asami's voice typically was what could really calm her down, but it wasn't doing anything for Korra now. "Korra?" Asami's voice betrayed that she was searching and also that she was worried.

When she stepped into the bathroom, Asami immediately saw that everything had gone to hell.

Korra was sitting on the floor of the shower, fully clothed and under the running water. What's more, she was shivering from the cold, which was simply because she hadn't bothered with hot water.

-"Jesus Christ..." Asami swore, trying to take in the scene before her. Before saying anything else, Asami took off her boots and sat down next to her girlfriend, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. Right now, it didn't matter that she was still dressed as well. It was obvious that Korra needed support right now. "Korra, what happened?"

Korra began to cry. She couldn't help it, but she began to sob uncontrollably, clinging on to her girlfriend's shoulder as if it were a lifeline. It took a long time for her to calm down at all. "I just got word... It's Kai. He was a buddy of mine in Helmand, and he went back for another tour. Today, I got a message that he's KIA."

-"Oh God..." Asami gasped and tightened her grip around her girlfriend. "Korra, I'm so sorry."

"He was a good kid, Asami," Korra snickered. "He didn't deserve this."

-"No one does," she replied. They sat in their silence for a little while longer, until Korra had calmed down a little more. "Are you cold?" Asami ultimately asked. Korra didn't say anything, but she nodded, and now it was time to take action.

She cautiously undressed her girlfriend, but Korra didn't offer up any resistance. Asami carried her to the bed, taking a bunch of towels with her to dry both of them off. In the end, they laid on the bed, face-to-face, bodies close together. Normally, Korra was the one to keep Asami warm, but for once, it was the other way around.

"'Sami?" Korra hesitantly began, because she knew this wasn't going to be pretty.


"Why are you with me?"

Asami was surprised at this. "What do you mean?"

Korra shrugged. "You're beautiful, and smart, and kind, and yet you're with me, some broken asshole who can't even get over a doorstep or take a fucking phone call without breaking down."

-"Oh, Korra..." Asami muttered, pressing a kiss on top of her girlfriend's hair. "I'm with you because you are an amazing person, and you're kind, and sweet, and you're so, so brave. You have been through so much, and you didn't let any of that beat you down."

At this, Korra sighed. "But you could easily do so much better, find someone who doesn't need help getting something from the fourth shelf in the supermarket."

The engineer responded by pressing a sweet kiss on her lips. "Korra, I don't care about the wheelchair, and I never did. You are someone that goes the extra mile, no matter who it's for. I love that about you." She briefly fell silent. "I love you, Korra."

Korra looked up. "You mean that?"

-"Of course I do."

The veteran leaned in, pressing a kiss on her girlfriend's lips. "Love you too, 'Sami."

A few weeks later, Korra was quietly reading a book in her apartment. It was raining cats and dogs outside, but somehow, this really calmed her down. She liked the uneven sound of the tapping against the skylight, and when she rolled her wheelchair underneath it, it always made her feel untouchable.

This all changed when Asami came in. "Hey, babe," Korra said, smiling as she saw that even her extremely poised girlfriend could be turned into a disheveled mess by the rain.

-"Hey," she disinterestedly mumbled back, before hanging her still wet umbrella on the coat rack, walking over to the sink, putting her purse in it, and then go splash down on the couch while she was still wearing her coat.

Korra put down her book and wheeled herself over to her girlfriend. "Are you alright? Actually, don't answer that, because I know you're not."

Asami sighed. "I'm struggling, Korra. If I don't tell you about what's bothering me, I'm a lousy girlfriend. If I do tell you about what's bothering me, I'm putting you at risk, and I don't want that either. The proverbial rock and a hard place."

The veteran thought for a moment. "How big can the risk be? You work for a technology corporation, not the mafia."

-"Yeah, I suppose that's true," Asami chuckled, before her expression turned more serious. "Are you sure you want to know?"

"Pretty sure."

-"Okay, here it goes. We've had a breakthrough in the research I've been doing, namely that we finally managed to directly hook up a machine to a central nerve system. It's basic, but it works, and we're able to transmit signals without losing the impulse."

Korra was both intrigued and lost at the same time. "What does that mean?"

Asami sighed. "Means that in theory, I can do what I've been trying to do for over a year now: make a robotic limb that directly hooks on to the nerve system that would be directly controllable by the brain. The perfect prosthetic, in a sense."

"So what's the risk?"

-"We need a viable test subject, and your injuries basically mean that you are the perfect candidate. There is a chance that you can regain the ability to walk, but there is a risk that the implants will be rejected. Unfortunately, we can't know that unless we amputate your legs and try to hook up the mechanical leg to your real nerves."

