Sokka the King is the fifth chapter of Sokka.


What Aang suggested did happen, years later. When Sokka got home, his king was impressed by his deeds and paid him great honor. When Zuko died, the people offered Sokka the throne. He refused, because Tyro, Zuko's son, was the rightful ruler. But when Tyro died too, Sokka agreed to take the throne. He ruled for fifty winters and was a fine king. But then a dragon began to ravage the land...though none knew why.

Sokka was sure he must have angered the almighty. How else could Roku allow such a doom to fall upon his people? Knowing he must face the monster, Sokka ordered a shield of iron forged for him. He knew a wooden shield could never stand against the dragon's fierce flame. But before he could do battle, he must first find the fiend. It was not long, before one of Sokka's warriors came forward to solve the mystery of the dragon's wrath. "I was displeased with my servant here. He ran away to avoid my anger." explained the warrior. "As I fled to an ancient barrow. Seeing the open archway, I slipped inside." continued the warrior. So the warrior began his tale.

"What I saw took my breath away twice over. The dragon was terrifying, but the treasure...hoping to win forgiveness with a fabulous gift, I overcame my fear. I escaped but when the dragon must have seen the cup was gone. I was already far away. It could not find the cup or me. In its rage it attacked all men who lived nearby," said the servant. Everything was clear now!

Once he learned where the serpent sheltered, Sokka set out with a band of warriors. He wished the companions who had faced Hei Bai with him were at his side, but none were left. "If I could face this monster with my Bare hands, as I did Hei Bai." wished Sokka. "But I knew that there is no shame in needing sword, armor and shield against a dragon. I can see by the swirls from the door that is the place of which the servant spoke. This task is mine, so you must wait for me here. This creature may kill me. Then again, maybe not. I have braved many battles. In my youth, I have Hei Bai his death wound. Perhaps I will slay this serpent and return to you safely." With that Sokka started to walk towards his greatest battle of all.

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