Korra thought for a moment. "So that means that if I say yes and it goes wrong, the worst case scenario is that I lose my legs?"

-"We'd have to amputate slightly above where your nerves are severed, yes."

The veteran chuckled. "I'm in."

Asami looked up, totally flabbergasted. "Are you being serious here?"

Korra rolled a little closer, taking her girlfriend's hand. "I really am. What do I have to lose? 'Sami, my legs may be attached to me, but I'm not very attached to them anymore. They are literally dead weight. I don't have anything to lose, only the chance to gain the ability to walk again!"

Asami smiled. "Alright, if you're so adamant, let's do it."

And so they began the meetings with the other engineers, and once Korra had been fully informed of the risks, which weren't that great, in all honesty. She started her course of immunosuppressants, trying to minimize that chances of rejection, before they had to move on to the testing of the nerves themselves.

Both legs would have to be amputated at the thigh, the left one a little higher than the right one.

The surgery would take a long time, and Asami seemed to be more nervous about the procedure than Korra was. The baseplate for the artificial legs would be attached during the same procedure, with it being unnecessary to open her up twice.

An hour before the surgery, Korra, Asami, and Korra's parents were all in the room. "Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Senna asked with a worried frown. "They are your legs, you're not going to grow them back."

Korra just laughed. "Mom, I'm not going to miss them, they are useless now. Things can only improve from here."

A nurse came in, interrupting them. "Excuse me, but I have to take her away. I need to prep her for the surgery."

"Yeah, okay," Korra said, squeezing Asami's hand one last time for reassurance. "I'll be fine, babe." As the nurse pushed her out of the room, the veteran couldn't help herself but call out "So long, legs!"

When Korra woke up again, she smiled as she saw her girlfriend sitting next to her, holding her hand. Asami had dozed off, but that wasn't really a surprise, given that it was dark outside. "Hey," she said, her voice raspy because of her dry mouth.

Asami opened her eyes and smiled. "Hey yourself. How do you feel?"

Korra tried wiggling her legs, only to find that they weren't there anymore. All that remained were two stumps of her thighs. "Like someone cut off my legs," she said with a morbid chuckle.

At this, Asami couldn't help but chuckle too. "It looks like the implants took. They're going to start measuring you up for your legs tomorrow, and if there are no signs of rejection in a week, we're going to make them and you can learn to walk again."

Korra's smile only grew, and there were tears of happiness welling up in her eyes. "I really want to kiss you now."

-"Not to be rude, but you've been out for 36 hours, and you have really rank breath."

"Yeah, I suppose I had that coming," the veteran chuckled.

Asami smiled again. "But I've never let that stop me." With this, she pressed a kiss on Korra's lips. Even though it was short and chaste, Korra would easily call it one of the best kisses she ever had.

As always, Asami kept her word, and two weeks later, Korra had two prosthetic legs. It was a really weird feeling, because even though Asami had managed to hook them up to the proprioceptive system, telling her brain where her limbs are, pain and all other sensations were still out of question.

But this was only a small niggle for Korra, because her legs worked. For the first time in over two years, she could walk again, even if learning to walk again was akin to watching a drunk newly-born giraffe take its first steps.

"Come on, Korra, you can do it," she muttered to herself. Almost all of her weight was resting on her arms, and that wasn't exactly the way to run the New York Marathon. Actually, because of limitations in the batteries, running extreme distances was out of the question, but for normal, everyday use, they would be more than enough, if she would charge them every night.

-"If you make it over here, I'll reward you with a kiss," Asami said from the other end of the rails.

Korra looked up, seeing her girlfriend standing there with her hands clasped together in front of her chest in anticipation, almost wanting this to happen more than Korra herself. With a deep breath, she willed her new right leg to take a tiny step. It's the kind not even a parent watching their first-born take would be proud of, but for the veteran, it felt like she had just started climbing the Everest, and Asami was the summit.

Very slowly, she inched her way forward, her arms shaking under the strain of constantly having to support her weight, but she got there, all the way to the end of the rails. Here, Korra could see the happy tears glistening in Asami's massive emerald eyes, and with one final burst of power, she leaned forward, falling into her embrace.

"Thank you," Korra murmured, peppering her face with kisses. "You have to be *kiss* the greatest *kiss* girlfriend *kiss* ever *kiss*."

-"I'm so proud of you," Asami replied, barely able to make herself understandable through Korra's lips on her face. Ultimately though, she pulled her girlfriend in for one final kiss, making good on her promise.

At that moment, Korra knew. She never wanted to part with her again.

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